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Octomom in Plane Fight with '3rd Rock' Star

7/9/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Flying on a plane next to 12 screaming kids is enough to drive anyone insane -- and that's exactly what set Kristen Johnston off last night ... and the 12 kids belonged to Octomom!

Nadya Suleman was flying back from New York City last night and her and the brood took up most of the business class section of the plane. The flight was delayed for more than two hours and Nadya tried to silence the kids -- to no avail.

The crying babies annoyed the "3rd Rock from the Sun" star so much, she marched over to Nadya and told her keep it down.

Nadya's rep tells TMZ Nadya fired back, "How would you like me to keep eight 2-year-olds quiet?" To which Kristen allegedly responded, "Get more help!"

The rep says Nadya shouted back, "Why don't you grow a baby and get a life!" 

Eventually Kristen returned to her seat, but according to Nadya's rep ... Kristen got off the plane and never returned. 

We got Nadya when she belatedly landed at LAX, and she had no idea Johnston was a celebrity, telling us, "I guess there's some people that don't like kids." 


Attempts to reach Johnston's reps were unsuccessful.


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What do you people expect
when a flight's delayed
two hours??? I'd be making
more noise than all the
kids combined ! aaarrrgh

1166 days ago


i have a kid whose sooo adorable but, at times, drives me nuts when she gets cranky--especially when we travel (via planes, cars, buses, anywhere!). i can't imagine the agony of flying with 12 and can't do anything cause your just another passenger. i don't blame her (johnston) for snapping like that. if i was her and knew beforehand that she's flying with octomom and her kids, i'd seriously take a different flight! who the hell is sane enough to f***ing get pregnant with 8 anyway??? that octomom's some crazy-a**!

1166 days ago


You need to fire your rep, Nadya! He/she is making you look even more like a fool than you do. Your rep actually quoted you as saying "grow a baby"? Great comeback. Sheesh...

And learn how to carry your kids. Great picture...tmz!

For anyone interested in seeing what kind of Mother Nadya really is...

Here is the 911 call that Nadya made when she "lost" one of her kids:

Or watch this german program that spent a day with her. You can watch how she doesn't acknowlege any of the babies as she throws their bottles into their "cages" (hitting one of them), not saying a word to them as they reach up to her for attention:
(it takes a while to download, but well worth the wait!)

And here is a transcript, since it's in German:

1166 days ago


The airline is lucky passengers weren't bailing out mid flight.

One obnoxious child on a flight is manageable. A dozen is hell. Add in a clueless, useless POS mother and the flight would rank up there on the torture scale.

Good for Kristen for standing up for herself. I bet the other paying passengers felt the same way.

1166 days ago


Why hasn't Child Protective Services taken most of the children away already? She's OBVIOUSLY unfit to mother more then about 3 kids and even at that she's still a terrible mother. These kids are living in pure hell in that torn up trashed house that's she never pays the mortgage on.

It's terrible!

1166 days ago


I thought she was broke? and here she is flying business class, with a rep? only in americ.........

1166 days ago


I totally agree that dragging 12 kids from state to state on a plane is mindless idiocy.Whereas Nadya does have to support them,why doesnt she hire some help.Every month she is a heartbeat from losing her house etc.Maybe she should have thought of the reprecussions of having and keeping all 12 of these kids,especially the octuplets.She already had a band of kids without the 8 she added.It isnt as if she had them(octuplets) with a partner of any sort Unless you consider a baby baster a partner.She doesnt deserve star status as shes done absolutely nothing to deserve it.
Also maybe she shouldnt have sh*t on her parents who,lets face it,is the only people that ever helped her at all with all these kids.
And for the record,telling Kristin to "grow a baby" only concretes ones suspiciouns of borderline mental retardation on Nadya's part.

1166 days ago


Team Kristen!

1166 days ago


It's not people that don't like kids, it's people that DON'T LIKE SCREAMING AND SPOILED KIDS!

1166 days ago


If your living off foodstamps, wellfare, and support from student loans.....don't get knocked up again. I thought an airline would have rules against the loudness toleration. You would think the show that interviewed her would at least have paid for a privet plane or something so it wouldnt disturb other people. I would have gone off on her to. Flying is stressful as it is. Paired with all those kids is more then a no no.

1166 days ago


Some people just don't like unfit mothers

1166 days ago


Sara, your comment "There should be a required ratio of adult to young child passengers in a party traveling on planes. One parent can NOT take adequate care of that many toddlers, and it is not other passengers' problem to deal with" is 100% dead-on. It is not the responsibility of the airlines or other passengers to help with this. If you cannot control your children on a plane you should not fly. period.

1166 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Well, if ever I'm boarding and see Nadya and her 14 kids in line, I won't board. The airline should impose a realistic limit on the number of small children any one parent can board with.

1166 days ago


12 kids? She has 14. Did the other 12 eat those two?

1166 days ago


Duct tape

1166 days ago
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