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Tila Tequila

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7/9/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Good news, citizens of Los Angeles -- Tila Tequila is leaving town!
Bad news, citizens of New York City -- we think you know the rest ...

Tila tells TMZ ... she feels LA is "played out" and she's "ready to conquer NYC" -- so the reality star is packing up her stuff and moving to The Big Apple for GOOD next weekend. 

Ms. Tequila tells us, "I'm looking forward to starting a new life in NYC. A clean slate and a fresh start. I just want to be a normal girl with a normal life for a while. I just want to meet new friends, fall in love, get married, have babies, and call it a day!"

Tila -- who starred in her own bi-sexual dating show -- says she's sick of the Hollywood scene ... and wants to "do the whole college thing" while she plots her next career move.

If she can make it there ...



No Avatar


This is what happens to you when no one is paying any attention to you. How about you go to Iraq? There are a lot of stones waiting for you with your name on them.

1140 days ago


Guess this makes 9/11 the second biggest tragedy to hit the big apple....

1140 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Oh god here is her future. She's going to try and make it in entertainment for a few months but will learn that people here won't give her the time of day. Money will get low quick and she'll turn to working at a strip club. From there she will get into being an escort. She'll develop a drug habbit and will eventually end up in jail or dead.

1140 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

The "whole college thing" you mean she has a brain? Oh my..

1140 days ago

piepounder piepo    

Please no more about Tila, just hang up next time she calls with her "News".

1140 days ago


College and Babies?

1140 days ago


Wow this is sad over 40 comments and every single one of them is negative. I guess Tila isnt the darling she thinks she is. Then again she has all those teen age fans who dont know any better.

She also just re-re-re-re-re-re-re-relaunched her fail website, so this is her way of diverting traffic to it. She tried a couple of weeks ago, but so few people showed up, she got butthurt and shut it down, claiming the 'server crashed' from the extreme amount of traffic. What the numskull and her idiot fans don't realize is that if your server crashes then your splash page wouldn't load either, you'd get some type of error code: 502, 503, or connection refused by host, host unavailable, or unable to locate host. You would not, repeat, would not see her splash page. This whole time her splash page has been up. Even if there was a server overload, it would not continue for 2 weeks, it would resolve within minutes, or at the most an hour. Liar.

Last week she claimed she found a condo in NY. Last night she claimed she'll be living in a hotel and needs a roommate. Last year she claimed she bought a penthouse in Trump Towers. Well which is it Tila? Why can't you live in your penthouse? Why you have to troll for roomies? Out of money much? Or, were you going to NY on some business thing, and decided to make way more out of it then it is just to get your stupid army all in a tizzy tripping over themselves to be your roomie? What about the generals who are waiting for the forum mod powers you promised but have no intention of delivering?

Within a month she'll claim she 'misses' LA, and wants to come back. She'll pay her back rent and move back into her 5 bedroom 'mansion'. Case closed.


1140 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

Someone should tell little bang bang girl shes not welcome in the Rotten Apple!

1140 days ago


She'll be out of here after the first snowstorm!

1140 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Thank god LA is getting rid of some of the trash that floats around out here, this little skanky nobody is leaving, although we will believe that when she is on the plane, then the Kardashian ho says she is moving back east too. It will be interesting watching these two no talents trying to pull their crap back east

1140 days ago


Trust me Tila,any guy that would marry you and have kids with you sure as hell isnt going to be "normal"

1140 days ago

Yep I Said That    

WOW !! How did LA get so lucky first the trollop skank Kardashian says she is moving back East now this piece of trash is moving, we have a few more who need to get the hell out of LA and not come back

1140 days ago


NOOOOooo! We have enough nuts and junkies already we don't need anymore.Maybe we can get Dr.Drew to take her up in for awhile.

1140 days ago

some guy    

Right... I heard if you can't make it in LA, New York will be a piece of cake.

1139 days ago

some guy    


There are tons of colleges in America? Why New York? You think people are too dumb to see your motives?

I heard the U. of Tripoli has a really good curriculum for fame-seeking whores. You should apply there.

1139 days ago
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