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Zac Efron -- Could He Have Prevented Buddy's DUI?

7/9/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Zac Efron was drinking with good friend Ryan Rottman literally minutes before Rottman was arrested for DUI.  The question, should Zac have said anything to his pal to prevent him from taking the wheel?


Sources inside the Dillon's Irish Pub in Hollywood tell TMZ ... Zac, Ryan, Rumer Willis and a few other friends ordered a total of  7 Kamikaze shots, 8 or 9 mixed drinks and 3 - 4 beers.

Zac and Rottman both left the bar at around 9:30 and went their separate ways.  We shot video of Zac running from the bar to his car, though it appears Rumer drove him away. By 9:45, Rottman was in police custody.


Rottman apparently was hammered.  Cops spotted him after he drove up a curb near Dillion's.  He blew a .19, more than twice the legal limit.

We asked Zac's rep if the actor urged his friend to take a taxi or find some other way home that would not have put him behind the wheel.  We did not get a response.

So we ask ...


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some guy    

Guess you're too busy to think about others when you have bubble-headed bimbos on teh brain.

1202 days ago

some guy    

So, did you get your values and morals from working with Disney?

Heard they used to have this thing against Jews, too.

1202 days ago

some guy    

I have a confession to make. I'm not that original.

I need some time and inspiration to keep posting stuff. Keep typing away like a maniac.

1202 days ago

some guy    

It's not that hard, actually. I don't have any friends or a life so all I have to do all day is sit in front of my ******* computer and trash self-absorbed little pricks like yourself.

It's actually pretty fun and relaxing to me.

1202 days ago

some guy    

"All the other kids/ with the pumped up kicks/ you better run better run/ faster than my bullet."

1202 days ago


PUSSSISS no video What did his people call

1202 days ago

karen darvin    

david DAvid.i see you still need your spanking I'll bet Rumor was driving really really carefully cause usually when you are out with people drinking heavily you are too. or a quick line to wake up,not that I'm saying any of this is the truth,but hey, Hollywood rich kids are above the law i believe.And the drugs often go with he alcohol.they are lucky they didn't do anything stupid to get tested themselves, it was already too late for their friend.when you are driving over curbs though that's not someone you want out on the streets.And Zac is a grown up.Is he suppossed to sit at home watching Disney channel?

1202 days ago


really?, its one drunk persons responsibility to stop another drunk person from doing something stupid? both parties perception is skewed from the alcohol. we are all responsible for our own behavior. and anyway, how does anyone know whether anyone suggested the guy get a cab or not? im sick of all this "who can we blame other than the person responsible" crap

1202 days ago


one time i try to stop my drunk friend from driving and he got mad at me and started to figth me ...i told him dont drive give me the key ,dont drive give me te key ... sometimes drunk people dont want to listen even if you try it to stop them they just feel like you are been a punk

1202 days ago


how did Zac end up getting blamed for this! maybe he was hammered himself, maybe he did tell him, whatever the case he wasn't the one driving neither was he in the car with him!

1202 days ago


In the video of Ryan with the police, he didn't look the slightest bit drunk. Only until they used the breathalizer did they know. Obviously, Zac realized that he shouldn't be driving and had a friend drive him. We weren't in the bar (you too, TMZ) so hey, Zac may have told him to get someone else to drive. Ryan is a grown man, older than Zac by the way, so he should have known that he had too much to drink. Zac is a good guy; if he had seen Ryan all wobbly and slurring his speech he would have told him not to drive. Ryan looked completely sober, so how was Zac to know? Give him a STINKIN' break!!

1202 days ago


The video is available !!!!

1202 days ago


And I meant someone other than his rep.
Ask the friends that were with them? Of course the rep isn't going to answer.

1202 days ago


Who's to say he didn't? Everyone in their group could have said something to him. Did anyone *ask* Zac or Rumor or anyone else in the group, or is it just TMZ making assumptions? (forgive me if I overlooked something in the article stating it was asked)

1202 days ago


NO!!! There were others besides Zac there, and Ryan is 26, not 14, he knows his own mind. LEAVE ZAC ALONE!!!!!

1202 days ago
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