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Casey Anthony and Jurors

Targeted by Death Threats

7/10/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Someone is threatening to kill Casey Anthony, her lawyers, and the jurors who found her 'not guilty'  of murdering her daughter -- this according to Casey's attorney Cheney Mason.

Mason tells TMZ  his team has been receiving "all kinds of threats" at his office since the controversial verdict came in ... including "one we just turned over to law enforcement."

There are reports Casey's parents are also being targeted and have gone into hiding.

For his part ... Mason doesn't seem worried. He laughed off the threats claiming the people behind them are simply "cowards."


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They better hope Gerard Butler doesnt plan on killing everyone involved. Have they ever seen Law Abiding Citizen?

1163 days ago


**** like this happens so many times! You only heard about this because she is a young attractive white girl!! Do you object as vehemently when an innocent person who has been unjustly convicted gets released from jail after having served years? TWO way street! Accept the have NO choice!

1163 days ago


The threats are disgusting. The world isn't that simple, get over it. Regardless of whether people agree with the verdict they should defer to the court or consider moving to some backward African state where they can have mob rule. Clearly a system of common law is too good for them. Even though this was a case of a failed prosecution case not a failed court.

1163 days ago


Maybe the reason she didn't tell anyone is because she has an undiagnosed mental health issue. My slightly autistic niece smashed up her car, parked it in the garage and took a bus for three weeks without telling anyone. She thought she could hide it.

The haters who seek vengeance are no different than Anthony. They are just either cowards or haven't been caught for their life's peccadilloes yet.

Leave her alone. Just like OJ, if crime is her propensity, she'll screw up again and justice will be served. Vengeance is not our responsibility.

1163 days ago

Shady's Lady    

The more I think about it..everyone keeps saying "something isn't right here" I think the big ugly secret is that George was the baby daddy.It doesn't excuse Casey but it sure would splain alot.I do feel very sad for Caylee..I do.But I personally am incapable of wishing death on anything( except bed bugs!Ha!)I am interested in this case but I am not emotionally invested.That's why I can keep some humor re all of this.But there is alot venom here and it is a little scary.I say we all log off right now and go watch The Life of Brian 5 times in a row, when we return we will all be back in Kansas, and by the way what did the Romans ever do for us anyway?...LMAO.

1163 days ago


Why people seriously? If the prosecutor had done his job the jury would have given a guilty verdict..the jury did their job its not on them but people want to blame them GET OVER IT. Hell if it were up to these lunatics we would be back in the era of the communist trials anyone old enough to remember that? THE JURY DID THEIR JOB IF YOU WANT TO THREATEN ANYONE GO AFTER THE PROSECUTOR I watched some of the trial and I had my doubts about the meter reader so that is all it takes..its called reasonable doubt. These people seriously need mental help it was one case among many if you want to get all crazy about something try getting into searching for all these missing kids there are so many of them..but seriously get a grip.

1163 days ago


GOOD!!! They deserve it!!! Casey and her lawyers blatantly lied throughout the whole trial! And the jury ignored all the evidence, but yet they sympathized with the defense's BS lies!!! The jury is just as bad as Casey when they let a baby killer go free just because she's a female!!! And Casey's mom perjured herself to try to take away the premeditation that would have given Casey the death she's just as culpable. They all deserve to die as far as I'm concerned.

Ironic how the worst kind of people like to call people wanting to kill them, "cowards". Obviously, this Cheney Mason is the real coward for lying throughout the whole trial!

1163 days ago


YES STOP! These people are stupid as hell,forget her and them period ! They all must have went to lunch and stayed there the very first day of the trial,how very very stupid. This evil plotting skank walks and she,ll hurt some one and i dont care ,i hope its one of the jury,s family see how they like her then!

1163 days ago


Dexter Morgan's gonna go get them, watch out!!

1163 days ago


Nope......I just accept the jury verdict! Like you HAVE to Porsha....who probably owns a 10 year old Hyndai! J.O.

1163 days ago


We the people the majority of the country find the defendant guilty so say we all.

1163 days ago


Please stop reporting on this woman. Don't make her out to be a celebrity.

1163 days ago

steven vale    

god bless america , murder your 2 year old daughter and become a media millionare. cheney mason is a disgusting human being who will have a special place in hell. karma is a beautiful thing. lets hope they all get a dose of casey.

1163 days ago


death threats are a shame. we all know she did it or had a hand in it so who cares now, she was found not guilty by a bunch of hicks...

1163 days ago


I love all the uneducated morons who come here to TMZ to support this child murdering beast.

Clearly none of you retards including the jury and the defense team didn't even pay attention at the trial,The state gave a beyond REASONABLE hypothesis or theory as to who killed the child and why BASED on EVIDENCE from the child's body her mothers car trunk and the family's computer. It's not like the state made up evidence and came up with some crazy theory.

It's not the state's fault the child's mother if you believe the defense knew where the child's dead body was and didn't tell the police where it was so it could ROT and BE EATEN BY ANIMALS so all the evidence would be destroyed.

So now not only all the future child killing mothers from FloriDUH know all they have to do is hide their childs body long enough to get away with it but also ALL THE CHILD MOLESTERS know the same and you know FloriDUH is FULL OF NOTHING BUT THAT.

Child Molesters,Child Murderers,Druggies. FloriDUH is disgusting. Thank god I've never been there nor plan to visit.

Also kiss off if you wanna bash me for hating on FloriDUH because it's true there is an overwhelming nurmber of child molesting and child abduction cases in FloriDUH,It's almost like they welcome those kind down there. LOL if you don't believe me look up some of the sentences for the creeps down there you will become riddled with anger.

R.I.P Caylee Marie Anthony

Ugh wish she didn't have that last name.

1163 days ago
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