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Witnesses: Hines Ward Didn't Look Drunk to Us

7/10/2011 5:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Witnesses at two different Georgia bars tell TMZ ... they spotted Hines Ward just hours before he was arrested for DUI ... and they all say the "DWTS" champ showed no signs of being drunk. 


TMZ spoke with employees and patrons at two places -- Oasis Gentleman's Club and Buckhead Bottle Bar & Restaurant.

A witness at Oasis (an establishment where young ladies work to put themselves through nursing school) tells TMZ ... Hines was not drinking heavily, did not want to be bothered, and seemed genuinely "disinterested." The witness said Ward was only there from 9-10:00 PM.

The lovely young lady who answered the phone at Oasis confirmed she saw Ward that night. 

And another witness says he saw Ward at the Buckhead Bottle Bar. A waiter there tells TMZ Hines was at the bar for a few hours, but only had one or two drinks. The employee said Hines was super nice, not drunk at all, and did not appear to have any problems walking or talking. 

The waiter says Ward left at around 1:30 AM. He was popped for DUI approximately four miles away, an hour later. 

Ward maintains he was not impaired by alcohol at the time he was arrested.


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Craig Swinson    

In Georgia the DUI is a money making scam, more so then most states. An average joe would pay $2,500 for a "prayer for judgment" or CWOF. If in six months they are not charges with another like offense for a moving violation, the town or city keeps the $2,500 and the charge is dropped to "parking on pavement" or "improper equipment".

1138 days ago


Hope he plays ball better than he plays sober.

1138 days ago


You don't have to be drunk to be arrested for DUI...Driving Under The Influence means you can be under the influence of drugs (percription or street drugs) or alcohol.

1138 days ago


Hey TMZ, you might want to even pretend to a do a little bit of research before you publish these stories. He was at an establishment called the Buckhead Bottle Bar, not "Bucket Bottle Bar". Due to the fact that he was stopped just up the road from Buckhead (The nightlife hot spot in Atlanta, also the sight of Ray Lewis' 2000 Murder).

1138 days ago


Superman.. Chill the f out. You're way too bothered by this and NO ONE but him & his people know the story yet, so why is everyone acting as if they were there. Do you guys know that he was drunk??? Hines isn't an idiot, so find something else to do until you can talk when you know the whole story, which happens to be no ones business anyway.

1138 days ago


Hines wins this case!

1138 days ago


Look......I like this guy.....idk why but he seems like a very genuine, nice, caring person. That said, the statement clearly states “he was not impaired BY ALCOHOL at the time he was arrested”. What are the chances he was Driving Under the Influence of another substance?? Like I said, Like this guy a lot, not trying to accuse of anything.........

1138 days ago


What people have to understand all it takes is one ****tail in an hour to be legally drunk in most states.

1138 days ago


I don't know if things have changed but if you refuse field sobriety and blood then thats automatic guilty where I live and your license go by by. Someone I know refused and he has no license anymore. I guess he can get them back someday, but I truly hope not. He says he wasn't drunk either, but we asked him, why refuse field sobriety/blood if you was not drunk? He had no answer for us.
Don't drink and drive... Simple as that.

1138 days ago

some guy    

Lol... Hines' mug shot looks like someone who knows he really screwed up.



Can you use any of those 'DWTS' moves you learned to dance your way out of this?

1138 days ago


Just because you don't look drunk doesn't mean your blood alcohol level isn't over the legal limit, which I'm guessing Hines was. We know he had two drinks at the bar and I don't know what "not drinking heavily" reported at the nudie bar is suppose to mean. Let's say another two drinks. So, that's four drinks in 4-1/2 hours that we know about. As someone esle mentioned, he was popped four miles away from the last bar which he had left an hour before. Makes you wonder where he went, and what else he drank, during that hour.

1138 days ago



1138 days ago


From what we have been told, Hines was at Follies for a bit so that should clear up all the questions of where he was for the hour. I work at the Oasis and find it very funny that anyone is even mentioning our club considering Hines was only there for 30 minutes. I also find it interesting that no one is mentioning the fact that T.O. was also with him. Hines has been into our establishment quite a few times and has always been respectful and has never left wasted. As for him leaving other clubs like that, well that remains to be seen. Oh and as for the smart @ss comment about "girls putting themselves through nursing school" at least they have a real job, they don't follow celebrities and wait outside their houses like stalkers!

1138 days ago


He looks wasted in that pic..

1138 days ago


Hines is as fake as they come...He frequents strips clubs, divorced rich athlete in his mid 30's who picks up young chicks in there early 20's....living that fast life but fronts to the media and public like he is squeeky clean role model.....dont let this dude fool you anymore....he is just smarter than most other athletes that live the same lifestyle....catching up to him though

1138 days ago
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