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Witnesses: Hines Ward Didn't Look Drunk to Us

7/10/2011 5:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Witnesses at two different Georgia bars tell TMZ ... they spotted Hines Ward just hours before he was arrested for DUI ... and they all say the "DWTS" champ showed no signs of being drunk. 


TMZ spoke with employees and patrons at two places -- Oasis Gentleman's Club and Buckhead Bottle Bar & Restaurant.

A witness at Oasis (an establishment where young ladies work to put themselves through nursing school) tells TMZ ... Hines was not drinking heavily, did not want to be bothered, and seemed genuinely "disinterested." The witness said Ward was only there from 9-10:00 PM.

The lovely young lady who answered the phone at Oasis confirmed she saw Ward that night. 

And another witness says he saw Ward at the Buckhead Bottle Bar. A waiter there tells TMZ Hines was at the bar for a few hours, but only had one or two drinks. The employee said Hines was super nice, not drunk at all, and did not appear to have any problems walking or talking. 

The waiter says Ward left at around 1:30 AM. He was popped for DUI approximately four miles away, an hour later. 

Ward maintains he was not impaired by alcohol at the time he was arrested.


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No Avatar


Hines is as fake as they come...He frequents strips clubs, divorced rich athlete in his mid 30's who picks up young chicks in there early 20's....living that fast life but fronts to the media and public like he is squeeky clean role model.....dont let this dude fool you anymore....he is just smarter than most other athletes that live the same lifestyle....catching up to him though

1204 days ago


Not from PA myself, but Hines gained a huge fan base during his months on DWTS, myself included.....what bad timing. So sad. Does anyone know if his sober passenger was Kym? Are they seeing each other?

1204 days ago

Heavy D    

Maybe he has Gilbert's syndrome...liver doesn't metabolize alcohol. www.gilbertssyndrome.com

1204 days ago


I don't know who the idiot was that said it's nice to see the "smile wiped off of his face"

I wish he would have been smiling, I am a fan & I like his smile!

If he says he wasn't drunk, I believe him....if he was, I still am a fan!

Who hasn't driven at some point, with too much under the belt? Just didn't get stopped.

1204 days ago

PRO US    

He refused to provide a breath for the breathalyzer test. Why? Because he knew he was over the limit drunk. States shouldn't allow anyone who is suspected of driving impaired (because of their actions like not driving within their lane) to refuse to provide a breath or blood alcohol test. It allows the drunk drivers to claim there is no physical evidence that proves they were drunk. In some places, if you refuse to provide a breath test, you automatically lose your license because it's considered equivalent to being guilty of driving drunk.

He should be jailed for 10 years or so by the state for putting other people's lives at risk by his drunk driving. What if he had killed your family or your friends? Would you be so forgiving and tolerant of his drunk driving then? You know you wouldn't.

He will sign some autographs, donate some money to the prosecutor's and judge's favorite charity, visit some groups of teens to tell them not to drink and drive and he will get off with no criminal record. They have the VIP Act for treating celebrities and sports stars in Georgia just like California. If he was a poor, working Black man, he'd be facing real jail time.

1204 days ago


If you are innocent take the breathalyser or blood test.
Why wait to court to make ur stand. He was drinking and more then one by his own admission. In addition,he now wants the public to believe he was distracted and drove into a curb accidently . Man up, you got caught. Pay the piper and stop whining. Big boys don't cry, they admit their mistakes and move on.

1204 days ago


"You'd be surprised how drunk you aren't at .09..."

Even more so at .05, which is quickly becoming the limit in many jurisdictions around the world. Although you probably aren't drunk at .05 and you're driving might not be impaired, the wise things to do is to leave your car at home unless you have a designated driver who never drinks. You just don't want to get pulled over.

1204 days ago


Looks like the punk cheapshot artist (several players in NFL call him the toughest guy when the other player's looking the other way)finally gets whats coming to him. Quit lying hines, breathalyzer doesn't lie like you do. AS Packer fan I say HAW, HAW, HAW. Just like after Super Bowl-take your @$$ kicking like a man, boy.

1204 days ago


Driving around at 1:30am=getting pulled over. Simple

1204 days ago


And Ben doesnt look like a rapist either!!

1204 days ago


He refused the breathalyzer test because it's his right. Witnesses are saying he barely drank, he was quite and polite, and he showed no signs of being drunk. He deserves the benefit of the doubt.

1204 days ago



1204 days ago

PRO US    

GailS 15 minutes ago

He refused the breathalyzer test because it's his right. Witnesses are saying he barely drank, he was quite and polite, and he showed no signs of being drunk. He deserves the benefit of the doubt.
Sure, it's his right. But that's not the reason he refused to provide a breath for the breathalyzer test. He refused because he knew that he was over the limit driving drunk, intoxicated, inebriated, impaired with a BAC over .08% and he didn't want to give the authorities proof of it. That's why, pure and simple. Hines was trying to cover his ass. He knew he did wrong but he was smart enough to not provide a breath test. Now, his lawyer(s) will be able to get him off free. What a great system they have in Georgia for drunk drivers! They should pass a law in every state that compels drivers suspected by police of being impaired to furnish a breath sample or lose their license for a period of years and to be automatically convicted of the charge of impaired driving. Otherwise, you'll continue to have smart guys like Hines getting away with driving drunk, and more people will die and be injured on the roads by drunk drivers.

1204 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Right now every single one of you are speculating. There are some of you saying "who cares if he doesnt look drunk, he got a DUI." Well its not like the cops have never pulled someone over, given them a DUI and it ended up being thrown out in court or proven to be false.

1204 days ago

PRO US    

GailS 15 minutes ago

He refused the breathalyzer test because it's his right. Witnesses are saying he barely drank, he was quite and polite, and he showed no signs of being drunk. He deserves the benefit of the doubt.
No, he doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt. If he provided a breath sample, there would be no doubt. Either the breath sample would show he's under or over the BAC (blood alcohol concentration), and he would be charged or not charged based on that evidence. Hines didn't provide a breath sample because he knew he was over the BAC limit. If he thought he was below the BAC limit, he would have provided a breath sample so he wouldn't be charged. What part of this do you not understand,GailS?

1204 days ago
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