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Witnesses: Hines Ward Didn't Look Drunk to Us

7/10/2011 5:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Witnesses at two different Georgia bars tell TMZ ... they spotted Hines Ward just hours before he was arrested for DUI ... and they all say the "DWTS" champ showed no signs of being drunk. 


TMZ spoke with employees and patrons at two places -- Oasis Gentleman's Club and Buckhead Bottle Bar & Restaurant.

A witness at Oasis (an establishment where young ladies work to put themselves through nursing school) tells TMZ ... Hines was not drinking heavily, did not want to be bothered, and seemed genuinely "disinterested." The witness said Ward was only there from 9-10:00 PM.

The lovely young lady who answered the phone at Oasis confirmed she saw Ward that night. 

And another witness says he saw Ward at the Buckhead Bottle Bar. A waiter there tells TMZ Hines was at the bar for a few hours, but only had one or two drinks. The employee said Hines was super nice, not drunk at all, and did not appear to have any problems walking or talking. 

The waiter says Ward left at around 1:30 AM. He was popped for DUI approximately four miles away, an hour later. 

Ward maintains he was not impaired by alcohol at the time he was arrested.


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Wait, wait, I forgot about this "Ward maintains he was not impaired by alcohol at the time he was arrested"...is he saying it was something else? Drugs perhaps?

1202 days ago

PRO US    

OooooNooo! 8 hours ago

TMZ says: "refused to take a breathalyzer test."

If he wasn't drunk then he would have taken the test.

Case closed.


1202 days ago


As someone who was arrested for DUI in Atlanta in the 90s, all I can say is Hines, if you had a white woman in the car then yes, they will charge you for driving with a white woman.

For me, my charges were dropped but only after submitting to a blood test and after they ATTEMPTED to charge me with driving under the influences of drugs and/or alcohol .. I have never taken any drugs (not even 'weed') and had not had a drink in several weeks (as I was training for a tournament). IT took many weeks and 600$ worth of lawyer to get the charges dropped, however the Arrest was not expunged. This is a method the south uses to 'do***ent' and get 'papers' on black people, even if you haven't done anything the agenda is still there. Get you in the 'system' .

Hines, I truly hope you were not drunk, and I hope you can fight and beat this.

1202 days ago


i had no trouble walking and talking. and i was oover the limet. and so was he. that meens he gets a DUI

1202 days ago


OMG - What idiots would say that because someone "didn't LOOK drunk" then they weren't at all impaired by alcohol - enough for it to be illegal or unsafe. This is why we still have so many drunk driver crashes (not accurate to call them "accidents") ..... which, unfortunately, more often kill the other innocent drivers on the road.

1202 days ago


He is as innocent as OJ

1202 days ago


Look at the bright side, at least Hines wasn't accused of raping 2 or 3 women as his Pittsburgh Steelers Teammate Ben Roethlisberger has in the past.

I'm not saying Ben was guilty or rape, but we don't know that Hines was guilty either. I don't like Rape or DUI and it's just difficult to say which is worse.

I mean Hines could have hit an innocent person and killed them while he was under the influence.

NEXT TIME TAKE A CAB HINES! You've got the $Money and Sense$ and some cab services will even give you a FREE RIDE if you're drunk, just for caling and asking.

1202 days ago


drunk driving is a crime, and he got caught........

1201 days ago


Alright come on people the pigs see a Aston Martin going down the street from a bar right probably knowing it's hines before hand. See his car bump into a curb and pull him over. I have taken the field sobriety test and believe me put your leg up and count backwards and all the other **** that's hard even when your sober. I'm not saying he wasn't impaired a little but they have witnesses that say he had maybe two beers you know when a person is #*#tface hammered and they both said he was well mannered and no sighns of intoxication and they see people drunk every night. NOT GUILTY. All you haters (Ravens Homos mainly) don't be mad we can get to the big show 3 times in 6 years and win 2 and most of your teams can't even make the playoffs. And to all the raven*****ers saying we got rapist and drunk drivers on our team look at yours hahahahahahahahaha you got CONVICTED not presumed CONVICTED manslaughters, a charged murder, and a up and coming criminal to your squad this year so shut your purple passion mouth and I'm going to laugh when we bounce all you punks out of the playoffs this year again. PEACE Hines you the man son! Kill em this year.

1194 days ago



1194 days ago
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