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Arnold and Mildred -- Phone Pals But NO Meeting ... Yet

7/11/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mildred "Patty" Baena are spending time together -- on the phone -- and are even discussing a face-to-face reunion with their son Joseph ... TMZ has learned.

0711_mildred_splash_EXMultiple sources connected to Arnold and Patty tell TMZ they have spoken over the phone several times -- including the night the scandal broke -- but they have yet to meet in person ... despite recent reports.

We're told Patty hasn't been back to the Schwarzenegger home or even her own home in Bakersfield ... because of all the media attention.

But it sounds like a reunion is in the works. Our sources say, "Both families are open to a meeting, it just hasn't happened yet."



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Arnold has lost all credibility!!! Who cares what he does!!

1146 days ago


Eeeek what if he winds up with patty (mildrid) the maid!
wouldnt that be something?

1146 days ago


Prediction: Mildred will NOT be lead-maid over at Maria's.


1146 days ago


If he doesn't already - Arnold will come to loathe and hate
this chick.

I'm just hoping - and like hell -

That Mildred doesn't buy the home - that's next to Maria -

I'm also guessing Mildred has hired a new law firm -

A new agent(s).

New press people -

You might just say ...

Mildred ... has it Maid.

1146 days ago


anonymous 8 hours ago

sounds great to me..arnold and his son might as well develop a good connection. now, patty can get out of hiding..arnold's soon to be ex wife, who knew all along about his son with patty, is divorcing him and focusing on her millions, and renovating her new house...only because she was humiliated..only because everyone found out...she knew all along...just like the usual kennedy sick crap...nothing will ever change with those kennedy's. arnold was wrong, but now he is free to enjoy his life.

I have to agree with you, I think she knew all along...she is not poor little Maria....not excusing his behavior, but maybe he shouldnt blamed entirely, for what happened.

1146 days ago


Ahrnald: Do you want your career to be officially ovah? Dump that fugly, porky, gold-diggin chino nahw!

1146 days ago


Possibility: Mildred becoming the new spokesperson -

Over at Fluff-N-Fold.


1146 days ago


last of it p.s.

Jerry Springer's announced he won't be interviewing Mildred.

As she repulses/disgusts him.

Nor will he hire Mildred - as his new cleaning person.


1146 days ago


twist on this nof p.s.

Mildred had to have had two personalities in the house -

One with Maria present/FOR Maria's benefit -

One when Maria -

Was out of the house.

-Those types of people scare me.

...And I know a LOT of them.

It's a symptom of "Anti-Social Personality Disorder."


Which I'm guessing Mildred is.

This explains Mildred -

Being able to deceive Arnold, as well -

"Honey, great news, we just hired ourselves a lead maid?"

"And she's a sociopath."


1146 days ago


You and I are no match for a sociopath - trust Nof on this.

Neither were/are Arnold and Maria.

Sociopaths/alleged sociopaths ... play by different rules -
are cold to the touch -

Dead on the inside -

See the World and people around them -

As people they can *take* - and to the cleaners.

They're Opportunists-to-the-nth.

ENJOY suckering people.

Disarming - doesn't BEGIN to describe a sociopath -

They're frightening/dangerous.

...Beyond tricky, beyond glib, beyond our understanding.

-They (naturally) feed different people different-sets-of-info -

Are always "on" and "set."

...And their only goal and aim - besides themselves.

Is making a-complete-patsy of those about them.

I've studied two, two of the best, and from very close range -

...Detection, even by a skilled and trained therapist/doctor -

- Is impossible -

They casually dupe even the best psychologist.

...If you x-rayed and x-ray a sociopath -

-They would give of*****reen-kind-of-glow.

That's the only way to know - and to tell.

X-Ray everyone - and the moment they show for the yob.

Idiotic comments ABOUT sociopaths from the-truly-dull/clueless? -almost never change:

"She/they SEEMS like a wonderful person!"

This, the state of affairs both Maria and Arnold and Children find themselves with:

Was Mildred's EndGame -

From the Jump -

Trust Nof - as Nof is a Sociopath-Whisperer.

Gets them to reveal themselves -

And early on -

That's what a Columbia University education =

Can do for a guy.


1146 days ago


OH PLEASE, It takes a monkeys mind to think that boy isn't Arnold's! He looks exactly like him! Now, pony up the money Arnold. Let the child have some respect and enjoy the good things in life! That poor child needs to be protected and cared for and now that the SHIZ is out do the RIGHT THING! How about back child support for the last 14 years, while she worked as your housekeeper, you filthy pig! Maria is a news reporter for God's sake, familiar with photos! If anyone out there can't see the resemblance, especially a reporter.......they should quit the business permanently. Who cares how she got pregnant.....this is America, you don't get to send them to Siberia, you get to pay for your mistakes, not make the child pay!

1146 days ago


The-Sociopath-Whisperer p.s.

Arnold's son w/Mildred -

Needs to be screened -

And at once -


Are at-risk for suicide, drug addiction, dangerous acting-out behaviors -

They start to become confused/disoriented -

At about the age Joseph now is -

Remove him from the home -

Place him into intense treatment -

Or you'll lose him.


1146 days ago


Her total lack of shame with being such a homewrecker disgusts me to no end.

1146 days ago


Dirty Puta.

1146 days ago


Those two belong together ,Maria was too much for her ,this two are probably Illegal,not nice looking and not smart ,of course this guy don't belong to the Kennedy clan .It is the best decision Maria opt for divorcing him ! He doesnt't love her I hear him in a converstaion with the guys in Las Vegas how much he dislikes her, in terms of a husband talking about his wife it was not cool! When I saw her in the ceremony when she married him I was wonder why? now I know why! is was all fame and fortune.

1146 days ago
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