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Beyonce's Dad: I Didn't Steal from My Daughter!

7/11/2011 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce's dad has filed legal papers which now explain why the singer fired him as her manager -- he claims she's under the impression he stole lots of money from her, and say it's a bad rap.


In the documents -- obtained by TMZ -- Mathew Knowles claims Live Nation Entertainment wanted desperately to sink its fangs into Beyonce's 2011 world tour.   According to the docs, Mathew claims Live Nation told Beyonce that Mathew "had stolen money from Beyonce on her most recent tour or otherwise taken funds that [he] was not entitled to." 

Mathew claims Live Nation was effective, because Beyonce had her law firm conduct an audit, and the law firm concluded Mathew had indeed pilfered money from her.  Beyonce then fired him.

Mathew claims after he was canned, Beyonce hired a manager who had worked as a former exec at Live Nation and maintained a relationship with the company.

Mathew insists the theft accusations by Live Nation are false, and he wants the judge to give him the right to take depositions of various people at Live Nation, to determine just how they concluded he was a thief.

We could not reach Beyonce's rep for comment.


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get a life ho    

B4 29 minutes ago

Sued for stealing the song "Survivor"

Sued for stealing the song "Baby Boy"

Sued for stealing the song "Independent Women"

Sued for stealing the song "Kissing You"

Took credit for writing "Crazy In Love" when she didn't

Took credit for writing "Irreplaceable" when she didn't

Sued for not paying Wilhelmina

Sued for not paying Greg Walker/Icon Entertainment

Sued for stealing $32,000,000 from the family of her former dead co-manager who got them their record deal

Will be sued shortly for stealing the songs “Worldwide Woman,” “Amor Gitmo” and “Welcome To Hollywood” and the videos “Beautiful Liar,” “Suga Mama,” “Greenlight,” “Flaws and All” and “Still In Love.”
add to your short list ;

You left out she was sued for stealing fashion designs from a German Designer and lost in court !

You left out she was sued for tresspassing to make a music video and stiffing a Hollywood Hills home owner of $$ . She paid up but had to be sued to do the right thing !!

No amount of money buys class .,.,end of story !

1197 days ago


"...isa jesta borrowed long turr'm!!"

1197 days ago


I am shocked at how many people here are saying that it was ok for him to take money from his daughter just because he fathered her and managed her career. It is NEVER ok to steal especially from your own child. If he needed/wanted more money he should have just asked.

1197 days ago


She's a selfish greedy bitch. She just wanted to get rid of her father telling her what to do. Now, the bitch can go off on a stranger whenever she wants.

1197 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid. We still live in the world where certain people want to control millions and they usually get it. I hope silly ass finds another job for her Father where he will not be responsible for her money, and give him a pay check.
Your Father is your father, and I know he had to have a part in making her as famous as she is. There is no need for her to confront him to the point that the media gets involved. This world seems to be all about money and sex.

1197 days ago

Nelida Leakes    

Shalom about an hour ago

NO matter what getto will alwayds a getto. these people they never see a education in their life they grow up on a corner grocery store. When they see a good $$$$$$ they will steal from their own kind it just a shame. She has a apartment in my building in Miami Beach and you should see her mom comes sometimes like she thinks she owns the world we don't want you in our building in Miami beach all these getto people.

Before you speak of anyone being ghetto my dear, please learn to spell and pronounce words correctly. Shalom my ass, Jews can never speak of stealing from other people. You racist fat little pig. Some of you need to grow up on this site. You are sitting in your trailer park and hoarding homes as you speak. Most of you are fatties and tittie saggers with no life. Grow up. Get out of here, you can't type a sentence correctly. Dumb asses. LOL

1197 days ago



1197 days ago


@weird al yankovich
He gave birth to her? LMAO !

1197 days ago

Nelida Leakes    

FACT1 less than a minute ago

You are stupid that says it all, little ****.

BTW it is says not say's dumb ass.

1197 days ago


Why is it that the people who usually make racist comments, are so often grammatically deficient?

1197 days ago

right straight    

Without his pushy parenting...she wouldn't have made it,even with all that talent.He made her practice like a nazi

1197 days ago


@ dsjj251

There is video footage of her saying she wrote irreplaceable in concert. Did you not see that footage? Hence the reason Ne-Yo went on the record saying he wrote it because they were asking him about what Beyonce had said. He even sang his own rendition of the song on air. Anyways back to the topic just because he's her father doesn't give him the right to steal from her. Or are you guys saying it's ok if your parent takes money from your account without asking? You know since they took care of you, I don't mind giving money to my parents either if they need it, but ASK!

1197 days ago


This sounds messy!

1197 days ago


You can't mix business with family. Somewhere in the link, lots of money will change people. Those in the fam who are shady will be even more shady. Record companies what to get every $ out of you. The person managing Beyonce or Sasha has a conflict of interest. She needs a good third party who doesn't have their hands in a former company. In the end, hopefully she will see how much $$$$ has actually been ripped off from her.

1197 days ago


right straight about an hour ago
Without his pushy parenting...she wouldn't have made it,even with all that talent.He made her practice like a nazi
Sounds a little like Joe Jackson.

1197 days ago
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