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Gathering of the Juggalos

LESS Security This Year

7/11/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After last year's attacks of Tila Tequila and Method Man, you'd think the Gathering of the Juggalos would INCREASE security. Not only would you be wrong, but they're doing the EXACT OPPOSITE.


Violent J from the Insane Clown Posse (the group behind the annual festival) tells TMZ ... ICP feels the TALENT was to blame for last year's violence ... because they incited the crowd while onstage.

Mr. J believes the performers lined up for the 2011 festival have "mad respect" for the juggalos ... and won't make the same mistake.

In fact, the group is SOOOOOO confident the juggalos will remain peaceful, they've only booked a small group of private security guards to work the event ... and have NOT asked for help from local police.

The event is scheduled to go down from August 11-14 in Cave-In-Rock, IL -- and the lineup includes Charlie Sheen, MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice.

What are the chances all 3 walk away from the event unscathed?



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V-Ice has been down for quite some time now. To say he will get hit with anything only shows that you obviously didnt do your research. I dont care how big of a name an artist may have. You DO NOT stand in front of juggalos while telling them "Im not going anywhere" because you may find yourself getting blown off the stage like a punk

1198 days ago


The only one who has a chance to get the "Tila" treatment is Vanilla Ice.

1198 days ago


Is it worth saying in the business if you have to do the jugalo show?

1198 days ago


ICP is ****ty music that is made by and appeals to the lowest common denominator. That being said I really don't care what happens to acts who are dumb enough to go. Either they need the money and publicity or they're delusional.

1198 days ago

Jonas Jizay    

to juggalos Vanilla Ice is royalty he been to the gathering 7 times has done numerous tracks with ICP and is rumored to be signed to psychopathic records and it will be anounced officialy at this years gathethering.

He wont get pelted with nothing.

MC Hammer is new to the gathering but there aint a chqnce in hell he will get pelted with anything cause he's MC Hammer and juggalos are excited to see him perform.

Charlie Sheen is a Juggalo just a juggalo with way more money than the average juggalo, he does what he wants when he wants to do it doesent give a **** what people think of him either I think Charlie will do amazing at this years gathering.

every year people get pelted with **** one year it was Bubba Sparks another year it was Andrew WK one year it was the ying yang twins nobody cared until last year when Tila cried like a bitch about it and mainstream sites like this wrote about it.

out of this years full setlist I say CKY will get the Tila Treatment cause CKY in the past has **** talked Juggalos and ICP and publicly said they are just comming to the gathering to meet Ice Cube and George Clinton the juggalos wont like that and are probably planning on bombing them already.

1198 days ago


ICP fans are a bunch of tweakers.... They will LOVE Charlie. MC Hammer should consider wearing a helmet.

1198 days ago

Jason Gatties    

Vanilla Ice has done the Gathering like 7 times, is a juggalo favorite and rumored to be signed to ICP's Psychopathic Records. Leave it to TMZ to not know any facts at all.

MC Hammer...can't speak for him

Charlie Sheen will be embraced. Again, unless you understand the culture, you shouldn't just throw comments out there.

Two of the three will be fine, that's not half bad.

1198 days ago

Lo From Wisco    

Charlie Sheen goes from a major sitcom to the Gathering of the Juggalos. Really moving on up in the world, huh Chuck?

Somebody should really just blow up the gathering so we can weed out the morons in one hit. Juggalos are the biggest idiots ever -- they'll probably blow eachother up.

1198 days ago


Last year Tina Tequila promised that she was suing the Juggalos (no not just the promoters or owners but ALL THE JUGGALOS!) and the Gathering would no longer be an event.

She was warned weeks in advance, mainly by her own haters, that the Juggalos shouldn't be messed with AND she was given links to previous attacks and told that that was what she herself could expect. She gave a big f-u to the haters, then managed to insult the juggalos in some tweets just prior to the concert, and then when she got up on stage, she had all kinds of attitude and didn't take the hint she wasn't welcome.

Tila knew she'd be attacked, and went because she wanted the publicity, and the Juggalos obliged. She wore bandaids on her face for 5 weeks claiming she needed surgery, though the photos she sent to TMZ within a couple of hours of the attack, clearly show two very very small cuts on her cheek and eyebrow that would have healed within a few days.

1198 days ago


right on elroy!

1198 days ago


But why the dumbasses wear makeup? lol

1198 days ago


Vanilla ice will be fine...hes been performing for years and the juggalos love hammer should be fine cause he's gonna be respectful and smart enough to get off the stage if they start throwing stuff...charlie sheen will be fine if he tells stories about all the crack he "use" to smoke. Tila wouldn't get off the stage until it was to late and it was some random idiot who threw the beer can at method man

1198 days ago


CHARLIE SHEEN!!! Why would he at the GOTJ? Oh yea, he's a crackhead. He'll fit right in then.

I wish they would have invite Tila back this year and finished the beat down they started on her last year just because she think she's such a bad ass.

1198 days ago


Funny that the city would allow it. Most cities have the power to force those putting on large events to have adequate security, and can use previous shows by the group to determine what is needed.

1198 days ago


The best thing for society is for all their mobile meth labs to explode and the whole damn concert site catch on fire with everyone in it. The US average intelligence quotient would go up by 20 points.

1198 days ago
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