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Gathering of the Juggalos

LESS Security This Year

7/11/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After last year's attacks of Tila Tequila and Method Man, you'd think the Gathering of the Juggalos would INCREASE security. Not only would you be wrong, but they're doing the EXACT OPPOSITE.


Violent J from the Insane Clown Posse (the group behind the annual festival) tells TMZ ... ICP feels the TALENT was to blame for last year's violence ... because they incited the crowd while onstage.

Mr. J believes the performers lined up for the 2011 festival have "mad respect" for the juggalos ... and won't make the same mistake.

In fact, the group is SOOOOOO confident the juggalos will remain peaceful, they've only booked a small group of private security guards to work the event ... and have NOT asked for help from local police.

The event is scheduled to go down from August 11-14 in Cave-In-Rock, IL -- and the lineup includes Charlie Sheen, MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice.

What are the chances all 3 walk away from the event unscathed?



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This is not going to be good. Charlie, Vanilla Ice and Hammer should head for de hills. Save yourselves!

1167 days ago


None of the people mentioned will get the plummeted with anything. V Ice has been a juggalo favorite for years, Charlie Sheen is just the **** period, And juggalos will have respect for MC Hammer cause of his massive influence on 90's music. Its referred to as the "Bubba Sparx" award cause he was the first guy to get it. And this year it will either go to lil jon, cky, or flava flav though im doubting flava flav gets it.

1167 days ago


Vanilla Ice will be fine he is actually one of them they love him he has been to their concerts before and was just find he is friends with the Violent J &Shaggy 2 Dope.

1167 days ago


These guys are such worthless pieces of white trash. I've seen interviews with Violent J and the other guy (can't remember his name and don't feel like googling it) on Howard Stern and they come across as such tools. They talk all this *hit but when one caller was actually going to go to the studio, they got all scared and backed down. I've also read an article where this journalist went to the GOTJ and talked about the "experience"...and I've seen footage on TMZ of how the fans treat the performers (which is just wrong, regardless of how obnoxious they may be). So I don't need to actually go to a concert to be able to say, (with confidence!) that the members of ICP are completely uneducated white trash. As for their fans, well I'm sure they're not all bad, but OVERALL they don't come across too well...

1167 days ago


LOL It cracks me up that people think Vanilla Ice will get hurt..Lil info for ya uneducated asses. Vanilla Ice has been to multiple Gatherings and the fans love him and respect him dearly, don't recall VI ever getting so much as a scratch..sooo take that! and MC Hammer will get Mad Respect just my lil prediction. Charlie Sheen, I am just going to have to see, not too sure how the fam will react, most likely it will be 50/50....

1167 days ago


LOL That's quite a lineup of talent. If Sheen plans on rapping, he should bring his own body bag. Wow, when Sheen hit the skids, he hit them hard.

1167 days ago


Here's the problem. Charlie Sheen publicly said he's down with the clown. And that usually gets pretty safe passage. Vanilla Ice has been doing the Gathering for A NUMBER of years, and is VERY well respected by the Juggalos and has announced he will be signing with Psychopathic Records. As for MC Hammer, Juggalos love old legends, and he even did a video with ICP. All 3 will be fine. It's more of the likes of Juvenille and Mystikal I'm thinking will have the problems if there are any.

And Method Man was not attacked.It was one jackass in the crowd that threw a full can of beer and got him in the face. 1 does not speak for the 10,000+ that were there.

1167 days ago


Im a Juggalette and fully support the Gathering of the Juggalos... To all of you people making fun of ICP, Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer and Charlie Sheen... You are all just jealous. And if you did your research you would know that Vanilla Ice has been performing with ICP for YEARS AND YEARS, and is at the Gathering of the Juggalos EVERY YEAR. This is goin to be an awesome year for the Gathering!! They will all be safe... Tila Tequila is a joked... thats why she got booed... and things werent as bad as she claimed... Juggalos were disappointed last year but are super excited about this year... I cant wait!

1166 days ago


Vanillia Ice has played the gathering many times, the Juggalos love him, he wont end up like method man or tila.

IM not sure how MC Hammer is going to fair or Charlie Sheen, but as long as any performer doesn't talk trash, then all is well, a lot of rappers had tons of stuff thrown at them and just went with it and threw it back, the crowd loved them !!!!!

1166 days ago


alot of u guy are stupid v ice is a juggalo

1166 days ago


Dear lanie,
Isn't calling someone ignorant and dumb without knowing them... Ignorant and dumb?

1166 days ago


ok wow that was not a attack. a attack is being bummed rushed or something. they were throwing faygo....anybody who has been to any icp concert, listened to icp, or hell just heard of them knows they throw faygo at their concerts. thats not a attack thats just how juggalo's and lette's roll

1166 days ago



1166 days ago



1166 days ago


Rotter your wrong there.. V Ice if you look back has been reppin the hatchet for YEARS.... the reason tila and method got hit was for thinking they could act stupidly and we where just going to let it fly.... All juggalos usually have mad respect for ANYONE that's willing to play the gathering... Do we have to haze them kinda... we don't jock mainstream.... we just like what we like an as long as the artists show respect for letting them play at the gathering there is never an issue... as for hater*****in' who cares really you just have nothing better to do then try to belittle people for having different taste then you do.. as if your option meant more then ours.... Im sorry that you can only look at things so shallow come play in the juggalo puddle you'll see we are just out to enjoy each others company.... But you wont cause who would really wanna affiliate themselves with THE MOST HATED BAND IN THE WORLD! Juggalos do and Ive been down for close to 15 years... you might call it a waste of time but it picked me up and taught me that no matter what ANYONE else says about you to keep going and stand for who you are an what your passion is...

1164 days ago
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