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Jen Aniston -- Blamed for Homeless Man's Misfortune

7/11/2011 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Aniston allegedly got some dude tossed off the set of a movie ... and now he's living on the streets?! Welcome to Hollywood ... where even the homeless are pitching outrageous stories.

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Woww. I totally walked passed this dude two days ago on Hollywood blvd D:

1011 days ago


*gives Trish a GIANT thumbs up* The man IS a psycho. Thanks for calling him on his ****.

1011 days ago


This guy needs to be an "extra" in the closest psych ward!

1011 days ago


I'm the dude in this video!And everything I say is true!If this happened between a famous male actor and a female!The guy allready woulda payed up!Its about time a woman actor has to pay up for what she did wrong!Ya know!I use to think Jen was really cool too!But if she is so cool and nice,why doesnt she show any compassion for me!She ota feel bad that Im homeless and dropin dead! I have seen woman on prozac and zanyx that lose the ability to feel compassion!their no longer themselves!I heard they said on the show,it aint gonna happen!Well it should!Everything I say is true!Because of her my health is physically drained!And just so ya know ! A lot of the seven hundred thousand people that have seen me with my sign Type jenniferanistonsass in the youtube search box! Have told me either she was a bitch for doing that,or said thats terrible what she did to you!Dont judge my views on youtube! I'm being hacked!I would bet that there are at least five hundred thousand people that will no longer go to see her movies unless she ends up being nice and straightening out what she did wrong!If its 15 dollars a ticket at the show She has probably allready lost 7.5 million!By the end of the week,it'll be 15mil. !I'm more effective than you realize ! I'd rather not have to be doing this!But I have to do it or drop dead!Jen sudied physcology!And she figures that people will think shes just like that in Horrible Bosses,and wont pay attention to what I say ! But shes wrong!Then she might for a publicity stunt do somethin nice for someone to con ya into believin shes cool!But why doesnt she pay me the dude she owes!Her management is follish!Everyone likes Jen because they think shes cool as I did ! But when they find out shes not,her popularity will drop!Their better off paying me ! Sincerly:GregoryA.Marzec TheChicagoKid !spidermansass on youtube!

1011 days ago


You are not making a very good "karma" case of your own my man.... and foolish in your expectations of the industry....your "friends" from Chicago should have told you that

1011 days ago


Gregory a Marzek- you really have issues, seriously. I would really seek help or get your meds refilled. Get over yourself, even if you are him and it's true,her asking them to have you leave because your shirt was open, which I highly doubt since the nudist that worked with her on wonderlust said she walked right up and talked to them and was very nice, that did not affect your whole "imaginary" acting career. Extra's are just that, extra's. Stop acting like that was you're big shot and she blew it for you. If you had talent you would be the one asking for people to leave. And again, you should be using this time to look for a job and if you are homeless, how are you on a computer on the internet? You are just someone trying to get famous off someone else's name, that is truely pathetic. Did you see the voice homeless man who got famous and it took you this long to come up with your own story? Sorry nutty, he got famous on his talent, not on someone else's. No wonder no one wants to work with you. And as for people not wanting to go see her movies, you are (again) thinking way to highly of yourself. I'm going to go see her movie this weekend if for no other reason than that she can continue to afford bodygaurds to protect her from loons like you.

1011 days ago


Is he not found another work???

1010 days ago


I believe him. I never liked Jennifer Aniston.

-Ms. Voight~

1010 days ago


All I know from this video is that guy is crazy, and TMZ dislike Jennifer Aniston a lot.

1009 days ago


Jen made a mistake that made me homeless,now she needs to correct it ! I did absolutly nothing wrong!Check out jenniferanistonsass on youtube ! I dont think she got jealous and kicked me off the set because of those two models I was talkin to that liked me !I did'nt talk to anybody about the sex ! I dont kiss and tell ! So I dont know what her problem is !And I noticed somebody said I should stop lookin for my 15 minutes of fame !Well dont be jealous ! I've been kinda famous for over thirty years !But only a little famous on television for about ten years !I'm just not rich from it !

988 days ago


Jen made a mistake that made me homeless,now she needs to correct it ! I did absolutly nothing wrong!Check out jenniferanistonsass on youtube ! I dont think she got jealous and kicked me off the set because of those two models I was talkin to that liked me !I did'nt talk to anybody about the sex ! I dont kiss and tell ! So I dont know what her problem is !

988 days ago


I'm the dude in this video!Jen and her people have still done nothing to correct what Jen did wrong to me ! She really did make me homeless !And my health is screwed up because of it ! I have no desease!Im just worn out!Im barely staying alive!And some idiot commented I otta get a job!The only way I'll ever get my life together is if she pays me the money she owes me!Theres a paparazzi that got me singin a song to Jen by the Roosevelt Hoel(Hollywood)He is gumdroplou!I wish TMZ would show that unedited!Any person that has enough feelings to feel compassion should see it!Its very real and sincere!My throat was too dried out to be singing,but I did it anyway!GregoryA.Marzec~TheChicagoKid~ !

959 days ago


Hey whats up!I'm jenniferanistonshomelessman on youtube!And this goes out to Trish and Jen!The facts are that everything I say is true!I dont do drugs!Trish shows her ignorance by suggesting anyone should be on meds,they do not solve a persons problems,they are just too druged up to know whats going on!I like to drink,but I never was an alky.,and havent partied due to my homelessness which was caused by a mistake Jennifer made!Trish doesnt want to deal with the fact Jen could make a mistake!And for trish's information,I was already famous before I ever seen JenniferAniston!Not as famous as her!But I had a minumum of three million people that would know me by seeing me!I'm a very well liked person!Although there are jealous people who have tried to defame me!Before I even seen Jen!My idea of being famous is not becoming a famous persons homelessman!I do have talent,but I'm too busy almost droping dead from homelessness!I'm a nice guy who is being defamed by ignorant dumb broads like Trish!She shoots out opinions,all the while not knowing what the hell she's talkin about !Type in and press enter!Then type gregoryamarzec in the search box,click search,and scroll down to Norman metanorm and click,and scroll down till ya find my name!And you'll know more about me! I need to meet with Jen to discuss and agreement!I'm no threat to her!If I do anything wrong to her,I dont get my money!If I do anything wrong to her after,I dont get to enjoy my money!She holds thee upper hand!She's gota start acting like a responcible business woman,and come and take care of our business!I'm stuck sleepin on a bench at Hollywood&Labrea!I think I seen her this morning,she waved at me and looked at my sign,I only hope the next time I see her,she is kind enough to talk to me!I have to deal with her personally!A lawyer can tell her they gave me a certain amount,and give me a far smaller amount and steal the difference!Their famous for it !

952 days ago
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