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'Road Trip' Star -- Dispute Over Official Cause of Death

7/11/2011 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mia Amber Davis -- the big girl from "Road Trip" -- officially died from a blood clot in her lungs ... so says the actress' death certificate -- but her husband still believes KNEE SURGERY is to blame.


Mia's official cause of death had been a mystery ever since the 36-year-old actress passed away on May 10 ... one day after undergoing a routine knee surgery.

Now, an UPDATED death certificate has been filed in L.A. County ... listing Mia's primary cause of death as a "pulmonary thrombo-embolism" ... which is a blockage in the main artery of the lung.

But here's where things get murky -- under the line marked, "significant conditions contributing to death but not resulting in underlying cause" -- the doctor listed "LEFT KNEE, OPERATED."

Mia's husband, Michael Yard, asked the Coroner's Officer if it meant she died as a result of the surgery ... but the office said they could not give a definitive answer.

Yard tells us ... he believes the surgery DID contribute to Mia's death -- claiming she never had any issues with blood clots before she went under the knife.


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Unfortunetely, this type of thing is one of the risks that you take when you have ANY kind of surgery whether you have had a blood clotting disorder prior or not. The clot would have traveled up from her knee into her lungs. It sounds to me that the husband is wanting to place blame on the surgeon so that he has a reason to sue. In my opinion, he doesn't have a case since it usually states in the consultation papers that this may be a risk....just as with going under anesthesia, you may not wake up.

1198 days ago

KATHY =( ^-^ )=    

Oh lovely... I just had surgery on my leg for Tibial Plateau Fracture due to a car hitting me in a crosswalk..,and there is some remote possibility that when you do any type of internal surgery it can affect someone resulting in a blood clot.I had to take a lot of shots in my stomach to prevent that type of blood clot. I wonder how closely they followed her on this. It kinda scares me.It's been less then a month for me with my surgery. Gee this is tragic regardless. Tough thing to call when it comes to fulling pin pointing the actual cause. If there was no negligence on the surgeons part then there's not much you can do.If she needed the knee surgery,then might've been unforeseeable to the outcome of something like this. Very sad & I have always worried about things like this. Especially being 56 have had some leg surgery...Very sad ...

1198 days ago


had a friend who died in high school he had a blood clot in his knee and died during or after surgery, was very healthy and athletic.

1198 days ago


People must remember--no surgery is "routine". There are always serious risks.

1198 days ago


Exactly, no surgery is routine, this come off as such BS when people afterwards die.
The worst thing is, IMO, besides the negligence that Ive witnessed so so many times, is that lack of concern, the lack of sorrow and emotion that you get from them when something goes horribly wrong.
Ive witnessed cases when people died from pure lack of attention from doctors (they think the body can handle more than it people died from heat exhaustion, prescribing medicine that combined with existing fatigue put the body just over the limit, not thinking about how to help the patient except a few suggestions to the nurses meanwhile the patient showed numerous new sympthoms which led to death.. smaller things..) and when people die, there is NO emotion from them. That is I am sure all the husband wanted. Some "Im sorry about your wife, I (not we, some personal touch that you need at such times) really did all I could" etc.. a hug, a lengthy explanation etc.. Doctors can be and are in the vast majority such cold cold f*cks.

1198 days ago

Gloria Unread    

TMZ STAFF - Something weird is going on with the PDF - It says "A drawing error occured" and that the file is 44.76 MB large!

1198 days ago


Well, I'm not a doctor, but I know during any surgery they give patients medication that makes them bleed less through thickening of the blood. So a blood clot is always a risk, I suppose, especially if they're any preconditions, perhaps she smoked, or was on birth control, and that contributed. Poor husband, it must be traumatizing to lose your love so suddenly...

1198 days ago


The do***ent you show doesn't back up anything you claim in your article. Why did someone bother to give you this do***ent? I just don't understand how this story can be written without something that backs up what you say. Odd.

1198 days ago


She should have been put on warfarin which is a blood thinner to decrease her chances of a clot developing or a an injection as well. So he does stand a chance if she wasn't prescribed either one.

1198 days ago


Vitagal-exactly. Clots are *extremely* common after surgery. As an RN in Sub and Acute care rehab, jeez, I can't count how many (knee, hip, etc) clots I've seen in pts post-surgical.
As *Kathy* stated, the shots she received (usually Heparin, used to keep the blood from clothing) usually are ordered by the Surgeon beginning directly after surgery. Not many pts come without orders for that.
If by chance her Doc didn't order Heparin injections for her, her husband *may* stand a chance for a suit (like "Vitagal", I also believe it sounds like he's looking to blame the Surgeon to file a lawsuit)but, you never know.
Unfortunately this happens, nothing is ever guaranteed when dealing with messing around with the body. Sorry for his loss, I'm sure he is grieving still.

1198 days ago

Niki Paris    

The Mat-su Superintendent just died from KNEE SURGERY TOO!!!!!!!! IT HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read ADN.COM & google Mat-su Superintendent!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1198 days ago


It is very common when you under go knee surgery to be worried about blood clots. The blood clots can pass and end up in your lungs and the person can die as in this case. The hospitals usually give you signs and symptoms to look for.

1198 days ago


effin sucks for the fam. gone. "we all die"

1198 days ago

And another thing!    

I'm a vascular tech and all I do is perform ultrasounds to find blood clots in the legs. It is very, very common for someone to get a blood clot after surgery and especially surgery that limits your movement such as a knee surgery or hip surgery. The problem with a pulmonary embolism is when it (clot) breaks free to travel to the lungs, you can die very quickly or sometimes the person can survive it. It just depends on the size of the clot and where it lands. Some people could throw a clot in the middle of a fully staffed ER and still not survive it. Some could walk around with one and not realize it. They happen more than people realize and are often not found until after a person passes.
The family is reaching on this malpractice stuff. It would be really shocking if they didn't give her heparin. Even if a doctor missed it because the nurses would know to inquire if the orders weren't written. It's very standard. Sucks but sometimes bad things just happen.

1198 days ago


He is pushing the "surgery" angle because he see's dollar signs if he can make the case.

1198 days ago
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