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'Survivor' Producer to Stand Trial in Mexico

7/12/2011 11:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Survivor" producer Bruce Beresford-Redman has been ordered to return to Mexico to stand trial for the murder of his wife Monica.


Bruce has been behind bars in L.A. since November on a fugitive warrant ... after authorities in Mexico charged him with the crime of killing his wife Monica during a trip to Cancun back in April 2010.

Beresford-Redman has denied the allegation -- insisting he had no part in her death.


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Is that balloon dad?

1143 days ago

northern gypsy    

if this fellow is guilty (it looks pretty suspicious)...
here's the poetic's my understanding...
at best...the mexican judicial system is a nightmare !!!
any comments harvey ???

1143 days ago


Maybe he didn't have any hand in his wife's death. Or maybe he did. A Mexican court should decide this, based on the evidence. And now it will.

Viva la Mexico!


1143 days ago


That guy did not kill his wife, what do you expect to happen when you are rich and white and traveling in mexico or anywhere else in central and south America. She was killed because she was in the wrong place. I used to love traveling in Mexico from like 1990-96 but I will not step foot in that country with the way things are with the drug cartels and corrupt police.

1143 days ago


ruperts ratzpapz

Time to check with your psych for a med're shorting out BIG TIME!!!!

1143 days ago


Yep, CUT this jack ass' **** OFF, arms OFF, legs OFF, just throw his entire JACKAL piss poor body to the sharks!!!!!!
Any monie$ NEED to go to MONICA & MONICA'S children NEED to
live w/ her Fam, who love them & are NOT filling their minds
w/ hate & lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAX, MAX, MAX, MAX, MAX
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh YES, MAX is waaaaaay too handsome, smart &

1143 days ago


What the hell is happening here??, the ******* ran away and is going to try to blame the murder on "the dangers of 'the scary México'?" and/or "the lack of justice of 'the poor country'?".
Nobody here is falling for that!
How come you are not even interested in coming back and finding out what happened to the lady you were traveling with?? (a.k.a. Your Wife!)
¡¡México y Brasil te detestan Maldita Mierda!!

1143 days ago

vuinny hlaf    

Who is this ruperts ratzpapz Shar JOY are U talkin22 yoursel****in?? Or WTF

1143 days ago


thought he could take his wife to mexico ...kill her and make them think it was someone else.....pathetic jerk.....lets hope they lock him up in a mexican prison....the fool will be wishing he was tried in the united states and sent to a prison here...mexican prisoners have no rights what so ever....from tinseltown to a dingy mexican jail thats a riches to rags he wishes he chose divorce than killing her! What a (p) ussy!

1143 days ago


@ILO. By your comments I can Easily say it: you DO NOT know a thing about México.

1143 days ago


vuinny hlaf

WOAH! His 2 posts were deleted while I was posting! They were really bizarre! Glad they are gone

1143 days ago


It's about time. If he's as innocent as he claims, he shouldn't have a problem going back and proving it. He doesn't want to go back because he knows he's guilty.

1143 days ago


Well if he is not guilty maybe he is atoning for some "past life" infraction, cause every time this guy turns around something WORSE seems to happen in the universe to adversly affect this guys' chances!! Sucks to be him!!

1143 days ago

Some random guy    

3Storms 3 hours ago

The US should extradite soon as Mexico extradites the hundreds of criminals wanted in the US and refunds the US for the hundreds of billions of dollars Mexico owes us for all the American government services illegal Mexicans mooch


Stfu, then Texas should've given back that Mexican they executed a few days ago. You can't have your cake and eat it too you dumbass. You commit a crime in a foreign country you're gonna do the time there, no ifs, ands or buts. Him being an American doesn't make him special, it's the harsh reality.

I'm waiting for OKS to chime in with his anti-Mexican banter, always a pleasure to read.

1143 days ago


I sense a new reality show in the making: "Survivor: Mexican Prison Gang Rape".

1143 days ago
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