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'Dog' Chapman -- 'Come On White Boy!!!!!'

7/13/2011 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A racial confrontation erupted between Dog the Bounty Hunter and a bar owner in Colorado last week ... with Dog screaming, "Come on white boy, come on motherf**ker" ... after the other guy allegedly called Dog a "half-breed" ... and TMZ has the footage.


It all went down on Thursday at La Montana Linda Restaurant in Breckenridge, Colorado -- when Dog's team stormed into the place looking for the owner's father ... who allegedly jumped bail on breaking and entering charges. Dog was on the hunt for the guy as part of his reality show.

In the video, Dog's team can be seen marching through the kitchen after entering through the back door. When confronted by a camera-wielding patron, one of the Dog's team members says, "I'm not a superstar ... I can f*ck you up and not get charged."

At that moment, another member of Dog's team throws a closed-fist punch at the patron's face ... sending his camera crashing to the ground. We're told a brawl broke out and another patron was punched in the eye. Check out the injuries below. 

The restaurant owner then goes outside to confront Dog face to face ... screaming at the reality star to get off the property ... and that's when things get CRAZY.

Dog loses his cool and lashes out -- screaming, "Come on white boy ... come on white boy ... come on white boy ... come on mother f**ker!!!"

The owner then throws a plant at Dog -- which pissed off Dog's right hand man ... who lunged at the owner ... tearing off the guy's shirt in the process.

That's when Dog whipped out his stun gun -- and made sure everyone knew he meant business.  Dog eventually left without having to shock anyone.

Sources close to Dog tell TMZ ... Dog considered his target a "very dangerous guy" ... and notes that tensions were high that day. 

We're also told Dog -- who claims he's part Native American -- claims the owner made the FIRST racial taunt, referring to the reality star as a "half-breed."

We're told Dog also felt his team was "rushed" when they entered the restaurant ... to create a diversion so the suspect could flee out of another exit.  We're told Dog is claiming one of his men was sprayed in the face with cleaning fluid ... and that's what ignited the altercation.

The suspect is still on the run.


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deputy dog is a racist ignorant piece of crap who makes money on the misery of mostly drug addled poor people....his 'team' are a bunch of morons....god bless america for helping these crap eaters rich!

1142 days ago

Tom C.    

So this is Breckenridge...I'll have to remember to stay away from there and that dawg hair-fluffer.

1142 days ago


I think it speaks volumes of how A & E are the people with no class, to still have this man have a show, one that I don't think many people watch, still on their network. I thought they would have dumped him after the racial slur problems they had years ago. Many other actual good shows to watch other than this train wreck. A & E started out being a classy network. As long as they have this show on, I have blocked anyone in the family watching their dreaded channel.

1142 days ago


Thats our "DOG" getting the lawbreakers off the streets. Keep up the good work and others should know to stay out of there way as there conducting there bussiness. Go "DOG" one of the good guys.He has served his time for being involved in a murder and has turned his life around. Alot of ex cons dont. Thank god he said white boy instead of what others say!!! Helps alot of kids, as he is drug free and has been for years, as he used to be a drug user himself. Him and his wife are great people.Thanks for the update TMZ.

1142 days ago


Obviously many people still watch, the gay mafia is not the only one that dictates ratings. So Called Gay mafia, not even sure I would walk fast from the gay mafia. Maybe cover my ass as I am walking slowly away.

1142 days ago

some guy    

jpierce26 is either the president of the Dog fan club, or he's related to Dog.

Smells Trollish, IMO.

1142 days ago


dog belongs in a kennel. the fact that this guy is able to get away with what he does makes the justice system a joke

1142 days ago


The guy w/ the black eye looks like a "skin head", most likely had a "can of whip-ass" coming. Lesson-Don't mess w/ Dog and his crew.

1142 days ago


Another evening of arts and culture for the trailer park set.

1142 days ago

Jacko Whackedit    

White boy calls another white boy, "white boy"

I think sucking down too much male seemen is blowing Harvey's gay little mind

1142 days ago


But wait, don't you have to be related to Dog to be in his fan club? All that inbreeding and what not.

I am a stay at home mom in a podunk town and I carry a stun gun. But I wouldn't whip it out and threaten anyone. I'll just use the damn thing. But I'll be sure and offer them a smoke before I take them in and offer a prayer to God, and make it all right.

Please. The Chapman's are trash with money. Our worst nightmare.

1142 days ago


oh boy.. thats so sad. i thought that show was cool but he just keeps digging a deeper and deeper hole. appoligise yourself out of this one.

1142 days ago


I saw Sonny take a cheap shot on the owner. Dog is all bark no bite.

1142 days ago


Oh please. Is saying 'white boy' now going to be a racial term? How dumb. I stopped watching Dog's program, that way I avoid all offense at what he says. Sheesh.

1142 days ago


It's really good to see Rednecks beating up on other Rednecks.
They all deserve what they get.

1142 days ago
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