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MTV Cracks Down on 'Jersey Shore' Deserters

7/12/2011 12:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MTV has instituted a zero tolerance policy for  "Jersey Shore" runaways -- after nearly losing both The Situation AND Vinny -- threatening to fire any cast member who even thinks of going AWOL.


Sources connected with production tell TMZ, the network is serious this time: if another cast member tries to walk off the show ... that person will be fired, and the remainder of his or her contract will be terminated. No exceptions.

We're told it's all a power play. With two cast members nearly jumping ship in the same week, MTV wants to reassert some authority ... and show the cast who's boss once and for all.

But it might already be too late.


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this show suks! the cast is OLD & LAME!! Jus give up MTV cancel this good for nothing CRAP, although thts what mtv is...Good for nothing. No one watches this channel anymore anyways...Blah blah..ZZZZZ

1109 days ago


and btw my friends and i are prob yr target demographic and even with all this FAKE azz publicity, we're still not impressed...Wont be watching AT ALL...NO INTEREST in new york shore or whtevr the hell u call it now.....

1109 days ago

is mail    

What other job could any of them ever do except a politician? (Most likely Republican)

denial of reality, can't get along with others, would rather destroy a place then make an agreement, immature throws temper tantrums they don't get their way. definitely Republicans

1109 days ago


MTV used to have a vision for our youth that educated as well as entertained. Sadly, they have become a raunchy network where you can expect sex, violence, and filthy behavior. This network is no longer credible to it's audience as it pulls in anything off the street that will bring in the big dollars. How about getting back to the good ole' days where one is able to get a once in a lifetime chance in showcasing their hard earned talent? Where the heck did the concept of actually playing music on this channel go? For those of us who have been/once were avid viewers who could appreciate real talent have now been replaced with viewers who are looking for a good "brawl" and choose to follow MTV's bias political influence. MTV, use to be considered a powerhouse for our youth....those days are long gone! Looks to me like they have strong armed by a bunch of Jersey Shore nobodys...MTV could not look more foolish these days.

1109 days ago


Wow, besides the troll that is Snooki... I can't tell the other three women apart.

1109 days ago


spam spam is

1109 days ago


LOL! If you quit, you're fired!

1109 days ago


MTV sucks, Jersey Shore sucks, "reality" TV sucks, and all related sponsors suck.

1109 days ago


David Jong 7 hours ago: Another thing I noticed was that alot of the tourists in Seaside were from different countries. Saw alot of Germans and Russians.
I think the show has real international appeal. T

there were also kids at the bar who kept shouting that they loved Snooki.

IDK... people seem to really like the show.

Those Germans, Poles, and Russians aren't tourists; they're students who come over for Summer jobs. I grew up in Delaware, right near the beach, and finding work was always hard in the Summer, because these students would come over and get 4-5 jobs apiece. I knew 7 who rented a 3 bedroom house and slept in shifts. Also, some places offer dorms for summer workers. The more you know...

1109 days ago


Who cares? They are already famous! Technically they don't even need Jersey Shore or MTV to make money any more!

1109 days ago


Oh no. I think I will cry myself to sleep tonight over this.

1109 days ago


It's about time they put the hammer down. Gotta show these punks who's boss!

1109 days ago


Agreed, cancel it already...old news.

1109 days ago


Fire them all? Now that's a good idea!

1109 days ago


The whole thing feels like a publicity stunt to keep people interested.

1109 days ago
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