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'Sister Wives' Family -- Just Like The Gays!

7/12/2011 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Mormons and the gays -- they don't always get along ... but thanks to a brand new lawsuit about to be filed by "Sister Wives" star Kody Brown, it seems they have more in common than you'd think!


Brown and his multi-wife "plural" family claim they're filing a lawsuit against the state of Utah tomorrow -- challenging the bigamy law that makes their lifestyle illegal.

The Brown family attorney posted a statement on his blog saying, "We are not demanding the recognition of polygamous marriage. We are only challenging the right of the state to prosecute people for their private relations and demanding equal treatment with other citizens in living their lives according to their own beliefs."

The attorney adds, "It is a challenge designed to benefit not just polygamists but all citizens who wish to live their lives according to their own values -- even if those values run counter to those of the majority in the state."

The legal argument is virtually identical to the one made by supporters of gay marriage ... which is illegal in most U.S. states ... including Utah.

So, we gotta ask ...


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This whole 'Sister Wives' situation is beyond absurd. It's completely and SO far beyond normal that it gives the word, 'disturbing' a whole other new meaning. One day, hopefully one or maybe all of them, will wake up and realize that something is SO mentally wrong in their head. Polygamy, or what this absurd concept is called, should be banned immediately! Whoever is for this idiotic thing needs to take a step back and realize how beyond messed up this situation is. And as for gay marriage, it's just a way to end our population from growing Just think, if everyone was gay, how would be reproduce? People are just simply not right in the head.

1108 days ago


First of all, polygamy in this instance is a lifestyle based on the teachings that it's god's will that a man take multiple wives--thus it isn't really a woman's or man's choice if they're effectively being taught they're being a sinner if they don't adhere to this lifestyle, whether or not they want to. Homosexuality doesn't involve brainwashing or social isolation (or young teens getting married to old men, generally), SO it isn't really the same thing.

1104 days ago


I disagree... the poll question is comparing apples to oranges. The difference is that gays are trying to get state/federal government to recognize their union(I'm not making judgement on that). The Browns are not asking to be recognized, they're only asking not to be punished for living this lifestyle. This is something that the gay/lesbian community already one is going to arrest them for being homosexual, and no one should be arrested for being a polygamist either. (as long as there is no welfare/insurance fraud)

1096 days ago


Hey guys, I am a conventional 53 year old woman and I say good for you. For one reason, you seem to put your children and family ahead of yourself.
The show seems to make you all look like a bunch of geeks only interested in "family", but let's face it, you have all the problems everyone else has with family and raising kids.
To me, raising children in any lifestyle is hard. I raised 4 myself and, thank God, they're all doing great now in their 20's. But whether you live in a family with one Mom and Dad or 20 of each, who cares? So long as the kids are OK, that's my feeling.
There have been polygamists on the scene before you who force young children to do things they are too young for. You don't do that but will have to endure people linking you as being members of the same religion. I think you should play down the religious aspects and just portray you're lifestyle. When you feed the press with religion, they have a field day. You're not any different than 2 men who want to be a family.
As a corporate accountant, I can tell you with probable certainty, the laws were formed based on the 1040 tax return and you just don't fit.
Now successful, divorced and in the third chapter, if someone asked me to be one of more than 1 wife to 1 man, I probably wouldn't let anyone call me "wife", but I would definitely join the family.
Good luck to you!

1094 days ago


While their life style might not be for some of us who are we to tell them it is wrong we were all created to be different and its not anyones right(even our goverment) to judge them or to tell them their religioniuos beliefs are illegal what happened to our religious freedom in this country.

1093 days ago

joan johnson    

Ya ll are sick do you not see how much happier you would be with a man that loves jsut you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe that is possible

So sorry for you AT this time but please make a change for your kidssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

what is worng with you you can do better than this every obe of you excict robyn she is just to needy So tired of this BU;;AHIT i hope you all see to soon.

1083 days ago

a real sister wife    

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1081 days ago


I dont believe they should legalize polygamy but de criminalize it

1059 days ago


The long term implications of legalized polygamy will be interesting. For example, a couple has been married for 20 years when polygamy become legal. The man decides that he believes in polygamy but the woman doesn't. So then what? She has to give in or they get a divorce. It just seems very controlling to me. I also think that more men would want polygamy, and then I wonder what would be next....women loose the right to file for divorce? Very controlling and definitly a step back for our culture. It also seems like a real shame given the fact that our foremothers fought for equal rights. They endured ridicule and persecution. They went on hunger strikes.....moving backwards in the women's rights movement seems like a poor way to repay them. Polygamy will not just affect consenting women, it will affect all women.

1053 days ago


I think that polygamy should be legal. It works for some people and doesn't hurt anybody. It is also a religious belief so what's the big deal? We gonna burn them at the stake too? Why not fry the catholics for being hypocritical? Or imprison people from India for worshiping cows? Come on people. You don't like it, you don't have to live that lifestyle. No one is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to do it. So leave the one's that do choose that life alone and let them be happy. Legalize it. God Bless!!!

1044 days ago


legalize this (polygamy) trash - NO
legalize "gay" marriage - NO

1010 days ago


If you want to legalize polygamous relationships like that of Kody and his "Sister-Wives" then yes. If they are like that of Warren Jeffs then no. Kody and his wives are a loving caring family. They have their moments just like any other family. Who are we to say how much love one man or woman can have. If they are not hurting anyone, what the heck is the problem. Now Warren Jeffs, that man should be shot and pi**ed on.

942 days ago

Would love a Sister wife    

I am amused that the voting is so many for legalization of same sex marriages,,yet so against pologamy..seriously, we think it is ok for a couple to be of the same sex, yet wrong for a family to have multiple spouses??? Even the bible in the old testament supported pologamy...and there are many cultures who do the same,around the world,yet those all cast out same sex relationships. I for one would love my husband to have another wife,,,someone to help with the chores,,cause trust me,,he doesn't and nor do the children,,,,,

921 days ago

Lydia Johnson    

The voting boxes above are broken links--at least they were when I tried to vote.

So, I vote for legalizing polygamy and gay marriage. I believe the government and "other people" should stay out of other's lives, and the reason why so many of our ancestors came here to begin with: freedom from tyranny. Today, tyranny comes from segments of American citizens, who with all their rights intact, try to decide for us all how we should live. I am tired of the argument that they are doing it for our own good because they know the mind of God and the rest of us do not. That goes out to any religious zealot no matter your affiliation.

632 days ago


Watching the show for the first time makes me angry how a selfish man not a a real man that only is looking for his needs and producing for is pride. Sorry girls you have to wake up and were are the families of these women that are being emotionally abused and brainwashed by this moron. Sorry but he needs to stop producing and start taking care of all these beautiful children. Wives get together and divorce HIM he thinks he is hot NOT. Girls your are beaufiful and you deserve better for you and your family. Let go of this little boy that thinks he is the the king of the house he is not. Prayers are for you gals and your children but not him, he is evil sorry that is how I feel.

631 days ago
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