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'Sister Wives' Family -- Just Like The Gays!

7/12/2011 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Mormons and the gays -- they don't always get along ... but thanks to a brand new lawsuit about to be filed by "Sister Wives" star Kody Brown, it seems they have more in common than you'd think!


Brown and his multi-wife "plural" family claim they're filing a lawsuit against the state of Utah tomorrow -- challenging the bigamy law that makes their lifestyle illegal.

The Brown family attorney posted a statement on his blog saying, "We are not demanding the recognition of polygamous marriage. We are only challenging the right of the state to prosecute people for their private relations and demanding equal treatment with other citizens in living their lives according to their own beliefs."

The attorney adds, "It is a challenge designed to benefit not just polygamists but all citizens who wish to live their lives according to their own values -- even if those values run counter to those of the majority in the state."

The legal argument is virtually identical to the one made by supporters of gay marriage ... which is illegal in most U.S. states ... including Utah.

So, we gotta ask ...


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Ah yes, hypocrisy at its finest.

1201 days ago


Hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you legalize gay marriage then you will sooner or later have to legalize polygamy.

I very slippery slope the US has found itself in, no?

1201 days ago


ShiroRX less than a minute ago

Why do people care so much who other people are *******? Let anyone marry whoever the hell they want.


TheUltraworld less than a minute ago

Polygamy is a thinly veiled welfare & tax fraud. You have a wife and 2 kids. Then you take on 3 "sister wives" with 4 kids a piece. Now you collect welfare & food stamps for 3 unwed mothers & 12 kids. You pay no taxes either. Utah keeps records of this. Communities with a high number of polygamists have up to 65% of the citizens on welfare & food stamps. Look it up.


ShiroRX, I think TheUltraWorld just shed a great deal of light onto the why people should care so much. There is a perfectly good legal reason why outside of the farther reaching ramifications the law might have. Thanks for such an enlightening post!

1201 days ago


I live in Utah. And I support legalizing polygamy. If it is legalized then the fathers will be held responsible for their children and can't hide the extra wives and children and will be held responsible for them. Also, it will be easier to prosecute for child abuse crimes and other civil laws. Cody and his wives are an example of how polygamy can work in a good situation. The crazy Warren Jeff group is what happens when they can use the excuse they are persecuted by society.

1201 days ago


seems to me that polygamy CAN work as long as everyone involved is for the ultimate good of everyone involved and not abusing younger members of the group, or the other polygamy stereotypes.... abuse and polygamy arent necessarily related, there are plenty of monogamous couplings that are abusive in more ways than one to their selves and their kids. perhaps lifting the need for secrecy from these people will help others see that not all polygamists are pedos and incestuous... just like not all "regular" couplings are perfect

1201 days ago

Jacob Haskins    

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints does not practice poligamy. There are "break off" groups that do (i.e. FLDS or Fudamentalist Latter Day Saints)that often get tagged as "Mormon". I can assure you that this is by tittle only as anyone who practices this would be excommunicated from the church. The church's stance on marriage is that it's between a man and a woman, not man and his women, or any other pairing. You can visit or to find out exactly what is being taught for yourself and not have to rely on word of mouth.

1201 days ago


Didn't Cody have a problem with one of his wives asking if he would have a problem if she wanted to be with someone else, as in a man. If we allow men to have more than one wife, shouldn't we also allow a woman to have more than one husband. At least when there is only one wife, there is not a problem with children having to be supported by the state. Also, this family are NOT members of the Mormon Church, nor does this have anything to do with people being liberals or republicans.

1201 days ago

Kris in NYC    

How can so many people be so hypocritical! If "love is love" and everyone should be able to marry the person they love, why is one ok and the other is not?! I fit into neither category, but can see how they are both simply "love". Whether you agree with it or not.

1201 days ago


Please don't refer to these people as mormon!!! They are NOT mormon. They have their own church that is the FLDS it is in NO WAY associated with the LDS church even if the polygamists wi***** was. No I'm not an active church member but alot of people I love are and by writing that these people are of the save religion you stain good people. I love reading TMZ but please fix this. P.S. one of the main reasons I am not active is because of the churches stand on gay members and gay marriage. They are wrong and I'm not afraid to say so to any of my LDS friends and family

1201 days ago


To be clear, Kody and his family are not Mormon are are not representative of the LDS church. What they practice is an offshoot of the LDS religion; the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not practice polygamy in any way, shape, or form.

1201 days ago


"Not tonight dear, I have a headache."

---"Well then, could you please roll out of the way, so I can screw #2 or #3. Thanks, Honey."

1201 days ago

What a load of...    

Wow. How about a woman having more than one "Husband"? How come that's not a question for society? Why just more than one "Wife"? It comes down to a sacred union between TWO people -- gay or straight -- known as MARRIAGE. Sorry haters, but there's so many legal issues with this "lifestyle" that it would practically stop the world! Gays are born that way, these people use religious freedom to justify their actions. Sorry. It's a choice to marry more than one person (not really sure why anyone would want to do that to themselves) :)

1201 days ago


Now, the polygamists want their marriage legalize too!!!

The world has gone to HELL!!!!!

As long as they don't compare it to the Civil Rights Movement like the Gays did!!!

1201 days ago


Only the truly ignorant would take the gay marriage initiative and turn it into "now they will be marrying kids, animals and inanimate objects". Really? It continually surprises me not only how close minded people are, but how completely hypocritical and judgemental people are about other peoples lives and how they live them. I'm not really for polygamy, but at the same time, I can't tell someone how they live their life since it has nothing to do with me. and let live. I know most of the younger generation feels that way (which is what really pisses off the older generations).

1201 days ago


Polygamy is just an excuse for a guy to cheat on his wife, and have his wife be okay with it. All this guy is, is bored with what he has.

if he truly loved his first wife, she would have been enough for him. She would have been the one and the only woman he wanted, the only woman who he wanted to be the mother of his children. The only woman he stated in the presence of God that he would protect, love, honor and cherish.

You're not honoring your wife when you're sleeping with another woman, you're not cherishing her when you are at the birth of another woman's children, and you're not protecting her by pushing her and her children into the spotlight putting her at risk of losing her job and friends or worse because of what is still an illegal act. As for their "religious angle"... God Made Adam and Eve, not Adam and eve and becky and sarah and melissa.

"Have you not read that he who made them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh'? So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder."

When one becomes "one flesh" with a single spouse, how can he/she ever be united to another person also? In what sense could they be still "one flesh"? A woman and a woman can not become one flesh in the eyes of God. (most mormons do not approve of same sex marriages. even those who believe in polygamy.

So if one man and one woman become one flesh, a second woman can not become part of that one flesh as she would have to be one flesh with another woman

Not to mention, if you look at all the early strife in the bible, much of it was caused by sons born of one wife and sons born of other wives.

so don't play the religious angle with me.

1201 days ago
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