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'Sister Wives' Family -- Just Like The Gays!

7/12/2011 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Mormons and the gays -- they don't always get along ... but thanks to a brand new lawsuit about to be filed by "Sister Wives" star Kody Brown, it seems they have more in common than you'd think!


Brown and his multi-wife "plural" family claim they're filing a lawsuit against the state of Utah tomorrow -- challenging the bigamy law that makes their lifestyle illegal.

The Brown family attorney posted a statement on his blog saying, "We are not demanding the recognition of polygamous marriage. We are only challenging the right of the state to prosecute people for their private relations and demanding equal treatment with other citizens in living their lives according to their own beliefs."

The attorney adds, "It is a challenge designed to benefit not just polygamists but all citizens who wish to live their lives according to their own values -- even if those values run counter to those of the majority in the state."

The legal argument is virtually identical to the one made by supporters of gay marriage ... which is illegal in most U.S. states ... including Utah.

So, we gotta ask ...


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This family is not Mormon. Polygamy was banned more than 100 years ago in the Mormon church. The continued ignorance is tiresome.

1199 days ago


Wow. I am even more proud of my kids now at pre-teens to teen and the morals and values my husband and I seem to have managed to instill in them after reading this thread. I look around at other kids their age, and even ones a bit older and younger, and see a generation of youth full of ideas of self-entitlement, lack of responsibility and work ethic, a passion for nothing and complacency toward everything. I often wondered where it came from. Now I know. :/ Sad too - these are going to be our country's future 'leaders'.... nah, scratch that. If things continue on the way they are, China will be our leader because nobody will have done anything to stop it because nobody gives a d@mn.

1199 days ago


@ What a load of....well said, As a woman, if i was married to 4-6 men, it would be hell of an issue. This dude just wanna be the king of men on show that he can have a bunch of idiot women in his bed. pfft.

1199 days ago

some guy    

Ok... I thought about it. Here's the celebrities I'd marry:

1) Lindsay. For obvious reasons.
2) Paris. Cuz she's loaded.
3) Ke$ha. Cuz she's so original.

1199 days ago


Is this guy even looking to legalize polygamy. It looks like he's just asking the government not to mess with him for choosing to screw and have kids with multiple women- basically what most divorced, hodge podge families of people have already done. These people are just choosing to do it all without the divorce/separation aspect. I'm not for legalizing polygamy, but there is no reason someone shouldn't be able to legally marry 1 person and have all the personal ceremonies they want with as many adults as are willing/consensual to live in that kind of arrangement. If you want to prosecute this guy for only legally being married to one person, but cohabiting, copulating, and siring children with you should also go after those who cheat on their wives, knock someone up outside of their marriage, and people who divorce and re-marry and have children with multiple people. Again, the only difference is that they choose to do it all together. No less multiple sex occurs here, but family discombobulation is reduced in this/these relationship/s than in divorce/remarry step- this, half- this families! What exactly is it that people are objecting to? Are guys jealous that they can't find women willing to put up with this situation just to be with them? No looks to be exploited here- dumb maybe, but not exploited. Can we ban swingers, too?

1199 days ago


So there will be five people on tax returns, five people entitled to SS and 401k benefits, and when they divorce assets will be split five ways. Seems unbelievably stupid. Currently they are all in the best financial situation.

1199 days ago

some guy    

I just hope they'd get along. Constant catfighting would drive me insane.

Maybe put them in separate cells.

1199 days ago


It all boils down to:
Normal marriage = no issues.
Homosexual marriage = removing gender specifics from laws.
Marriage between a parent and child = high potential for genetic illnesses for any children.
Marriage between three or more adults = Multiple issues with current laws. It cannot simply be legalised, many other laws would require change.

1199 days ago


@Mayu- yeah god made Adam and Eve and then smiled upon the polygamous arrangements of his followers and the use of concubines. What's your point? The bible is rife with stories of those favored by god having children with multiple women. Bad example, dude.

1199 days ago


So why would anyone want to deny consenting adults the right to have whatever relationship they want?

I just don't get it.

If you want to marry the same sex? Go for it. What to have more than one spouse? Sure.

The key words are "consenting adults".

1199 days ago

The Observer    

"It ain't gay if it's a five-way."

1199 days ago

Mike Armstorng    

What's next are we gonna let ******s go to school with us?? That's what these idiots sound like. I can't believe people can be so close minded. All these people who are anti gay and anti polygamy or any bias towards peoples sexual preferences ( lets be honest thats what they care about.. its the sexual stuff)are always the ones that have some weird sexual crap going on in their own lives and are afraid to expose it. They like kids or bang their sister or something they are ashamed of and jsut want to ignore. Thats why this angers them so much. By the way I am a straight white male with 2 kids and in a great monogomous relationship so I have no bias towards these issues. Idiots!!!

1199 days ago


These are not innocent people. They have an agenda- and those kids are being told they will burn in hell if they are not polygamists. What happens to the 3 boys that don't get a wife?
Read all about their cult.

1199 days ago


I find it very interesting that the votes are pretty much the same for gay marriage and plural marriage. I actually don't see anything wrong with the setup in the Brown family. They are adults that choose to live this way and their kids are all well taken care of. It's the fdls sect that I have a problem with. They arrange marriages between perverted old men and young children...and they all sound very brainwashed! I have no problem with consenting adults living however they want as long as no one is being hurt by it.

1199 days ago


Although I am neither gay nor a polygamist, it seems to me that CONSENTING ADULTS should be able to marry whomever (or whatever) they choose.
If polygamists believe in this lifestyle as part of their faith and their journey into heaven, then who are we to tell them not to fulfill or follow their faith?
Similarly, if a man wants to marry another man (or woman to woman), who are we to say they cannot do so?
Love is love; faith is faith.
Live and let live.

1199 days ago
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