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TMZ Live: Michelle's Junk Food Binge - Bad Example?

7/12/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle Obama wants a healthier America -- then chows down on a greasy, 1,700 calorie meal for all to see. Bad example ... or is she allowed to slip every now and then?

And, the guy who caught Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit gave the ball back ... and now his unselfishness may come back to bite him in the ass. Did he do the right thing?


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(6:00) Health advocate Michelle Obama chows down on a greasy, 1,700 calorie meal ... bad example or is she allowed to indulge?
(9:50) Should Michelle have stuffed her face in private?
(13:40) Harvey -- a devout vegetarian -- takes a trip down meat memory lane ... naming all his former favorite places to eat.
(21:00) Floyd Mayweather burns a $100 bill in the middle of a club ... is anyone going to defend him on this one?
(23:00) What's the difference between burning money and wasting it on a $1000 bottle of wine?
(37:30) Time for ginger talk.
(32:50) VERY INTERESTING ... the same number of people who voted FOR gay marriage on our site voted AGAINST polygamy. Hypocritical?
(36:00)  Is there a difference between rights for polygamists and gays?
(41:10) A caller hilariously sums up the whole argument.
(44:00) The guy who caught Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit gives the ball back ... but it may come back to bite him in the ass.
(47:40) A Red Sox fan calls in ... and let's just say ... you gotta hear it!


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Bubbles The Chimp    

What is Chumlee doing working for TMZ. lol

1199 days ago


Re Marriage:
My take on this is that it's none of the government's business who I choose to marry. I think civil weddings of straight couples shouldn't even exist. Civil partnerships I can agree with and that shouldn't be a restricted to the kind of union or the amount of people involved. Go ahead and be united with your turtle, if you want to, just have the turtle pay its taxes. Marriage, for the most part is a spiritual ceremony of union and can be freely exercised by those who wish to in accordance to their beliefs.

1199 days ago


Of course she's a freakin' hypocrite. Do you think her and Barry are eating tofu and sprouts?

1199 days ago


i think if gay marriage is legal a brother should be able to marry his sister as well..i mean after all who are we to tell someone that they cant marry the person they love..thats what the gays say.

1199 days ago


The fact that alcohol is legal and marijuana is not is ridiculous. Alcohol probably kills more people than marijuana. I don't think either should be legal but if i had to choose one it would be marijuana hands down.

Polygamy should be legal too. If a person wants to marry multiple people and the partners are aware of the polygamy then it should be legal as should gay marriage. If two same sex people want to marry and people allow it then why is polygamy worse. My guess is because it is not widely practiced and there have been "cults" in the past that practiced polygamy and child marriage.

1199 days ago


Is it me or does every attorney and shrink have a blog on the Huffington Post?

Lay off the First Lady. She said M-o-d-e-r-a-t-i-o-n

So chill please. :)

1199 days ago

Shena Barnes    

I think that Octomom is a fool for having soooo many kids, but I have to say I lost some respect for Harvey yesterday over the airplane argument. I agree with Charles, it was very elitist of you Harvey. Also, lets give credit where credit is due, show me a picture of Octomom with a crack pipe while someone else is caring for her kids (Brook Sheen, Whitney Houston...) then we can talk.

1199 days ago

Jacko Whackedit    

Hey Harvey, how many calories are in all the male seemen you swallow on a daily basis?

1199 days ago


Can't he deduct the appraised value of the item on his taxes?

I honestly think that Jeter is also so concerned about his image, he would step in and voluntarily PAY the tax for the guy, rather than face the public having to state that he received his milestone item and someone had to PAY for the privilege of giving it to him.

Does Cap'n Jetes have to claim the appraised value as income on his taxes?

1199 days ago


so she says she has an she wants us to eat healthy but because she has an addiction its ok for her to not eat healthy.lmao she is a hypocrite if you are gonna preach it dont do it.just like the marriage poll you preach civil rights for all to get married dont say that a man cant marry a dog and so forth

1199 days ago


Life is too serious not to have fun eating a burger and fries.

1199 days ago


Either Derek Jeeter or the Yankees should pay the taxes it will be the best PR move vs having the fan pay, which is a bad PR move.

1199 days ago


When Evan was on the Price is Right, he won a prize and had to pay taxes. The Yankees gave the gentleman a gift for returning the baseball. Doesn't the gift giver pay the gift taxes?

1199 days ago


The movie was Rashomon, the director is Akira Kurosawa.

1199 days ago


Geez you guys - give a person a break! The secret to healthy eating for 'real human beings' is that you will not stick to a healthy eating program if you can never have anything in the higher carb/fat range. That's just a fact of life with real human beings. Fast food is often considered 'sometimes' foods, to be eaten sparingly. They are not 'everyday' foods. Michelle Obama was just indulging in a 'sometimes' meal - she is human after all!!

1199 days ago
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