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TMZ Live: Michelle's Junk Food Binge - Bad Example?

7/12/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle Obama wants a healthier America -- then chows down on a greasy, 1,700 calorie meal for all to see. Bad example ... or is she allowed to slip every now and then?

And, the guy who caught Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit gave the ball back ... and now his unselfishness may come back to bite him in the ass. Did he do the right thing?


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(6:00) Health advocate Michelle Obama chows down on a greasy, 1,700 calorie meal ... bad example or is she allowed to indulge?
(9:50) Should Michelle have stuffed her face in private?
(13:40) Harvey -- a devout vegetarian -- takes a trip down meat memory lane ... naming all his former favorite places to eat.
(21:00) Floyd Mayweather burns a $100 bill in the middle of a club ... is anyone going to defend him on this one?
(23:00) What's the difference between burning money and wasting it on a $1000 bottle of wine?
(37:30) Time for ginger talk.
(32:50) VERY INTERESTING ... the same number of people who voted FOR gay marriage on our site voted AGAINST polygamy. Hypocritical?
(36:00)  Is there a difference between rights for polygamists and gays?
(41:10) A caller hilariously sums up the whole argument.
(44:00) The guy who caught Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit gives the ball back ... but it may come back to bite him in the ass.
(47:40) A Red Sox fan calls in ... and let's just say ... you gotta hear it!


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Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

What about Rupert Murdoch and his sleazy, sexy, high-priced scandal? Talk about that!!!

1096 days ago

some guy    

Maybe Floyd is saying he doesn't need money to be happy.


1096 days ago


Michelle is buff. Much more so than any former FLOTUS, who were all rather puffy. Stop counting the caloric intake of this first family. Laura Bush promoted reading. Did you ever ask the TMZ crowd if they think it was hypocritical for her to encourage reading, even though she din't read and blew through a clearly marked sign that said STOP in big white letters against a red background, on a clear day on a lightly traveled country road that she knew well...plowing into her ex-boyfriend...killing him. Hmmm?
And you talk about hypocrites.
*shaking head in disgust*

1096 days ago


It would cost more than $100 to prosecute Mayweather. Of course he won't be charged.

1096 days ago


Who cares it's his flippin $$$$!!!

He who EARNS IT can BURN IT!!!!!


1096 days ago

some guy    

Dunno how anyone can see Floyd as a role model.

He FIGHTS for a living.

1096 days ago


The Obama's suck and are hypocrytes. SO not surprised. Anyway, surprised it wasn't a bucket of chicken :D

1096 days ago

some guy    

I read a post about how if polygamy were legal, it would challenge alot of the laws already in existence.

I guess it could be legal, just long and messy.

1096 days ago


Harevy: it drives me crazy when so many people miss your point on certain stories. I get you.

1096 days ago


I Love You Guys !!

1096 days ago


If he want's to handle 4 periods and 4 divorces. . . What the Heck let him!


1096 days ago


Cody is only legally married to his first wife. if they are alright having other women in the family and they can support their children what concern is it of others

1096 days ago


While I personally find the idea of polygamy deplorable I think that it should be within every person's right to formally unite or marry themselves to another person, or several as it were; albeit with one caveat. The definition of a union is to merge multiple things into one, so if you have already commited yourself to a union with one person going forward you cannot then single-handedly step outside of that union and marry yourself to another without your partner's permission. Simply put, you don't have yourself to give anymore without the behest of your other half.

1096 days ago

some guy    

Polygamy sounds fun. That's all I'm sayin'

1096 days ago


Harvey, tolerance, just like the screaming babies in first class (LOL)

1096 days ago
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