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Arnold & Patrick Schwarzenegger Get Malled

7/13/2011 2:50 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Arnold Schwarzenegger kept an eye on his eldest son Patrick, as the 17-year-old worked his summer job at the Grove outdoor mall in L.A. on Tuesday.


So, we gotta ask ... if your dad is a world famous mega-star ... does it make it any less embarrassing when he checks up on you at work?


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i hope he does the same for his others sons too.

1197 days ago

what He said    

Arnold looks looks like a caveman it's a good thing Maria's son got the Kennedy good lucks!!!

1197 days ago


He looks like Hunter Parrish.

1197 days ago

what He said    

patrick looks like a Kennedy he shuda just changed his name to Patrick Kennedy! ahh the Irish laddie

Maria could have done better than I'n old.

1197 days ago


Will Patty Mildred's son get a fatherly visit at work? Captured on Kodachrome forever? I think the comment by Her imperial & royal Majesty is accurate

1197 days ago


Arnold's PR team is on a roll right now.

In the case of Arnold, his love child divorce drama put him back in the news!

Any publicity is good whether its bad or good! Now everyone's watching his every step

Thanks TMZ and LA Times for making Arnold a huge star again!

1197 days ago


And has anyone noticed how many PR stories we've been getting on Arnold and Patrick recently???

Because Patrick was the most outspoken one in terms of the divorce- and people thought he changed his last name to Shriver from Schwarzenegger, although he was already going by Shriver already but people thought he had changed his last name recently because he was pissed off at Arnold big time.

1197 days ago


So is Arnold okay with Pat calling himself Patrick Shriver? They look fairly happy together considering the son essentially disowns his father by dropping the name.

1197 days ago


Good on Arnie for stopping by to take the kid for lunch, and good for Patrick for taking on a summer job to learn something and not relying on the millions to be a bad boy.
My dad sometimes dropped by my work (the job he got me) to take me to lunch. I loved it and we got along great.
If Patrick didn't like it, I'm sure he would let dad know.
And, yes, he is a great lookin' dude...I'm jealous!!!

1197 days ago

who cares    

I agree this is nothing more then a PR stunt to improve his image and try to revive his movie career. I bet he gets right back to making that movie before the end of the year.

1197 days ago


SCREW Arnold!
The only reason he's there is 'not' for his kid, but to get some 'Father Figure' positive publicity. TMZ should have left it at the son and Screwed narcissist Arnold.


1197 days ago


That's a good looking kid.

1197 days ago


I thought Patrick was the son who was going to change his last name to Shriver...guess he's calmed down some.

1197 days ago


nice that he wants to work. but maybe he's taking a job from some who really needs to work. after all, his father is partially responsible for the economic condition of California and I am sure there are more than one person out there who would give their right arm to have that job to supbliment his cut income. why has no one question arnolds frame of mind when he was having an affair and making decisions for the state? are we saying it was a good decision he made to have an affair? cheater or theif(crooked) is there a thin line?

1197 days ago


People are struggling to find jobs and here is a 17 year old who's family has over 400 million and he's working a job that someone who needed it could be doing to support their family. It's all about connections, not experience or education in this crummy world.

1197 days ago
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