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Artie Lange

Plotting HUGE Radio/TV Comeback

7/14/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Comedian Artie Lange is in serious talks to make a triumphant return to the airwaves after leaving "The Howard Stern Show" last year ... TMZ has learned.


Sources with direct knowledge of the negotiations tell us Artie would team with his pal and fellow comedian Nick DiPaolo for the talk show.

We're told the people behind "The Dan Patrick Show" are putting the deal together -- and like Dan's show ... Artie and Nick's would be nationally simulcast on DirecTV and Fox Sports Radio.

Artie hasn't had a permanent home on the air since leaving Stern in January, 2010 -- but when he guest hosted an FSR show last week ... he said he definitely wants to come back to radio.

It's not a done deal yet ... but we're told both sides are anxious to make it happen in time for a September premiere.

Stay tuned.


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Mr Baxter    

If he comes back to radio please, please go back to Howard Stern. The show has been downright mediocre without him. I go back and listen to bits with Artie, even ones were he wasn't even involved that much and I can't believe how much better the show was when he was on. Howard would have him back in 2 seconds and he'd probably earn more money there than on the new venture. Ack! Nick Dipalo sucks, I wouldn't listen to the show even though I love Artie.

1137 days ago


right on cosmo and ron burgundy. the guy had a fantastic opportunity and chose drugs. loser. take responsibility for your actions and don't expect 2nd chances.

1137 days ago


fat slob

1137 days ago


Howard is really on his last legs. He hates being there. He talks about lame TV shows over and over. He recycles the same worn out guests. He has no Jackie or Artie for comedy.

1137 days ago

Stern Fan    

Oh please let it be a surprise on mondays show that he is back in the Artie Chair on Sirius.

1137 days ago


When I last listened to Howard over a year ago ( pay for sat but only listen to music) Artie wasnt a thought, didn't miss him. He was great for drama due to the drug abuse and time away from the show but other wise I always felt bad that he couldn't control his weight and most basic emotions. It is such a shame for a fat loser like him with major control issues to have to critic young women about their bodies when Fatty mac Butter Balls can't abstain from inhaling a box of warm glazed dough and every drug known to man. What woman would ever lay with that or god forbid he ever gained the strength the roll the 500lbs on top. Dude, sorry you didn't have sharper knives or longer arms. Keep up the good work

1137 days ago


This guy has one good line for every 5oo,ooo,ooo. calories consumed. It’s so sad that a great comedian and part time drug abuser like Greg Giraldo has lost his life and now fatty mc nugget **** can rise up from his hospital bed at the psych ward and plan a comeback from a botched suicide attempt/attention seeking BS. You even suck at suicide.

1137 days ago


Artie is a mans man. Gets all banged up,cracks jokes on everyone including himself more than anyone (im 15 situps away from your dream guy honey) haha. Howard sucked before Artie came into the picture besides his interview skills which hes always been stellar at. Artie put so much testosterone in that studio it actually made Howard funny and act like he really had a pair which every real listener knows he doesnt. I hope Artie comes back and does any kind of talk show cause it will be a hit, mark my words. For all you Howard marks have fun watching your american idol n dancing with the stars, id rather hear from a real guy aka mr too fat to fish Arthur Lange Fiiiiiiirrrrrrreeeeeee!

1137 days ago

Blue Lake    

Comeback? He wishes. Anyone would be nuts to put money behind someone with his massive problems. Alcohol, coke, downers, guns, who needs it? He disrespects every chance he's given. Let him get a gig driving buses or working in a bakery. He had his shot. It's over.

1137 days ago


You are so far off Wealsey; A man as fat as Fatso Butter Nuts can’t find his scrotum and has no testosterone because he ate it all and probably licked his fingers after. The cholesterol blob that he is sat in a dark corner and burped at the guests while dosing in between little Debbies, slabs of cured meat and heroine bumps. At best, he added background toilet humor; something a trained 5 yr.old could do better. Best of luck, try Wusthof next time.

1137 days ago


Face it, these azzwipes like Stern, Lange, Imus, Carolla, and Leykis just don't play anymore. Maybe they can do podcasts for a tiny audience, but the radio public has moved on. They just ran out of material. Yawn...

1137 days ago


I've been refreshing the page for hours now - who is this guy and why is this the prominent page? I want NEW news!

1137 days ago


you couldn't pay me to listen to nick depalo
but if Artie is going to be there count me in.
i stop listening to stern when Artie left

1137 days ago


I've been refreshing the page for hours now. Can we get rid of this guy?

1137 days ago

Danny Angel    

Didn't he die?

1137 days ago
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