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Artie Lange

Plotting HUGE Radio/TV Comeback

7/14/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Comedian Artie Lange is in serious talks to make a triumphant return to the airwaves after leaving "The Howard Stern Show" last year ... TMZ has learned.


Sources with direct knowledge of the negotiations tell us Artie would team with his pal and fellow comedian Nick DiPaolo for the talk show.

We're told the people behind "The Dan Patrick Show" are putting the deal together -- and like Dan's show ... Artie and Nick's would be nationally simulcast on DirecTV and Fox Sports Radio.

Artie hasn't had a permanent home on the air since leaving Stern in January, 2010 -- but when he guest hosted an FSR show last week ... he said he definitely wants to come back to radio.

It's not a done deal yet ... but we're told both sides are anxious to make it happen in time for a September premiere.

Stay tuned.


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Jorge Perez    

Arite was no one before he was on Howard. Artie is famous because Howard's fans are so loyal and just support anything related to the show. He was on a mediocre SNL rip off show, had bit parts in crappy movies (except Old School), and is a total hack comedian. The only reason he is even getting this shot to host another show is because Howard put him on the radio. Artie is just another coattail riding hack comedian that will be forgotten in the next couple of years (cough, JACKIE). In the mean time Howard will still have his loyal fan, as well as his staunch haters. The bottom line is, wether you feel Howard is relevant or not, Artie would be nothing without him.

1196 days ago

Lucas Dartmoor    

This obese, mysoginistic, heroin hooked bore, can plot all he wants. If his ratings are bad, which they no doubt will be, as his 'Angry Drunken Drug Abuser' schtick is already old, he won't last a month. Plus, he's bound to call in 'sick' 40% of the time. He's a useless has-been who had it handed to him on a silver platter....and threw it away because, looking at himself in the mirror everyday, he realized he was an untalented, undeserving loser.

1196 days ago


get your butt back to the stern show Artie

1196 days ago


Great news, Artie doesn't need Stern. Howard's show is nothing but a borefest now that there's no one funny left. Hampton Howie is nothing on his own, and that horsefaced wife of his makes it even more pathetic.

1196 days ago



1196 days ago


I've listened to Howard for 24 years... but not so much the past 18 months, because it did lose its edge without Artie. Artie's sports-blue collar-Italian-Hollywood take was a perfect foil to Howard's take on the world, with Robin in the peanut gallery. It was the combination that was magic. Howard's missed Artie's edginess. Artie should do the sports show with DiPaolo, do one stand-up gig a month, and come back to the Stern show immediately. Let him bring a note from his doctor to Howard. I can just envision how the return could go down, microphones on at 6AM Monday. Artie is the first voice we hear, and he says: "So we were on vacation, then I got sick. I left Gary a voicemail. Didn't you get the message?" And then everything just picks up where we left off....

1196 days ago


Drugs, alcohol, tricks, my parents hugged my brother/sister 30 times a day and only hugged me 29 times. What ever the f-ed up reason, you should have stayed with Howard Stern and rode the gravy train out until it was over. All this is to me and others, is really saying "I've acted like a fool and I'm now out of money..will you help me..." Boo fcuk-en who!"

1195 days ago


NY Post Page 6 reports that comic Artie Lange who’s best known for being a Howard Stern sidekick stabbed himself nine times in a suicide attempt. How can he stab himself in a suicide attempt? Are there no self preservation mechanisms in Artie Lange’s mind that would prevent him from inflicting pain upon himself continuously with intentions to take his own life? I mean – I can understand someone taking pills, jumping off the building or pulling a trigger of a handgun in their mouth, cause this type of suicide attempt only takes a simple one time action and that should be it. But stabbing yourself? How can you stab yourself and do it repeatedly while you’re at it?

According to Page 6, Artie Lange was discovered bloodied in his Hoboken apartment by his mom who alerted the police by calling 911 and had him taken to a hospital. Surgeons say Artie Lange was bleeding heavily due to excessive stab wounds but they managed to save his life. So now that his life is saved, Artie Lange can chalk this suicide attempt off as another of his life failures. If you can’t even kill yourself properly then you seriously fail at life. Bloody show off.

1195 days ago


I wouldnt hire him back he is a risk

1195 days ago

Dumb Surfer Guy on TMZ "Knarly"    

Gotta Love Artie but he has stop trying to play the John Belushi act. There is one John Belushi and he is Dead.

1195 days ago


Yeah Artie! you and nick will be great, I miss you on Howard but I will watch on directv. Good Luck.

1195 days ago

angelia Kaess    

I would love to see Artie back on the Stern show. The Howard Stern show is no longer funny without Artie. Fred ok but he no Artie. I use to laugh everyday when listening now I am bored. The only thing I look forward to on the Stern show is the news. Good luck to Artie in where ever he goes. Gos bless you man. Thanks Akss.

1194 days ago


I would love to see Artie come back to the Howard Stern show, but I don't think he'll ever be strong enough (mentally) for it. Whatever Artie does, I wish him nothing but the best. We ♥ you Artie.

1194 days ago


i saw one of Artie's shows when i browse online tv and he was hilarious. he will surely be plus for the show!

1193 days ago

Mike K    

Why would Artie EVER team up with Nick DiPaolo????? Artie is sharp, witty and, most importantly, relevant. Nick is beyond washed-up. Artie can do way better; not sure why he is compromising so much.

1157 days ago
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