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'Big Brother' Jeff -- Homophobic Shots At Dumbledore

7/13/2011 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

'Harry Potter' ignited a homophobic firestorm inside the "Big Brother' house ... after castmember Jeff Schroeder said he would never send his kid to a "fantasy camp" run by Dumbledore ... because he's gay. 071311_jeff_homophobe_still

It all went down inside the BB house last night  -- during a live feed on the Internet -- when Jeff and Kalia began talking about the fact J.K. Rowling wrote Dumbledore as a gay character.

Jeff -- shocked by the revelation -- says, "He's in a school with little kids, you can't make that guy gay!"

He added, "It isn't right to have it in a little kids book, and have the head master locked away in this magical land, be gay. That isn't the right kind of writing to do."

Kalia responded, "Why? Gay men can't work with little kids!?" ... adding, "Just because he is gay, doesn't mean there is a thing wrong with him."

This isn't the first time Jeff has been involved in a homophobic situation on the show ... back in 2009, he used a gay slur to attack a fellow housemate.

UPDATE: CBS just released the following statement -- "Any views or opinions expressed in personal commentary by a houseguest appearing on Big Brother, either on any live feed from the house or the broadcast, are those of the individual(s) speaking and do not represent the views or opinions of CBS or the producers of the program."


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First of all, watch the video in full before you start saying he's homophobic. All he said was he didn't think the male character in charge of an all kids school should be gay. He's not saying in real life there's anything wrong with that but in a children's movie or book it's inappropriate to try and make a statement by having the Headmaster gay. What would be the point? It'd just be a distraction. Kid's don't need to know each teacher's sexual preference in this book/movie. Ultimately they should just be teachers and not centered on whether or not they're gay, straight, or bisexual.

1198 days ago


I also think it's absolutely inappropriate that a lot of these Children Movies, the one's that are cartoon like or not to cuss and have sexual innuendos that the children don't understand but are there all the same. Off the top of my head I recall in one of Toy Story movies, when one of the male toys sees Barbi he gets a hard on/woody. It's inappropriate and completely uncalled for regardless if it's added for the adults watching the movie with their children. The movie would have been just as funny without having that part in it.

1198 days ago


Jeff's not homophobic or having a gay/homophobic attack or rant! That's ridiculous. He's saying it's inappropriate to have a gay character in a children's movie/book or lesbian or even straight character because it just doesn't need to be pointed out? A kids movie doesn't need to get into each teachers sexual preference is. It has nothing to do with the movie and is distracting plus parents shouldn't have to sit down with their kids after and get into a discussion about gays, lesbians, etc.

When my Son was young I took him to Chuck E. Cheese and a lesbian couple was full on kissing and making out which I thought was completely inappropriate. I didn't think anything could distract kids in that place but I was wrong. Now I am not homophobic but it was absolutely INAPPROPRIATE for them to be displayed in that manner in front of all these children. And yes it would've been just as inappropriate for a heterosexual couple to be making out and carrying on inside a place where Children are there to play and have a good time. I had to have a conversation about the whole thing with my Son because kids have ALOT of questions at that age. Mommy, why were those two girls kissing? But why Mommy? I shouldn't have to deal with that when I just wanted to take my Son out to eat and play and get the crap scared out of him by a giant mouse!

1198 days ago


Oh my god. Call GLAAD, someone said the word GAY. What a bunch of homos

1198 days ago


oh for the love of crap, everyone needs to lighten up.
in this day and age where you can't trust a priest not to diddle your kids and you can't trust the entire catholic church, up to and including the pope, not to cover up said child diddling,
what makes anyone sure that a closeted gay wizard at a fantasy camp for children in a magical land would, or wouldn't do the same thing.

let this guy, and everyone else for that matter, have their own OPINIONS.

no need to alert the media, and the civil rights groups, and al sharpton, and jerry falwell, and rupaul every frigging time some mentions the work gay or black or god or whatever.

everyone needs to put a bandaid on that chip on their shoulders and stop mounting a protest and demanding apologies when someone says something they don't like.


1198 days ago


@Melissa you are an Idiot to the nth degree. Your whole entire statement does not make sense. Plus You've contradicted yourself several times. We should expect a change to come but we shouldn't do anything to bring about that change. He's not saying being gay is wrong, but a gay character has no place in a children's book. On what planet does that begin to even make sense? Have you even read any of the Harry Potter books? J.K. never once in the books mentions Dumbedore's sexual status she only mentioned he was gay after the books were written. You're the type of person who would say "I was just doing my job." I hope Bubbles the Chip throws a steaming pile right between your narrow-minded eyes. Yeah I insulted you because you insult my very sense of humanity.

1198 days ago


I'm so fed up with this topic. I don't think he's homophobic. People talking about how they should watch what they say in the house... should they duct tape their mouth? No. This PC BS is getting out of hand. I think it's probably closed minded of him to say that, but I totally understand where he was coming from. From Kobe to Jeff, it's getting out of hand. I realize that the term gay is not a nice term, but when you're a hetero male growing up in the world, being gay is just not understood. I'm not judging homosexuality. I don't have a problem with it, but don't act like it's the most common thing ever. Hollywood and others are trying to cash in on this demographic and it's pretty pathetic. I over the whole " it's trendy to be gay" thing. Just to put things in perspective, it's not like Jeff or anyone else who has used the term gay is dragging a homosexual behind a truck, down a dirt road. People act like if you use the term, you just committed a hate crime. I'm a christian, but I have said "GD", before when I am pissed beyond my limits. I'm not proud of this, but it shows that I'm human and have my faults. As for Jordan, she's not the brightest bulb in the pack, but she's the sweetest cookie in the box. Leave them alone. I understand if people are tired of them, but they are probably people who wanted idiots like Russell, Jesse, and Gnatalie to win.... oops, did I offend.

1198 days ago


Wow people are stupid on here today. Someone must have been passing out stoopid pills (stupid people take stoopid pills because they're too stupid to know how stupid is spelled)No one is upset that he used the word Gay, they're upset because he's comparing being gay to being a pedophile, you can say he's not all you want to, but why is he so upset that a gay man is teaching? Why wouldn't a straight man pose as much as a threat or be just a wrong? Why not say something about Snape? Most of you have obliviously NEVER read the books, if you had you'd know that Dumbldore's sexual status is never mention in any of the books. J.K. Rowling ( with the exception of Snape) never went into any details about the teachers love lives.

1198 days ago


You're right. I've never had any desire to read or watch Harry Potter. I said he was being closed minded. He shouldn't be attacked for how he feels. He's entitled to his opinion.

1198 days ago


That's the problem with opinion everyone got one, so when you give yours (especially on national TV) expect everyone to give theirs. If he's entitled to his opinions so is everyone else.

1198 days ago


But it seems like there's no option. You can either approve of the gay lifestyle or you're a sworn enemy. I don't agree with this whole "toleration" thing. Straight has to "tolerate gay", yet the gay community attack the straight if they voice their opinion. We get it, " we're here we're queer...", but don't expect people to completely change their belief system just because. As they said, "agree to disagree."

1198 days ago


For me it was more shocking how he was yelling and getting so worked up over it. At first I thought he was joking around when I read the transcripts but he was really laying into Kalia over the whole thing. Cursing and yelling "I don't give a eff about your sister.!" Of course though, CBS will never show that on TV to keep his image squeaky clean. It makes me sick.

1198 days ago


It was never written in the book that Dumbledore was gay: there were no male lovers with whom he was walking arm-in-arm, there was nothing in the last book (in which excerpts of his biography were read) that indicated any sexual predilections toward his own sex, nor any indications of sex, really, whatsoever.

It was only after the last book was published, during an interview, that Rowling said that she thought of Dumbledore as being gay. You can be guaranteed that if she outed the man in the book that it would have had even greater disapproval from religious fundamentalists and the otherwise-prejudiced who were already calling the series "dangerously occult".

I believe Rowling's statement in this post-publication interview and the lack of specific indications of Dumbledore's sexuality in the books were attempts to underline that in her "wizarding world" homosexuality was not viewed as something that needs to be pointed out and scrutinized as it is in our own society.

All of this is pretty moot: the only indication that sex of any form ever took place between any characters of the series is the fact that in the epilogue of the last book, the main characters have children and have thus, although unstated, procreated.

1198 days ago


oh my god. jeff expressed his opinion where he states he doesn't want to leave his kid with a gay person. how dare him for having his own opinion. this is the only country where you have to watch every single thing you say because it will offend someone and they will sue you. I travel to a lot of places for work and pleasure, and there are no other country like this one. all the other countries, you can state your opinion without having to worry about insulting a gay, a fat, a bald, a mentally challenged, an unemployed, etc person. this country is getting to the point where it is embarrassing because once you say something, you have to apologise for it the next day. oh, and jeff's opinion. i totally agree with him. i wouldn't want my kid around that way of life. i wouldn't want a gay person to have any influence on my kid. their lifestyle is 100% wrong, 100% a sin, 100% an insult to a lot of religions. if they choose to be gay and act on it, then they chose their own outcome which is hell. i do not want these people to influence my kids into letting them think that that lifestyle is ok. it is not !

1198 days ago


J.K. Rowlings said that she always considered Albus Dumbledore gay in her mind. Nowhere in the books is he referred to as gay.

1198 days ago
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