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'Big Brother' Jeff -- Homophobic Shots At Dumbledore

7/13/2011 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

'Harry Potter' ignited a homophobic firestorm inside the "Big Brother' house ... after castmember Jeff Schroeder said he would never send his kid to a "fantasy camp" run by Dumbledore ... because he's gay. 071311_jeff_homophobe_still

It all went down inside the BB house last night  -- during a live feed on the Internet -- when Jeff and Kalia began talking about the fact J.K. Rowling wrote Dumbledore as a gay character.

Jeff -- shocked by the revelation -- says, "He's in a school with little kids, you can't make that guy gay!"

He added, "It isn't right to have it in a little kids book, and have the head master locked away in this magical land, be gay. That isn't the right kind of writing to do."

Kalia responded, "Why? Gay men can't work with little kids!?" ... adding, "Just because he is gay, doesn't mean there is a thing wrong with him."

This isn't the first time Jeff has been involved in a homophobic situation on the show ... back in 2009, he used a gay slur to attack a fellow housemate.

UPDATE: CBS just released the following statement -- "Any views or opinions expressed in personal commentary by a houseguest appearing on Big Brother, either on any live feed from the house or the broadcast, are those of the individual(s) speaking and do not represent the views or opinions of CBS or the producers of the program."


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youdontknowjacque - I want to be the first to point out that you're generalizing and are an idiot.

1134 days ago


Truthfully sexuallity shouldnt be in childrens books at all to stay neutral and PC these days but if it has to be it should be hetro as that is the NATURAL way of humanity feelings aside that is how human kind is SUPPOSED to be not because of religion but because of our species. Also a child is most influential in their youth the more gay surroundings for a child the more they could be infuenced in that. I dont fully believe your 100% born gay there has as far as I know been no studies that show that. as for the comments especially lately its going to far someone mumbles any gay slur and gay rights groups are up in arms its getting stupid.

1134 days ago


Clarification on the comment about Jeff being "friends" with Kevin BB11 and that Kevin is homosexual. Kevin put Jeff on the block and Jeff went to Michelle and called Kevin a "M**F**ing F**".

1134 days ago

Lori N.    

I think everyone can make a comment in there life time that someone will take offensive. I still love Jeff!!! He is the best thing thats ever happened to Big Brother. Go Jeff!!! I hope you win this season.

1134 days ago


This is really disappointing! I like Jeff but there is no defending that comment! Absolutely ridicules to think anyone’s sexual orientation had anything to do with their job!

1134 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Melissa: Far from being upset, if I were I would be cursing you Italian.

I just think you are a fool for being an unknowing enabler of his 'hate'.

1134 days ago


you can call a gay person gay - you cant assume all are pedophiles - 90% are hetero

1134 days ago


I think what Jeff was trying to say was harry potter should be about the magic the soucery the imigination of young people.Not the sexual prefernce of an adult in the movie!

1134 days ago


Cartman said this:

He's not homophobic, he's stating his opinion about how perverse it is to make an authority figure in a children's book a gay man. And I happen to agree.

This politically correct stuff where we teach 5 yr-olds in school that it's OK to not like girls forever is pretty twisted if you think about it.

You know what Cartman? I AGREE 100%.

1134 days ago


Bubbles The Chimp - go for it - solidifies the fact that you are no better than he is - you've been spewing hatred on this entire comment section at those that don't agree with you. I'm not enabling anything. I stated an opinion and I don't agree with what he said at all, but I'm not going to condemn him for because I wasn't there, the clip doesn't show the entire conversation and I don't know him personally so why would I spew hatred at him. Just because someone says something that you may or may not agree with doesn't give you the right to spew hatred out of your mouth - educate people, state your thoughts, opinions and why instead of spewing hateful things. That's the only way this society will get better. The hate has to stop and people have to start educating people.

1134 days ago


Regarding what Jeff said, it doesn't matter whether a teacher is gay or straight, as long as they're not using it as part of their teaching. It's really irrelevant, and I do think that it's odd he would even bring up that someone's sexual preference is even a concern. That tells me he does think there's something wrong with gay people teaching kids, even if they're not teaching them about sexuality.

1134 days ago


If people disapprove of the "gay lifestyle", they're just ignorant and go along with the hateful sheep point of view. First of all, if someone is gay, you can't assume they're fooling around and being promiscuous just like you can't assume all straight people are fooling around.

Secondly, ignorant people always bring up the fact that homosexuality must be wrong because you can't procreate with same sex relationships. Well, when straight couples have sex, 95% of the time, it's not intended to produce kids. We're sexual beings, and most of the time it's done for pleasure and to satisfy sexual urges. What goes on behind closed doors, whatever it is, that's their right.

The tiny percent it's done for planning to have kids, that's a bonus for straight couples. If the millions and millions of gay people around the world suddenly turned gay, can you imagine how overpopulated this world would be. In other words, it's nature's way of fighting overpopulation and keeping the human species in check. The bottom line is, disapproving of the gay lifestyle is ignorant, unfair, prejudice, and hurtful.

1134 days ago


Ron, I don't think half the staff is gay. Harvey is gay and maybe a few more are gay, but I'm not sure because I never counted how many were openly gay. The reason it took you so long to figure it out is because they aren't in a stereotyped sitcom. I have seen the staff be overly sensitive to a lot of situations involving gay remarks, but I agree with them on this one. You can't equate homosexual to pedophile, it's just wrong. It's like when people were saying priests who were molesting children were gay. The two are not the same and should never be refered to as such.

1134 days ago


Why are people not allowed to dislike all things that have to do with homosexuality. Gay dudes have the right not to like UFC, hip-hop, and vag and straight guys have the right not to like gay dudes, Justin Bieber and rainbows. I don't see anything wrong with not liking something.

1134 days ago


There are lots of people that believe sexuality is a conscious choice. I'm straight and I know that I'm naturally attracted to the opposite sex, I didn't choose to be attracted to them, I just am. I can't understand why it would be any different for a gay person to be attracted to the same sex. It's just our chemistry, not a choice. I think that Jeff feels that gay people chose to be gay and therefore are not suitable role models for our kids, which is ridiculous.

1134 days ago
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