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Brooke Mueller:

Pipe Down,

It Was Only Pot!

7/13/2011 9:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller is telling friends ... the pictures TMZ posted showing her carrying what looked like a crack pipe are misleading ... because the only thing she was smoking was marijuana.

Brooke is saying she doesn't use the pipe to smoke cocaine -- she claims it was only pot and it's perfectly legal, because she has a marijuana prescription for anxiety.

But Mueller admits she's been on and off cocaine, telling friends, every few months she falls off the wagon and uses cocaine -- not crack -- but she also insists she hasn't been using for months.

Brooke says when she binges it usually lasts only around 12 hours, and then she snaps back into reality -- sometimes with the help of a little rehab.

And finally ... Brooke says there's no need for the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services to get involved in her life, because she's an involved parent and her kids are fine.


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D - E - N - I - A - L

1196 days ago


You all are dumb sheep that view everything that TMZ presents as fact. Zoom in on the picture....It's NOT foil, it's a plastic baggie folded up, likely containing pot. Yes, it resembles a bowl, but it's not. All this controversy over something that should be legal. I'm sure she does slip up on occasion. God forbid all you judgmental turds ever know or love someone with addiction problems, because I'd sure hate to have you for support. But guess what? In the end, it's none of our f*&king business!

A bag folded up? Do you know how hard it is to bend a plastic bag and have it stay up at pretty much a 90 deg. angle it's pretty hard to do and why would she have the bag folded like that anyway no reason at all. 2nd why would she say it's a tin foil pipe for weed and not a harmless baggy that makes no sence at all. You might need to lay the pipe down and get some common sence.

1196 days ago


How did an addict get a prescription for a controlled substance?

1196 days ago



1196 days ago


Go Leafs Go!!!

1196 days ago


Well most Maple Leaf fans have anxiety but not during the off season...

1196 days ago


She has a joint in her right hand and a crack pipe in her left hand. I dont get it? was she smoking rock and a joint?, She needs to give up and face the music like all Mothers and Fathers have to do. Plain out lyer she is.

1196 days ago


Stupid B***h. It's illegal. I'm sure she has a prescription for anxiety. Usually they prescribe anxiety medicine. Xanox, not believe her.

1196 days ago



1196 days ago


I think it works just fine for anxiety, you just need to know the proper strain, and how much to smoke. If you truly smoke for medical purpose with a little time you can figure it out.And you wont have the stoned feeling, but instead just have a feeling of that edge or anxiety being gone.

Not standing up for this chick at all, her statement is totally one of a tweaker, and they need to be taken away ASAP

1196 days ago


It's also a damn shame because she really was a beautiful woman before getting hooked up with Charlie Sheen and getting on drugs
she has been an addict since a teenager and rumors are she was the one who got charlie to start using again after a few years of being sober.

1196 days ago


I would like to know the name of the quack that prescribed weed to an addict, because I am pretty sure he/she doesn't exist.

1196 days ago


Millions of us normal folks suffer from anxiety....Doctors recommend medication, conseling,lifestyle changes to reduce stress that causes anxiety. Never have I heard pot as a remedy. Get off your privileged butt and do the work and follow the rules that the rest of us common folks live by. We work, worry about bills, and do the best that we can to do right by our children. Common Joe walking around dirty, doped out, and carrying drugs.....would have been arrested, child services called IMMEDIATELY. This is about what is best for those babies. She owes it to them to get herself clean....she won't get this time with them back. I bet that when they grow up, they will wish that they had Sam and Lola's mom, instead of the mess they got.

1196 days ago


she got hit in the forehead with a mack truck...

its not her fault she talks like a stupid idiot and looks like a stupid idiot.

its the truck's fault.

1196 days ago


People with addiction are not bad people, They are just turning to a substance to deal with the pain they have inside. Eventually the pain of being in the addiction will get so bad they will get serious about recovery and learn ways to deal with problems in the right way. Meth. is a serious drug and can be very hard to stop. and could take her life. Her family and friends or even Charlie should try to reach out to her and do whatever it takes to get her grounded in a program. Shes powerless.I pray she will get help. This is nothing to joke about.

1196 days ago
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