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Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen:

Reunited and It Feels ...

7/14/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller is telling friends she's been "hanging out" with Charlie Sheen again, and there's even a possibility of a reconciliation.

Brooke is saying, right after the last Goddess left Charlie's world, Brooke began hanging with Charlie at his home, where he's been a virtual shut-in recently. 

Brooke is saying, forget all the drama -- she has a good time with C.S. and they have a lot in common, including twins.  But Brooke acknowledges if they take it to the next level there are perils, given the toxic relationship they terminated with divorce.

Brooke was vague about what she does when she's with Charlie, but she made it clear -- the door is open, if only partially.

And you can't spell reconciliation without a "T" -- which is exactly what Charlie and Brooke have been sharing the last couple months ... the same t-shirt. How romantic.



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Minxster about an hour ago
The speaks volumes about BOTH of these douche-nozzles.


Yep, including the chapter on "shut-ins" aka the crash and burn cycle.

If this situation continues on much longer its a sure bet that Charlie will relapse, if he hasn't already. They don't even have to "take it to the next level" for that risk to exist.

The next questions/bets will be about more public meltdowns, who will kill who first or will it be a murder/suicide, and when will either of them ever see their kids again....

As the saying goes - crack is whack. That pretty much sums it up, IMO.

1166 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

I'm not surprised - I caught a piece on some reality show about a month ago where she is telling her dinner mates that she misses Charlie -- hmmm, if that wasn't meant for him to see / hear. Good luck to them. I don't have high hopes for either one.

1166 days ago

Don Alex    

Its because theyre the only two people left in the world who can stand the sight of each other. She's just as much of a #loser as he is, they deserve each other. Unfortunately, there are two kids involved who deserve much better than either of them. What a nauseating situation.

1166 days ago


Oh Phuuuuullllleeessseeee! She is SO tripping.

1166 days ago

Green Fairy    

Totally agree with you about Charlie relapsing if she gets back with him. IF - and it's a big IF - he has been clean & sober since earlier this year it won't take much to make him fall off his trolley. It could be one of several scenario's, she's broke even with all the child support (I don't imagine trips to Hawaii come cheap); she actually wants to get back with him (even after she said he held a knife to her & earlier this year said he'd threatened to cut her head of & send it to her mother!); he's trying to set her up so he can re-apply for custody (especially now his 'goddess's' are gone) & cut the payments to her, he'll be able to present himself as clean with possible upcoming employment (new sitcom?)& her as unemployed & back on the gear.
Whatever happens, it's all going to end in tears.

1166 days ago


If it's not her needing his money, then maybe she does love him.
He IS the father of her children.
I wish them only the best.

1166 days ago


God help those children...

1166 days ago


TMZ, if you are worried about who will take Lindsay Lohan's place in the future just keep an eye on Charlie and Brooke's kids. They really don't stand a chance of turning out normal.

1166 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Since all the Goddess have split, he's gotta get his needs met. He's doing her for sure. And that's cool, but the same old problems will surface yet again.

1166 days ago


Lunatics squared!

1166 days ago


Bree Olson gave a long interview this morning on the TNT Morning Show on The Bear radio station in her hometown of Fort Wayne. It might go up as a podcast there later today.

She talks in even greater detail than in the Playboy interview about Charlie and continues to say nice things about him. Interesting bit related to this post is that Bree is still in contact with Charlie and after Natty left he asked her to move back in with him. She said she declined saying she wanted to live her own life and career.

My opinion is that Charlie is very lonely and thus needs to surround himself with people at all times. I can see him trying to bring Brooke back into his life both for the twins and because he is lonely.

1166 days ago


Two cute individuals, truly are inlove. LOL

1166 days ago


Yes CPS go get those kids

1166 days ago


Let them get back together and do all the drugs they want, just keep those babies away from them!!! I could care less what happens to Charlie or Brooke but the children don't deserve to be raised with the crazies!

1166 days ago


Under different cir****tances I'd say 'Great! They deserve each other'. But, those boys don't deserve the two of them as the people that are going to raise them and prepare them for adulthood.

1166 days ago
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