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Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen:

Reunited and It Feels ...

7/14/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller is telling friends she's been "hanging out" with Charlie Sheen again, and there's even a possibility of a reconciliation.

Brooke is saying, right after the last Goddess left Charlie's world, Brooke began hanging with Charlie at his home, where he's been a virtual shut-in recently. 

Brooke is saying, forget all the drama -- she has a good time with C.S. and they have a lot in common, including twins.  But Brooke acknowledges if they take it to the next level there are perils, given the toxic relationship they terminated with divorce.

Brooke was vague about what she does when she's with Charlie, but she made it clear -- the door is open, if only partially.

And you can't spell reconciliation without a "T" -- which is exactly what Charlie and Brooke have been sharing the last couple months ... the same t-shirt. How romantic.



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82% of cocaine in the U.S. is cut with Levamisole, a veterinary de-worming drug. It causes large patches of skin to turn black.

Let's watch Brooke and Charlie's skin. The black patches should appear soon.

1195 days ago


guess it's true what they say, "Misery LOVES company"

1195 days ago


and I also hope she's "fixed". The world doesn't need anymore of their problems...

1195 days ago


Party buddies make for bad parents. Life is one BIG party for these two right now. GROW UP before you die from drugs and raise you kids.

1195 days ago


i had noticed the same tshirt when tmz had first posted about Brooke. took them awhile to put it together.

1195 days ago


Crack brought them together - it will bring them down together. They are both addicts and that is the only attraction they have to each other. Sad story....

1195 days ago


I don't think that Brooke is mean with her children. I think she is really nice, if not insecure/addict (many people are and DONT admit it!!), but comparing her to Casey Anthony is F*KD UP. I mean they are THEIR kids. Brooke seems like she loves Charlie. And she loves her boys. Peas ina pod.

1195 days ago


Her addiction has her blind to the fact that Charlie Sheed does not want to see her succeed in anything, most of all kicking her drug habit!

1195 days ago


Well I guess two kids are going to "crack" at it!

1195 days ago


I still say he's setting her up!

He gets the dirt and then goes to court and gets the kids!

1195 days ago


They deserve each other....But just remove the kids so they don't have to witness a murder.... this relationship is like throwing gas on a fire!

1195 days ago


Don Alex about an hour ago
Its because theyre the only two people left in the world who can stand the sight of each other. She's just as much of a #loser as he is, they deserve each other. Unfortunately, there are two kids involved who deserve much better than either of them. What a nauseating situation.



1195 days ago

The Truth    

Funny Charlie is denying Brookes claims that they may get back together. And the only time she spends at Charlie’s house is because of the children. She is supposed to be there for the children for certain functions.

She gets caught using drugs again and wants everyone to believe that Charlie and everyone is fine with it by her BS story.

So Brooke why did Charlie just file for full custody again and you be subjected to supervised visitation.

And Brooke the “pot” pipe as you call it is exactly the same as the “crack” pipe you were caught with before by the police and went into rehab “9” time for.

What a joke Brooke, no one believe your lies.

The Truth

1195 days ago


She must be high

1195 days ago

The Truth    

FYI: Brooke

Charlie still takes voluntary weekly drug test. His lawyer presents them to the court each time there is a hearing over the children.

They are part of they are part of the court record.

Charlie stays clean “still drinks though” and Brooke gets caught every week. Sad.

The Truth

1195 days ago
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