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Dog's Target -- Running from Armed Robbery Charges

7/14/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man Dog Chapman was looking to apprehend during a raid in Colorado last week is a dangerous dude who allegedly broke into a home with a semi-automatic pistol ... this according to cops.


Chapman was bounty hunting a man named Laurencio Salayandia -- who was charged with first degree burglary for allegedly participating in an armed robbery back in 2008. Salayandia went MIA after missing a court hearing ... but Dog vowed to find him and bring him to justice.

According to the court documents obtained by TMZ, Salayandia and two other men -- armed with .38 caliber pistols -- allegedly smashed a window and entered a Colorado home looking to ransack the place.

Dog claims he finally tracked Salayandia to the La Montana Linda Restaurant in Breckenridge last week ... and was ready to apprehend the guy  ... when all hell broke loose.

As TMZ first reported, Dog claims his team was rushed by several patrons who were trying to create a diversion so Salayandia could escape. A fight broke out ... and Dog left without his target.

We spoke to Salayandia's son -- owner of the restaurant -- who tells us he hasn't seen his dad in 6 months ... and claims the suspect "definitely" wasn't at the restaurant on the day of the raid.

0713_the_showdown_video_ex_smallDog's rep tells TMZ ... Chapman and his team are not giving up ... and will continue to track Salayandia.


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Sweet! Now after my comment will be many stupid negative ones. Losers!

1197 days ago


Great! A bail bond agent let this edangerous thug back on the street and enabled him to flee, and now Dog makes a mockery of the justice system hunting him down for reality TV.

Disgusting! lol

1197 days ago


Shouldn't Dog have had a guy outside just in case the alleged perp decided to run? Seems kind of slipshod to me.

1197 days ago


Ratings people, this is all about ratings!

1197 days ago

chubbs McBuff    

suspect looks a little like Charles Manson.

1197 days ago


press 1 for spanish.

1197 days ago

Good riddance!    

I was at what I thought was a mellow, decent bar/restaurant in a regular neighborhood and some idiots decided to raise their voices and the next thing everyone knew, there were like 6 or 7 guns pulled and almost a big shootout. This kind of stupidity will probably end up with Mr. 'Dog' looking down the barrel o*****un some day. I'm not saying I wi***** would necessarily happen, but just that there's a damn good chance of it.

1197 days ago


I'm assuming they meticulously surrounded all exits, front and rear, and had eyeballs on the surrounding streets in case of other exits, before going in with the minimum of fuss or drama - that way there would be little chance of escaping. Probably needs about six tough people and radios. Of course, with such a dangerous fugitive the covert body armour is absolutely necessary. Oh, wait... Clearly the best way is to go in with a television crew, a ridiculous badge and haircut as protection from bullets, have bodyguards, and to get to the stage where you're shouting like an idiot outside a bar because you've annoyed the patrons. Being too much of a child to ignore it. If the target was there in the first place he escaped. He should maybe stick to rounding up the sad cases like his show.

1197 days ago


Another dumb ass poster. Judges decide on bail granted, not the bail bondsman. Dumb ass, read the constitution once money teaches you big words

1197 days ago


TMZ is starting to eat crow now that the real story is coming out. Oh look, another journalist who was smart enough to realize Dog was dealing with thugs that dont respond to church lingo.

1197 days ago


I am astonished at the results of our education system if the posters are TMZ are typical of internet trolls. Extreme lack of knowledge about rights, bounty hunting and pretty much anything to do with the subject. I am think the posters here are more typical of the iceheads that Dog chases down. Anyone who helps get felons who skip court off the street is okay in my book. WAY TO GO DOG

1197 days ago


Also I must add it is nice to see TMZ actually realize the people providing the information were the ones harboring a fugitive and hardly typical of being a good source. This wanted man needs to be behind bars ASAP I would like to see any of the big mouth chicken ****e keyboard brave trolls that post here spend a day on Dogs crew. They would need their diapers changed and back to mommys boob

1197 days ago


Gee Helen, you're a real "Dog" groupie, aren't you? As with most of his loyal following, I picture you with a mullet, weighing in at about 200 lbs., wearing spandex pants that show off your "beautiful" figure, having a room termperature IQ, and about half of you real teeth. How close am I? "Dog" and his loyal followers are all pure white trash. If you think this idiot is a hero figure and a great American you're just the type of viewer they're looking for in these "reality" shows. Get a life. Spamming TMZ with your "Dog" puppy-love posts is one of the most sickening displays I've ever seen.

1197 days ago


Helen about an hour ago

Another dumb ass poster. Judges decide on bail granted, not the bail bondsman. Dumb ass, read the constitution once money teaches you big words


Judge sets bail. Bond agents accept 10% (typically) of previously set bail amount to bond you out. Had the bondsman not paid his bail to get him out, said criminal would not be out on bond so he could abscond. YOU missed the point, dumbass!

1197 days ago

some guy    

Just have one question: Who were these patrons? Were they just random customers or did they somehow know the suspect. Dunno, something doesn't add up about that part.

If they do know the owner or his dad, there's something shady about that. Like they were anticipating Dog or were tipped off.

@TMZ plz update if you find anything.

1197 days ago
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