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Penis Cutter

Charged with TORTURE

7/13/2011 1:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who allegedly lopped off her husband's penis with a knife and tossed it in a garbage disposal has just been charged with 2 felonies, including TORTURE -- and now faces life in prison.


48-year-old Catherine Kieu Becker was also charged with "aggravated mayhem" -- i.e. intentionally causing permanent disfigurement of another human being.

Kieu was arrested late Monday night -- after allegedly drugging her estranged husband, tying him to a bed, and cutting off his penis with a knife ... before mutilating it in a garbage disposal.

She is currently being held without bail.


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she should have put it in a food processor and made a nice pate', and served it on a cracker to his mother!!!!

1165 days ago


Asian huh? Maybe she was just hungry.

1165 days ago


Woman here; put her away. However a huge POS he MIGHT be (I personally don't know the story behind it), the only person that DESERVES to have their member removed is a pedophile.

1165 days ago


"Grace 6 minutes ago
She gets life in prison but Casey Anthony goes free."

Grace, that's because a penis was involved. You know how men are about thier penis's.

1165 days ago


sexy_mama_110 - Why would you want to go to prison possibly for life because your husband cheated on you? Why wouldn't you just leave the guy? There are a lot of women who cheat on their husbands, are we supposed to start hacking things off of them to? I don't get your way of thinking, but if you agree with what this woman did, you must be as crazy as she is.

1165 days ago


I would have killed her on the spot. Throw her away for life!

1165 days ago


It makes me cringe to even think of what she did. It doesn't matter what he did, there are other ways to handle an unbearable situation. Divorce comes to mind. Just because I am a female I don't advocate this type of revenge, no matter what. Violence is not the solution to anything.

1165 days ago

Mike L    

**** that!! Life in jail is too good for her. She should get random body parts cut off, one a week, and at the end of a year, cut off her head and kill the bitch. Anything else is better then she deserves. She needs to be disfigured, and forced to live with it for a while, just like she did to him.

1165 days ago


i woulve put it in the blender and made him watch. :)

1165 days ago


I would just have her killed... pay per view... or have her fight to the death in the ring...of course, I would have that done to most criminals and welfare suckers.

1165 days ago


for the record I am a girl and I voted yes. The people that probably voted no were either A: Retarded and want to get a rise out of people, or B: think she should get the death penalty or sort of an "eye for an eye" punishment? which was not an option

1165 days ago


A real woman wouldn't find such a sick act funny. If my husband cheated on me I would be pissed and probably argue till my face turned blue but after all was said and done I would move on. I would not have the ignorant violent menatality that others do. Just because someone cheats on you does not give you the right to inflict physical harm.
The only reason I would find understandable for someone cutting off a man's penis would be if the guy was raped a child.

1165 days ago


What woman would actually think its funny? I mean come on be serious people.. Im a woman and I find no humor in someone doing something like this to another human being.. She deserves to spend the rest of her life in prison.. so dont sit there and say "Woman" find this funny, cause those people that do find it funny shouldnt be classified as human..

1165 days ago


Cutting it off is one thing ... down the disposal is another. Why OJ wacked two entire bodies and walked

1165 days ago


Agreed that she needs to be punished, but prison for life? Give me a break. If Casey Anthony gets off with a few days in jail for the murder of a child then this woman should get the same or lesser punishment, because that's apparently how our legal system works.

1165 days ago
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