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Penis Cutter

Charged with TORTURE

7/13/2011 1:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who allegedly lopped off her husband's penis with a knife and tossed it in a garbage disposal has just been charged with 2 felonies, including TORTURE -- and now faces life in prison.


48-year-old Catherine Kieu Becker was also charged with "aggravated mayhem" -- i.e. intentionally causing permanent disfigurement of another human being.

Kieu was arrested late Monday night -- after allegedly drugging her estranged husband, tying him to a bed, and cutting off his penis with a knife ... before mutilating it in a garbage disposal.

She is currently being held without bail.


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erika, I imagine that is why you spend many many lonely Friday nights!!

1206 days ago


Casey Anthony kills her daughter and she's free and this chick chops off a penis and she gets life in prison! she didn't murder him, the guy is still living unlike little Caylee Anthony. I just don't understand the logic in this.

1206 days ago


If convicted i would be in favor of death by decapitation. Find a guillotine and put it back in service for her. But if she isn't convicted i would be a favor of a vigilant mob with torches and pitchforks murdering her under the cover of darkness. This woman signed her death wish the moment she put her plan into action. She knew she would never "get away with it" so to speak. And yet she did it anyway, kill her.

1206 days ago


Why are people bringing up Casey Anthony? What does that have to do with this story. There are people who commit crimes EVERYDAY including murder and get away with it, and there are people who are sitting in prison right now for a crime someone else committed. Maybe we should just open the prisons and let every rapist, murderer, thief, child molester, ect. go free because Casey Anthony is a free woman."

1206 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

I'm betting she's Korean.

1206 days ago


Some of you keep mentioning Casey Anthony as if it has anything to do with this case. There are different laws in each state and different juries. Just because the idiots in Florida let Anthony slide doesn't mean everyone should get a free ride.

1206 days ago


That's whack!

I would immediately apply for a donor penis. I'd take any penis, even if it were black. Then again, I'd probably get AIDS from that one... Maybe I'll just stick to white penises, just sayin'.

1206 days ago


I'm a guy and quite frankly I find this hilarious.

None of us know what went on behind closed doors with this couple,So none of you should be so quick to judge.

But as far as I'm concerced life in prison is pure BS having anything to do with these charges,The man lived and apparently is in good spirits as other articles have posted.

Life in prison wasn't even considered if you believe juror # 2 in the Casey Anthony trial,She said they(the jury) were discussing the death penalty and didn't even mention life in prison as an appropriate punishment when they weren't even suppose to be discussing ANY punishment untill they rendered a verdict.

And she killed a child people!

Or like those two black women in the backwoods state forget which one but both women got life in prison for stealing 20$ lol.

This dude did something to warrent some kind of action and maybe he didn't think she would go this far and perhaps he was wrong.

If you and your soon to be ex spouse don't get along anymore during a divorce you should not be living with them or quite frankly be around them at all.

1206 days ago

Mike L    

This has nothing to do with Casey Anthony. She was acquitted, thats the end of it. Nobody can prove she did anything wrong. This woman, everybody knows did wrong.And I'd be willing to wager that her ex-husaband wishes he was dead, rather then being half a man.

1206 days ago


American women are sick F#cks. If a man mutilated a woman's sex organs beyond repair, I doubt you would see a single comment from men like "she deserved it" or "I'd do the same thing". You women are as disgusting as muslim men who condone splashing women's faces with acid, or stoning them to death. It's no wonder this society is producing the likes of Casey Anthony!

1206 days ago


Sqiggy 4 minutes ago
"I'm a guy and quite frankly I find this hilarious" blah blah blah yada yada yada...


This story is a lot of things, hilarious isn't one of them unless you're a sicko.

1206 days ago


@Regulator..Yep, very small ones prob suit you better, Moron.

1206 days ago


Did she mistake his penis for the main course for dinner??

1206 days ago


This woman is just sick and should be put away for a very long time. No matter how bad their marriage was, the husband didn't deserve to be maimed for life. My guess is he filed for a divorce because she was abusive and crazy.

1206 days ago

Classic Brigette    

C U N.ext T.uesday! Oh wait...probably not. Psycho.

1206 days ago
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