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Penis Cutter

Charged with TORTURE

7/13/2011 1:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who allegedly lopped off her husband's penis with a knife and tossed it in a garbage disposal has just been charged with 2 felonies, including TORTURE -- and now faces life in prison.


48-year-old Catherine Kieu Becker was also charged with "aggravated mayhem" -- i.e. intentionally causing permanent disfigurement of another human being.

Kieu was arrested late Monday night -- after allegedly drugging her estranged husband, tying him to a bed, and cutting off his penis with a knife ... before mutilating it in a garbage disposal.

She is currently being held without bail.


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death penalty!!

1142 days ago


so 23% think that brutally mutilating someone doesnt deserve life in prison? Im guessing that these 23% also think casey anthony is innocet. Sad. BTW, criss, Im a woman I voted she should get life in prison, no not all women voted that she shouldnt.

1142 days ago


I'm all for women defending themselves but this bitch is crazy. She should be locked up for life.

1142 days ago


That there is one demented bitch.

1142 days ago


actually Curtis im happily married, with two children and a :P . but my hubby knows what to expect if he ever cheats. :)

1142 days ago


Puckettabout a minute ago

Sqiggy 4 minutes ago
"I'm a guy and quite frankly I find this hilarious" blah blah blah yada yada yada...


This story is a lot of things, hilarious isn't one of them unless you're a sicko.

Right right I'm sick cause I get a laugh out of this,However this is probably coming from some moron who watches Jerry Springer and laughs his ass off when a boyfriend cheats on his girlfriend and she comes out and slaps him around and throws the wedding cake at him. Violence is uncalled for from anyone but we all know as human beings we are inperfect and everyone has a breaking point.

And I suppose if they guy was a pedophile you would be screaming from the rooftop that this is JUSTICE.

Screw off.

It's more then likely this man did someone to deserves this,If she was in the least bit bitchy or crazy he should have had nothing to do with this woman,They were in the process of getting a divorce or atleast talking about it tensions always get high at that point thats when A MAN LEAVES(a smart man anyway).

As a guy I have like 6th sense if my penis or balls are in imminent danger or in the slightest hint of danger I f**cking run like the wind.

1142 days ago


What, exactly, did he do to "deserve" it? That would make it easier to answer the question.

1142 days ago


Ellen Degeneres probably lookin through the garbage can for that penis Looks i'm a man now!

1142 days ago


Sooo, mutilated in a garbage disposal. How long did she run it that it was just mutilated and not...well, gone? I've put steak down the disposal and it was gone in seconds. Hmmm.

1142 days ago


rofl SCOTT :) too funny. make it industrial glue and stitches.

1142 days ago

Double standard    

Hey ladies good to know that any physical violence against a member of the opposite sex is justified by your own words and action-how can women be outraged at a guy who grabs them by the arm or pushes them but laughs at a man who gets his penis cut off-and almost killed-so we see your true nature now and its fair game in my book now.

1142 days ago


@Sqiggy - I'm sorry Sir, you've obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a sh*t what you think, i don't you sicko.

1142 days ago


you go girl!! lol, man this is an awesome story

1142 days ago


He was the one that filed for divorce for "irreconcilable differences" back in May. Obviously she was still hanging around and stewing about it. She claimed he deserved it but neighbors never heard them argue nor were there ever any domestic violence calls to police. Sounds like she planned it and cut off his unit so that he couldn't be operable with other woman? H e l l hath no fury....... The lady was a Century 21 realtor too.

1142 days ago


she looks like rosie perez.

1142 days ago
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