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Penis Cutter

Charged with TORTURE

7/13/2011 1:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who allegedly lopped off her husband's penis with a knife and tossed it in a garbage disposal has just been charged with 2 felonies, including TORTURE -- and now faces life in prison.


48-year-old Catherine Kieu Becker was also charged with "aggravated mayhem" -- i.e. intentionally causing permanent disfigurement of another human being.

Kieu was arrested late Monday night -- after allegedly drugging her estranged husband, tying him to a bed, and cutting off his penis with a knife ... before mutilating it in a garbage disposal.

She is currently being held without bail.


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Sociopaths are Sad    

I have always wondered how men effortlessly abuse women completely oblivious of the one vulnerable little thing dangling between their legs. It is so EASY to kick, bite, chop, cut, axe, burn, wring, pull, scratch, cut, cut, cut.

I have always wondered why more women don't do this. It's really quite logical. If your estranged husband is beating the crap out of you...just wait until he's asleep to cut off his penis.

Make sense. Let's see more women reacting this way!

1107 days ago


And I doubt he was an "estranged" husband. It sounds like they were still living together even though they were divorcing.

1107 days ago


You can always tell the crazys by the way thier eyes look....

1107 days ago


Well did he cheat on her? If so I can see her reasoning. Not saying it's right but it would make more sense than a woman who just cut her husband's wang off for the hell of it.

1107 days ago


A message to Nina and the female staff at TMZ who think that cutting off a man's penis is funny -- you are all ******* *****. You have no class and, as with many women in this country, are hypocrites with double standards. Go to hell.

1107 days ago


First off, this has nothing to do with Casey Anthony. Say what you want, but there was no murder proven. From what I understand, this woman admitted it. No one has the right to harm another human being. She is disgusting. If he was cheating, so what, leave his ass.

1107 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@VictoriaGirl: You need to use that stellar reasoning of yours for ALL THE MEN ABUSING WOMEN DOMESTIC VIOLENCE cases out there which is also a life sentence as it leaves an EMOTIONAL SCAR.

Oh, no justice in those cases is there?

Yup, which is why I don't think this woman should get a life sentence. Chris Brown got off so easily, didn't he?

The reason people are reviled by her is the same reason people are reviled by Casey Anthony: because these women DO NOT FIT THE FEMALE STEREOTYPES that people (both men and women) have constructed.

Just because YOUR STEREOTYPICAL VIEW OF WOMEN IS INSULTED does not mean this woman should get a life sentence. There's such a thing as precedence, you dumb moronic c_nt. Which means it's not up to you to decide.

I think this woman needs some therapy and counseling. Anger management, like Chris Brown got. Perhaps some community service. And then, let her go so she can heal. As for her ****less husband? Perhaps he shouldn't have married a "me love you long time" kinda woman. Just a thought.

1107 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Put her away for life???


Fire up the electric chair and don't wet the sponge...

1107 days ago

Nevada Billy    

Ha! Ha! I guess the white guy changed his mind and wanted out after a year.

1107 days ago

God Help Us    

East Asian women are no strangers to knives. Most of them are always getting plastic surgery. Eye enlargement, nose thinning, botox for cheek reduction, jawline shaving, skin bleaching, etc. etc. etc. They start plastic surgery in high school or childhood, from parental pressure. At about age 18, they rip up all their childhood photos. Having kids with a White man helps to hide all those surgeries.

1107 days ago


This is one sick twisted individual. What drove her to do this?

1107 days ago

American Rogue    

Would this be funny if a man drugged a woman, tied her to the bed and then severed one or both breasts? I am appalled by this double standard. My freshman year at Georgetown, the nursing school students - future health professionals - hosted the testicular cancer awareness program and advertised it by posting signs all over campus with messages like "Guys do you have both of yours? Attend this lecture to find out how to keep them." Again these are future health professionals! What if breast cancer awareness were promoted in that same manner!?!?! There would have been candle-light vigils and demands for apologies and maybe even the demand for whomever was their academic sponsor for that program to resign!!!

1107 days ago


She should be convicted of some serious felonies but if this happened in Florida she'll probably only get one or two misdemeanors at most.

1107 days ago


Do mail order brides come with a return guarantee? This Taiwanese lady-boy just kissed its green-card goodbye.

1107 days ago

God Help Us    

"Koreans are born with small eyes, wide and flat faces, and flat, low noses. What they would like are larger eyes, narrower and more oval-shaped faces, and higher and narrower noses."
- Dr. Ing Gon Kim (Owner of the Apkujung Feel Aesthetic Clinic. One of Seoul's best-qualified plastic surgeons.)

1107 days ago
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