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TMZ Live: Adrian Peterson & Mormon Sex Loopholes

7/13/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey called it the FUNNEST TMZ Live of all time -- NFL badass Adrian Peterson dropped by out of nowhere, right in the middle of our discussion about "soaking" ... a Mormon way to have pre-marital sex, without actually having sex ... or is it?


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(0:00) The most ridiculous TMZ Live EVER starts now! Get ready for more talk about cut off penises and strange sex habits than you can handle!
(4:20) First up ... a woman cuts her husband's penis off and then puts it in the disposal ... why do women find this funny? ESPECIALLY Nina.
(12:01) A caller curiously uses the phrase "funny bone."
(16:20) Is laughing at this topic payback for men mistreating women for so long?
(20:13) Know what "soaking" is? You're about to. Sex education begins now.
(22:00) Turns out Max is an experienced soaker.
(24:50) Wait WHAT? NFL badass Adrian Peterson is in the house!!!
(26:05) Adrian learns about soaking ... does he think it's genius, or stupid?
(28:00) Lockout talk -- who does Adrian think will come out on top?
(33:08) Adrian is gone ... so BACK TO SOAKING!!!
(34:50) A former BYUer sheds light on soaking! Step one is "oral is moral" ... then after you climax ... "soaking is second."  NOW it makes sense.
(36:50) Our caller is an experienced soaker! Harvey and Charles FINALLY understand it ... and turns out ... it's what Max was saying all along.
(46:11) Another hilarious caller -- he used to go to BYU campus to pick up women ... and used to pick them up AT CHURCH!!! WHAT?


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some guy    

Good for them. It's the players putting their lives on the line.

There should be something like a pension plan put in place for NFL players that are retiring. Not everyone can be Peyton Manning.

1144 days ago


"women everywhere think it's hilarious" What kind of women are you guys down at TMZ hanging out with? I certainly don't think it's funny in any way.

I don't care what he did or didn't do, no one deserves to be treated like that. That woman is seriously messed up. They need to lock her up and lose the keys.

1144 days ago

some guy    

What's Favre up to? He still sexting?

1144 days ago


Can gays soak?

1144 days ago


really tmz? women are mutilated in far greater numbers every single day, every single moment, not to mention rape, torture, oppression...only when it's a man does it make the news...give me a break. You are just as guilty. Report on womens' issues then, why don't you?

1144 days ago

some guy    


Ask her if she has any sayings for anal.

1144 days ago

some guy    

All I wanna know is... where do fists and baseball bats fit in all this?

1144 days ago


oh is evonea still with us

1144 days ago

some guy    

They should just get it over with and give everyone a Chastity belt. Then throw away the key.

1144 days ago


my husband has been doing soaking for 7 years, ever since he was put on blood pressure medication :P

1144 days ago


So that's outsourcing, right?

1144 days ago

some guy    

Hmmm... starting to see some hypocrisy.

Wonder if the faculty ever dipped their pens in the campus ink.

1144 days ago


Wow, these "LDS" people calling in.... I bet are NOT active in the church... again... not everyone is prefect and people screw up.... but keep the rules people!!

1144 days ago

some guy    


1144 days ago

syntanx man    

tell Charles oral is moral, but a handie is dandy !

1144 days ago
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