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TMZ Live: Adrian Peterson & Mormon Sex Loopholes

7/13/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey called it the FUNNEST TMZ Live of all time -- NFL badass Adrian Peterson dropped by out of nowhere, right in the middle of our discussion about "soaking" ... a Mormon way to have pre-marital sex, without actually having sex ... or is it?


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(0:00) The most ridiculous TMZ Live EVER starts now! Get ready for more talk about cut off penises and strange sex habits than you can handle!
(4:20) First up ... a woman cuts her husband's penis off and then puts it in the disposal ... why do women find this funny? ESPECIALLY Nina.
(12:01) A caller curiously uses the phrase "funny bone."
(16:20) Is laughing at this topic payback for men mistreating women for so long?
(20:13) Know what "soaking" is? You're about to. Sex education begins now.
(22:00) Turns out Max is an experienced soaker.
(24:50) Wait WHAT? NFL badass Adrian Peterson is in the house!!!
(26:05) Adrian learns about soaking ... does he think it's genius, or stupid?
(28:00) Lockout talk -- who does Adrian think will come out on top?
(33:08) Adrian is gone ... so BACK TO SOAKING!!!
(34:50) A former BYUer sheds light on soaking! Step one is "oral is moral" ... then after you climax ... "soaking is second."  NOW it makes sense.
(36:50) Our caller is an experienced soaker! Harvey and Charles FINALLY understand it ... and turns out ... it's what Max was saying all along.
(46:11) Another hilarious caller -- he used to go to BYU campus to pick up women ... and used to pick them up AT CHURCH!!! WHAT?


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you guys should fire the black girl for this its very cruel for her laughing Harvey and Charles

1198 days ago


@tbone hipaa doesn't work that way. it really only prevents a Dr or insurance company talking. Anyone else is fair game

1198 days ago


I lived with a mormon family in MS for six years... Soaking is not the worst double standard out there for these freaks.... Go******hink Im scared forever :P

1198 days ago


Do you think Mitt Romney "soaks"?

1198 days ago


Your "Nina" is a prime jerk. This was a crime of mutilation against a human being and not an act of self-defense. What the h_ll is funny about it?!?! Maybe these idiotic women have had negative father issues and/or relationship baggage (of which they probably have only themselves to blame). These women are jadedly distorted and men should avoid them like the plague. I think you should fire Nina because she is fat. Let's have a chance to laugh at that because if anyone can have no serious conscience as to the fact that this torture and laughter is actually an act of discrimination against another person, then anything goes.

1198 days ago


I don't think that any true woman would find it funny to mutilate a man. That Nina chick is a sad human being...

1198 days ago



Now there is one less loser with the required apparatus to cheat. Perhaps the next SOB who is contemplating cheating on his wife will reconsider.

1198 days ago



Now there is one less loser with the required apparatus to cheat. Perhaps the next SOB who is contemplating cheating on his wife will reconsider.

1198 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

I'm trying to figure out why Harvey thinks it's OK to make fun of mormons since he has a cow whenever anybody says something about Jews.

1198 days ago


I'm a current BYU student. This woman is a total liar/idiot or both. As an LDS member (Mormon), ANY sexual contact outside of marriage is considered a sin (even off campus- what a moron). Why do you think we all get married so friggin' young?? Honestly, that women completely outraged me.

1198 days ago


Adrian- BOOMER SOONER!!!!!!

1198 days ago


The "moron" so called religion is nothing but a front for multiple sex partners. My family was involved for over 30 years and anytime the clothes are off and bodies are touching, it's sex. The statement "Oral is moral" is just another play to get their own mind thinking they are still pure. WHAT A CLUT! After being told by a what they call a "stake president" of what actually goes on in their temples, I knew it was not for me. Only one way to true JOY-Jesus, Others, then yourself. Try living by the Basis Instructions Before Leaving Earth-BIBLE

1198 days ago


I am currently in the process of getting my Criminology degree from Carleton University in Canada and personally I think it's hard to say the situation behind the woman's motivation...there could have been trauma or abuse who knows? Whether that warrants the cutting off of any genital body part, no I don't think so, but I also don't believe in killing someone due to the same abuse or trauma (Battered Women's Syndrome). It's not funny because of the action, it's the extreme nature of what has happened. Not only women do this to other men either....Charlie Chop Off (or Erno Soto) did the same thing, but on a serial basis and was sent by courts to a Psychiatric Facility. There needs to be more of a basis in terms of the history of the case. Again....not funny because a man's penis got cut off but because it's very strange.....

1197 days ago


I don't understand why you refer to the one issue as a "mormon loophole". It doesn't have anything to do with a religeous belief and is not something that is taught in order to stay "morally clean". Way to disrespect someones religeon 2 days in a row. I'm very disappointed.

1197 days ago


Unbelievable that u would BASH the LDS Religion! If someone makes a gay/racial slur TMZ capitalizes on it but It's ok to bash someones religion? You take one mans comments and a few phone calls you can't even validate as being genuine and you blast a religion? I am or maybe was a loyal fan of TMZ but this cut deep and I along with others were deeply offended. Please issue an apology, I think it would be appropriate! In all seriousness ratings and fan base keep you on the air Harvey, don't risk tarnishing it by attacking religion, that's in very poor taste! PLEASE!

1197 days ago
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