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TMZ Live: Adrian Peterson & Mormon Sex Loopholes

7/13/2011 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey called it the FUNNEST TMZ Live of all time -- NFL badass Adrian Peterson dropped by out of nowhere, right in the middle of our discussion about "soaking" ... a Mormon way to have pre-marital sex, without actually having sex ... or is it?


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(0:00) The most ridiculous TMZ Live EVER starts now! Get ready for more talk about cut off penises and strange sex habits than you can handle!
(4:20) First up ... a woman cuts her husband's penis off and then puts it in the disposal ... why do women find this funny? ESPECIALLY Nina.
(12:01) A caller curiously uses the phrase "funny bone."
(16:20) Is laughing at this topic payback for men mistreating women for so long?
(20:13) Know what "soaking" is? You're about to. Sex education begins now.
(22:00) Turns out Max is an experienced soaker.
(24:50) Wait WHAT? NFL badass Adrian Peterson is in the house!!!
(26:05) Adrian learns about soaking ... does he think it's genius, or stupid?
(28:00) Lockout talk -- who does Adrian think will come out on top?
(33:08) Adrian is gone ... so BACK TO SOAKING!!!
(34:50) A former BYUer sheds light on soaking! Step one is "oral is moral" ... then after you climax ... "soaking is second."  NOW it makes sense.
(36:50) Our caller is an experienced soaker! Harvey and Charles FINALLY understand it ... and turns out ... it's what Max was saying all along.
(46:11) Another hilarious caller -- he used to go to BYU campus to pick up women ... and used to pick them up AT CHURCH!!! WHAT?


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I am LDS and I graduated from BYU. I have never heard of soaking, and it is most definitely sex. Any sexual activity: hand job, oral sex, soaking etc... before marriage is against the standards of the church and the honor code. People will try to get away with whatever they can, but that attitude like the caller who said "oral is moral" is wrong. You are cheating yourself by doing whatever you can without getting caught. I really doubt someone could have oral sex, give a hand job or soak then met with a bishop and tell them they are worthy to stay at BYU, or go to the temple, or go on a mission. Not unless they lied anyway.

Also thanks for being clear that the church does not approve of this. I don't want the bad actions of some to taint BYU or the LDS church as a whole. BYU is a good place and most of the kids there do the right thing.

1165 days ago


I think some people are finding the mutilated man funny because it is like a mans pride and joy for some men. They are better because they have a shaft. I dont agree or see her point of view. However, just consider how much stake some men put in how big or active their penis is. The people laughing aren't thinking of the horrendous way his life has changed. I think they are probably laughing at the fact that (if he is indeed one of these men that all women have met) he doesnt have his shaft to hold over women he meets. Just to make it clear I don't agree with this point of view. I am just trying to explain one possible point of view. It is absolutely unexceptable to do this to anyone. She should get a hard sentence because as an adult she should have seen the other consequences of her actions against this man besides taking away the symbol of his man hood.

1165 days ago


hahaha that poor guy on the phone. he just starts talking then he gets interupted hahahahah

1165 days ago

tony rockit    

soaking usually after sex... usually because your both tired but you both want to keep going but to tired to continue which results in IT slipping out.

1164 days ago


I agree with Harvey about the Penis Cutter. It is a horrible story. I don't understand the humor in it. I doubt the victim's mother finds it very funny. What a shame.

1162 days ago


I'm sorry the penis thing is funny. It's not fall out the chair grabbing your gut funny, it's ironically funny. And really when it was said "women everywhere thinks it's funny" it was a blanket statement. If it didn't apply no comment needed. Come on are we REALLY getting that up tight. She cut his penis off and put it in a garbage disposal. AND she turned it on! I mean REALLY in real life. This is not a cartoon. That's funny. DANG he pissed her off. And yes she should get SEVERELY punished for it but, think about it and loosen up; allow yourself a chuckle. I did.

1158 days ago


I've been 'soaked'.....dear lord.....worst day ever.

1156 days ago
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