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700 Pound Woman -- She's Got Big Aspirations

7/14/2011 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

700-pound Internet vixen Donna Simpson has one goal in life -- become the fattest women who ever lived. As a bonus ... she also just made NY Giants running back Brandon Jacobs feel silly for saying he's fat.071311_TV_brandon_v2_still

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2 questions...

1. Where's Michele Obama?
2. Why are all these Whack-jobs in NEW JERSEY???
how does this state always attract these wackos?

1166 days ago


I'm going to vomit. Maybe she should start doing that and lose some weight. The only good thing about being fat (because I just lost 110 pounds) is being able to sit down without excruciating pain.

1166 days ago


Someone should just tie her to a table and force feed her until she explodes, like in the movie Seven.

1166 days ago


This woman's heart will cease to beat before the year is over. What is she thinking or is she?????

1166 days ago

Gsharon 710    

This lady is apparently mentally hurt to the point of illness. Sometimes people who have been dogged and taunted, gives up and go with the flow until they go overboard. If she actually work on what it takes to gain more and more weight, it will soon be out of her hands, and in the hands of her maker. If you know how it feels to have your heart skipping beats, feeling pressure, you would turn around immediately. I hope she knows that if she should become totally dependent on others for EVERY.. thing, she may wish she had thought twice. There will come a time when she is always tired, lose her eye sight, have to depend on depends or a germ gathering urinary foley cath., for life, and loads of o2.
Lady, no one is going to love you more, nor respect you more.. even if you gain two- thousand pounds and outdo any record to date. Your name will hit the media now, never to be an interesting topic again until you are dead, and then some will say, "who tf was she?"
Since we have already heard of you, and what you desire to do, perhaps you should...tell the world that everytime you buy groceries, you will buy ten-dollars less, and donate that to starving children, who were mentioned in a post above this. Now that's news... shows caring, and will let you stay in the media longer, will gain super support from people around the world, and may even draw your neighbors into your life that will assist with your special needs for yourself, and work with you on feeding the hungry.

1166 days ago


This woman needs to be taken out back and put down. Then they need to take all the food this disgusting pig is WASTING and give it to CHILDREN WHO HAVE NONE!

1166 days ago


She's obviously mentally ill, cares for no one but herself and her selfish desires - which will cause her accelerated demise.

My thoughts and sympathies go out to those who ever knew and cared for her - how awful for them to have to watch this unfold.

1166 days ago


This woman waste of our time, resources, and healthcare system. This article should be removed. It is embarrassing to share a planet with someone so selfish and thoughtless. While she stuffs her face with life-threatening amounts of calories, there are millions of people who can't afford food to put in their mouths to survive. I am horrified.

1166 days ago


You know, there are many people who don't have their weight under control and who fight every day of their lives against their own metabolism, medications, and other disabilities that make it hard to be mobile, control their appetites, and get exercise.

Then you see this cow who thinks it's some kind of clever career stunt to deliberately bulk herself up for the fame? She disgusts me in ways no "average" 200-pound matron ever would.

1166 days ago


This is a disgrace. She's risking her health, possibly even her life, to be famous. Someone mentioned she has a daughter - it's nice that she'd be willing to leave her child w/o a mother in an attempt at stardom. So selfish.

1166 days ago


Get ready to fork over your money to this pathetic loser. shes gonna eat till she cant get her fat azz off the couch then claim disability. just one more leech that obama wants us to foot the bill for. thanks barry

1166 days ago

South Beach    

She'll need to hire someone to feed her soon as she'll be bedridden of course, can't walk with that much weight. Maybe that guy in the video is waiting around for the big payday.

Chick is mentally ill, no joke.

1166 days ago


What a fat sow seriously America why are your people so fat the amount of food you fat ***** like to eat could feed all of Africa I've been al over the world and the fattest people are in America fat porky pigs its gross then they wonder why they get sick STOP EATING SO MUCH FOOD FATTIES

1158 days ago


FAT ******* SOW

1158 days ago


I first learned about this disgusting idiot some time ago. She has no other "marketable" skill other than to shove food down her throat 24/7. Nice. Obviously she has no respect for life, health, her body, or the millions of human beings struggling to obtain food every day. She is a FOOD ADDICT trying to pretend that her addiction is her "choice." What's next? Alcoholics trying to drink their way in to the record books? Fine, lady, feed yourself to death, but don't you dare make me or any other tax payer in these hard economic times pay for your addiction.

882 days ago
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