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Muska's Sponsor: Chad's 'N' WORD Was NOT Racist

7/14/2011 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chad Muska's skateboard sponsor is totally cool with the fact he hurled the 'N' word during his arrest -- saying it's ok because Chad used an "a" and not an "er" ... at the end of the racial epithet.


A rep for Element Skateboards -- Muska's sponsor since 2006 -- tells TMZ, "There is a major difference between n**ga and n***** and it's totally obvious he is not being racial at all."

The rep goes on to say Chad has Element's full support.

As TMZ first reported, the legendary pro skateboarder was busted for felony vandalism on Hollywood Boulevard early Thursday morning -- and repeatedly spewed the slur during his arrest.

As for the alleged vandalism -- the rep says it was a mistake ... "especially in front of security guards."

So if the guards weren't there ... no problem?

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I'm a white female and to me, that word (regardless of version) is the most offensive word in the English language.

1133 days ago


Even more so than C*NT? You go girl.

1133 days ago

PK in NYC    

From a White Guy:

A White guy using the A or ER ending N Word is NOT acceptable.

and such a poor loser excuse to offer "he was using the N***A version. LMAO

1133 days ago


From a black guy:

Who cares? You should be able to say whatever you want.. If as a result you get your ass beat so be it. Man up and stop being offended by every little thing people say. There's much bigger issues to be concerned about then what comes out of people's mouths. /nh.

1133 days ago


With the constant casual use of the N word by the black community, they have essentially lost their right to complain about its use by other demographics.

1133 days ago


Nice double standard, folks.

I notice when black rappers do it, no one seems to blink an eye. Heck, they even record CD's spouting off that kind of crap, and yet no one is protesting in the streets. Where's the "Reverend's" Jackson and Sharpton when their brethren are including "N****r" in their lyrics.

Same thing with the Gay and Lesbian crowd. I heard my gay brother-in-law have a fight with his partner...called him a "Queen" and a "F*G". TOO damn much of this "word sensitivity" going around.

Yeah...this guy was a tool, but his behavior is HIS problem. I have a family to raise, a crappy economy to survive, and a best friend fighting for us in Afghanistan. Don't we all have more important things to concern ourselves with?!?

Solution?!? Stick this clown in general population at L.A. County Jail along with copies of the news story...problem will solve itself!


1133 days ago


my hairy monkey ass he isnt racist you say the n word or any variation of it infront of a black man you know what youre doing plus hes a disgusting skid white trash, not like they are known for being racist....

1133 days ago

i said lesbians...    

its not racist, its just ignorant. what a moron. people who talk like that are losers.

1133 days ago


Wouldn't it be insanely ironic if somebody spray painted "Ni**as" all over the front of:

Element Skateboards
121 Waterworks Way
Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92618

That'd be HILARIOUS! And you know Element would think it was awesome also!

1133 days ago


How was the vandalism a "mistake" when he was writing his NAME on a coffee shop window? This belongs in one of those stupid criminal columns.

1133 days ago

Mike Hawk    

If anyone knows this knucklehead than you know he is NOT a racist.

1133 days ago


All this drama over whether this idiot is racist or not is ridiculous. This is a good example of whats wrong with society today. People just need to put their grownup panties on and stop being so sensitive. Get over it!

1133 days ago

Gsharon 710    

TMZ move the hell on and stop trying to stir up chit. You want us to act ignorant like your group does when anyone says something that hurt you. Stop this crap. This is not the first time we have heard this, and I cannot count the many times I have used words I should not have. Some non blacks may think they know how we feel about the word, but unless you are one of us....stop kidding yourself. Some of us have learned to move on, and hell no we are not calling Jackson. Now git...go play with someone else about something else.

1133 days ago


Regardless of what he meant when he said it, (which was quite obviously said to rile up the security guards), no one should say that word at all. It IS offensive regardless of the ending. Words do have power and since this word was created only to hate, put down, humiliate a specific type of person, there is no way you can change the spelling or the sound of saying it to change the meaning. I personally think it shows the ignorance of anyone who uses it in the slang form. I am white and find it more offensive when black people say it and try to say "it takes away the negativity". No it doesn't. This word SHOULD be permanently banned from our language. Same with C*nt. Double standards all over the place on this topic.

That said, this guy is obviously a moron anyway for tagging. How lame is that??? Its not the frickin 90s anymore dude! And in front of security? Really? You deserve to get busted, fined and spend some time in jail.

1133 days ago


Black people piss me off so much, they call each other "*****s" all the time but when a white guy does it, it's "racist". If the word is so demeaning to them then NO ONE should say it at all.

1133 days ago
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