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Muska's Sponsor: Chad's 'N' WORD Was NOT Racist

7/14/2011 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chad Muska's skateboard sponsor is totally cool with the fact he hurled the 'N' word during his arrest -- saying it's ok because Chad used an "a" and not an "er" ... at the end of the racial epithet.


A rep for Element Skateboards -- Muska's sponsor since 2006 -- tells TMZ, "There is a major difference between n**ga and n***** and it's totally obvious he is not being racial at all."

The rep goes on to say Chad has Element's full support.

As TMZ first reported, the legendary pro skateboarder was busted for felony vandalism on Hollywood Boulevard early Thursday morning -- and repeatedly spewed the slur during his arrest.

As for the alleged vandalism -- the rep says it was a mistake ... "especially in front of security guards."

So if the guards weren't there ... no problem?

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en Todo Momento!!    

i don't belive this post for a second. skaters are THE!! most gentle and most sensitive and most kindhearted people there are!! soft and calm hearted, very nice fellows. i don't believe this post, i think tmz only made this story up to be mean to them. that's not fair.

1161 days ago


This guy running around tagging and defacing private property seems to be the bigger issue. Looking at the guy along with his profanity and whatever else he was on, displays someone in a downward spiral. Glad he got popped. Maybe it'll smarten him up?

1161 days ago


Let him slide through Detroit with and "a" instead of an "er" and let's see if it makes a difference.

1161 days ago


i've heard young people both black+other races all agree
it's used in context of a friend it means friend
i disagree even though i don't simplithize w/ most black
people trying to get away w/ stuff by playing the race card
even w/ my extreme personality traits i have to admit that's
a terrible word and i was raised to hate it. all of you
young people who think otherwise are so deluded.

1161 days ago


So I guess if you don't pronounce the "er" at the end your not a racist... What a utopia Boston must be.

1161 days ago


Where are all the gay people and all the fake media outrage. Chris brown says you acting gay its front page news. Its a derogatory term which should be banned fro the English language...well when they ban the word ni**a and ni**er all you punks can can go somewhere.

1161 days ago

The Real JJ    

So its cool cause it's with an "a." TMZ just crucified Chris Brown for calling a ticket "gay" and this guy is calling a person the n word with an "a" and everyone's cool with that. All you gotta do put an a at the end i guess.

1161 days ago


he sounds like a racist vandal to me, showing no respect for other peoples property or feelings.

1161 days ago


I'd hate to be the poor flack that had to cover for him on that one.

1161 days ago


jeff, youre an idiot,,,,, Element are a bunch of cowardly red neck racist protecting a racist. bottom line, if it was me id of done muska like weston cage got done i promise you

1161 days ago


who the hell cares!!! oh, boo fricken hoo, get over it! OMG A WHITE GUY SAID *******!!! SOMEONE GET AL SHARPTON OUT HERE!! not to mention blacks use this term all the time! if it bother's you that bad maybe you should get your whiney asss into a shrink. everything nowadays has gotta be racial and controversial, point blank WHO CARES!!!

1161 days ago


He is a skateboard champion, I assume he has money...and he is out spray painting his TAG! What a loser, this is what our young people look up too. He looks like a drugged up jerk, there is many fine skaters that are rich and responsible that do not act like this.He just gives the sport a bad name!!!

1161 days ago


What a chump. Develop some style before you start propagating yourself as a writer. Element, supra and any other company that has affiliations with this cave man will no longer receive any monetary support from me.

1161 days ago


it is so sad. america is the only country where you have to refer to that word as the 'N' word. it is just a word people. that word was published in Tom Sawyer and other books throughout the years.
it is weird. the only people who are offended by it are the blacks. and the only people who use it in every rap song... and use it on the streets when talking about blacks or white... are black people.
how can black people get mad at white people over that word, when (as I said) it is the black people who sing that word over and over. i just dont understand.

1161 days ago


Muska is not Racist he just thinks hes black im serious ive watched skating videos of him for like 12 years.

1161 days ago
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