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It's a Small VIP World

For the Kardashians

7/14/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Escorted by security and a tour guide, Kim, Kourtney and Rob Kardashian along with Scott Disick, little Mason, momager Kris Jenner and youngest sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner enjoyed a VIP excursion on Disneyland's It's a Small World ride on Tuesday.


The Kardashians really do live in one big fantasyland.


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Kev the Realist    

It is pathtic when TMZ has nothing else going on that they need to cover this disgusting family of fame whores, who have No talent, less class and are totallyt worthless. They are not now or will they ever been Hollywood worthy. They are all trash so PLEASE STOP COVERING THEM. All you are doing is feeding their despwerate need for attention.

1162 days ago


Be careful what you wish for folks....

WHY anyone would aspire to be rich and famous is beyond my thinking. How do you like having a camera shoved in your face every single second of the day? Having to be 'on' every second and primp because if you are not, they will now say...Look! Kim K. without make-up!!!! Kim K with a zit!

But....that is what happens when you're just dying to be famous and needing that attention. They can't go any where and have it be a private moment. They can't just chill at the mall, go to the Chuckey Chesse with the kids, or be alone EVER.

Oh well, they get what they deserve I suppose. There is no going back for them, I feel sorry for the two little ones.....they have no hope of a normal life.

1162 days ago


..I thought that was Kourtney sitting back with Scott..and it isn't. Kourtney is closer up front holding Mason. Who is sitting next to Scott?..Scott doesn't look to happy to be there...

1162 days ago


whatever you want to say about them, that kid Mason is one of the cutest kids in Hollywood.....always smiling.

1162 days ago


I think I can speak for everyone and say we are all sick of hearing about these dim bulbs.

1162 days ago


Why is Scott sitting so far from Kourtney & Mason? She has no respect for him. Yeah, I know if you google the term "douchebag" his name is the first result, but for my money he is the most complex and interesting character on the whole show. Why do you think most of the spinoffs have Kourtney in them? So Scott can appear.

1162 days ago


Is that Bruce sitting back there with the help?! LOL

1162 days ago


this was probably another idiot idea that MamaKRis thought up. Everyone else looks bored out of their minds. They stuck Skot in the back with (apparently) the newest nanny. Kourt looks pissedand the kid looks cranky. Why couldn't Skot and Kort take their kid by themselves instead of the Mama making this another photo op? F A M E W H O R E S .

1162 days ago


Is Courtney covering her babies face?? When did kids become allergic to the sun!? Haha.

1162 days ago


They look like their having loads of fun! What a boring, over-rated family.

@Gianna Gamnbino...I've been voting against them since day one on the Teen Choice Awards. They already begged their loser teeny bopps to vote for them, I'm doing just the opposite.
& Rob is a loser & mooch, he's very disgusting!

1162 days ago


put a hat on that kid, maybe the fat ass Kim could shadow the little one from the sun. yes her ass is that big.

1162 days ago


Yeah, don't bother putting a hat on your child. It's only the hot California sun. What could possible happen? Stupid Chimp!

1162 days ago


anything to be photographed. how many kids that really wanted to go on the ride were prevented from doing so because of these clowns?

1162 days ago

Yep I said that    

Security LMAO!!! no one at Disneyland would know who these media wh0res were if they fell over them, a bunch of self important trash

1162 days ago

Timmy Boy    

Whats so great about those puppets? people are dumb. I would no pay $90 to watch those puppets!

1162 days ago
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