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Busted for DUI

The Sexy Footage

7/14/2011 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It might be the sexiest DUI arrest ever -- Claudia Jordan's smokeshow friend BUSTED after sideswiping a parked car ... while driving a freaking DeLorean ... and it was all caught on TAPE.

Model Arrested DUI
Law enforcement tells TMZ, model SueLyn Medeiros -- we strongly recommend Googling her -- was pulled over last night in Hollywood after colliding with a parked car, and when she opened her DeLorean's gull-wing door, cops caught a "strong odor" of alcohol.

Police administered a field sobriety test -- and Medeiros, who had been driving with Claudia in the car, laughs the entire way through, prancing around barefoot ... needless to say, cops weren't impressed.

Medeiros then blew a .14 -- nearly twice the legal limit in California -- and was placed under arrest.

According to law enforcement, Medeiros bragged incessantly about being a rich model, and was extremely flirtatious with the officers.

Medeiros is still in custody on $45,000 bail. As for the high bail amount, we're told she had an unrelated warrant out for her arrest ... but it's unclear why.


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Surly Duff    

She's a butterface!

1198 days ago


Claudia Jordan is a middle aged woman who should have been the grown up in this situation not to mention she should have had enough sense not to put her own life in danger with this 25 year old drunk.

1198 days ago


BTW, if this is what Harvey thinks is SO SEXY we should Google her, Harvey needs desperately to get laid...

By someone with no Adam's Apple (not that there's anything wrong with that...if that's what he's into).

1198 days ago

Abraham lincoln     

Honest Abe would hit it.

1198 days ago

Chef Jack Tripper    

Judging on her smiles and giggling, getting popped for DUI seems like so much fun. What a body!!! But that face looks like its been knocked around Chris Brown style. Mashed potatoes.

1198 days ago


My brother was murdered by Drunk driver while walking across a street. When I identified his remains he did not even look human. Next time you get "just a little buzzed" imagine your loved one is on some slab and you are in my place trying to look through a mass of gore for someone you loved.

1198 days ago

Politico Pablo    

It looked like the officer unlocked one of her handcuffs before putting her in the car. I wonder why he would do that?

1198 days ago


OK -- so remind me. We should be interested in this because why?

1198 days ago


Figures some idiot (gurter)would throw the race card into this. You knew that was coming. Race has NOTHING to do with DUI, you stupid idiot! Sideswiping cars and blowing .14 is what will get you busted, not your color you dumb Fhuk. Stupid bimbo model. How shallow to make $ off the way you look. Obviously that's all she has is her semi decent look. This bimbo has no brains, just like Gurter

1198 days ago


That's why the wealthy break laws, because they have the money to pay for it. Maybe they will run over a judge's child. Money is not a punishment, unless you are poor. Justice should not be purchased. The whole system is designed as a money-making venture, not as a public service of public safety.

1198 days ago


Quit erasing my comments because you think it's racist!

This is a typical Latin America ho. I have watched Spanish television of and on for 20 years and most of the chicks dress like this. They love to show as much skin as possible even on these so-called family shows like Sabado Gigante.

That same thought process has infected the women of this country since the 90's.

1198 days ago


How many cops does it take to give a dui to a pretty girl? Looked like there were 10 cops standing and smiling. You would think they could have something better to do than that.

1198 days ago


"Politico Pablo 25 minutes ago:
It looked like the officer unlocked one of her handcuffs before putting her in the car. I wonder why he would do that?"

Can you say "Squad car hand job"?


1198 days ago


Maybe she sideswiped the car cuz she has no sense of barrier just like her career.

1198 days ago


So... did Doc Brown get a DUI, too? Also, are there sobriety checkpoints in wormholes? Also, do you think the police originally thought it was Michael J. Fox behind the wheel?

1198 days ago
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