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TMZ Live: Sugar Shane Hit Below the Belt in Divorce?

7/14/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sugar Shane Mosley was forced to give 3 championship belts to his wife as part of their divorce ... does she deserve them or did he get screwed?

And, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson says he would make a "damn good" president. But before you write him off ... Harvey explains why it could work ... and how it all ties back to Abraham Lincoln.


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(0:00) Carmageddon!!! Harvey is actually EXCITED about it because it's causing mass hysteria ... and unifying the city at the same time.
(4:20) So sad ... Harvey and Charles aren't friends.
(8:30) Harvey fawns over Abraham Lincoln ... who he calls the greatest leader in American history. 
(12:03) Would The Rock make a good president?
(17:00) Why popular entertainers could be good politicians.
(20:00) Sugar Shane Mosley has to give his wife three championship belts as part of their divorce. What the hell? Is this fair?
(24:00) Finally, Mosley wins one round against his ex.
(36:20) What broke Harvey's heart when he was young?
(40:05) Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller may be getting back together ... and everyone thinks it's a horrible idea. Should DCFS step in?
(43:02) Mike has special insight on the Charlie/Brooke situation ... because he's been over to Charlie's house.
(44:58) Dax the investigator toots his own horn.
(48:15) A pro skateboarder hurls the N-word around during his arrest last night ... was it racist or not?


No Avatar

some guy    

I smell the Rock cooking up a solution to the AIDS crisis in Africa... or maybe not.

1160 days ago


I think the Rock is like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the sense that it would be a more narcissistic endeavor to run for president, and not much else. I could not take him seriously.

PS... Max looks hot today, tell him to wash his hair more often!

1160 days ago


Is Harvey trying to promote himself for POTUS?

1160 days ago


On the subject of Catherine Becker: why hasn't she been charged with attempted murder as well? She had the necessary intent (wanting to cause serious bodily harm) even if she didn't plan to kill him.

I'm a woman, and am disgusted by anyone who makes light of sexual violence against either gender. I'll be as disgusted by anyone raising the excuse of battered-woman syndrome. This was cold, premeditated, and horrendously vicious.

1160 days ago

some guy    

Gotta agree with Charles. It was Shane's wife that worked out, stepped in the ring, and risked getting knocked out.

I know this probably doesn't sound fair to Nina. That psycho.

1160 days ago


He screwed up when he married her... Guys don't get married... stay together but don't get married..

1160 days ago

some guy    

@TMZ Retraction:

"... It wasn't Shane's wife that... stepped in the ring..."

1160 days ago

Chris M    

He fought the fights,trophies should go to the champ. Prize money earned for those fights will obviously be divided though as she can claim moral support at the time of the fights.

1160 days ago

some guy    

I heard Harvey had to walk 5 miles to school uphill when he was growing up. Both ways.

1160 days ago

some guy    

I don't think Shane has enough brain cells to appreciate a Renoir.

1160 days ago


What if the kids wear suspenders?

1160 days ago


Shane's ex-wife is protecting the kids, when he gets amrried again and has kids with the new wife the new wife would put her foot down and say hell no, those belts are going to our kids!

1160 days ago


if he hadn't married her and had a maid who had done everything his wife had done is she entitled to half his stuff to?

1160 days ago


Who got primary custody of the children? Maybe she got them so the children can have them in their house (if she has primary custody) as a reminder of their father when he is not around...

1160 days ago

some guy    

I wonder about why Shane's wife wants these belts. She has no real connection to them outside of being married to the guy that won them.

I'm thinking she's going to eventually sell them if she needs the cash.

1160 days ago
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