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TMZ Live: Sugar Shane Hit Below the Belt in Divorce?

7/14/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sugar Shane Mosley was forced to give 3 championship belts to his wife as part of their divorce ... does she deserve them or did he get screwed?

And, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson says he would make a "damn good" president. But before you write him off ... Harvey explains why it could work ... and how it all ties back to Abraham Lincoln.


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(0:00) Carmageddon!!! Harvey is actually EXCITED about it because it's causing mass hysteria ... and unifying the city at the same time.
(4:20) So sad ... Harvey and Charles aren't friends.
(8:30) Harvey fawns over Abraham Lincoln ... who he calls the greatest leader in American history. 
(12:03) Would The Rock make a good president?
(17:00) Why popular entertainers could be good politicians.
(20:00) Sugar Shane Mosley has to give his wife three championship belts as part of their divorce. What the hell? Is this fair?
(24:00) Finally, Mosley wins one round against his ex.
(36:20) What broke Harvey's heart when he was young?
(40:05) Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller may be getting back together ... and everyone thinks it's a horrible idea. Should DCFS step in?
(43:02) Mike has special insight on the Charlie/Brooke situation ... because he's been over to Charlie's house.
(44:58) Dax the investigator toots his own horn.
(48:15) A pro skateboarder hurls the N-word around during his arrest last night ... was it racist or not?


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some guy    

What does Tracy Morgan have to say about all this?

1204 days ago


Hey Dax, that's a Toronto Maple Leafs shirt that Charlie and Brooke are wearing.. not Vancouver.

1204 days ago


DAX..that was a TORONTO maple leafs shirt...not vancouver!!!

1204 days ago

Chris M    

us skateboarders have a bad reputation to begin with. If he were any other type of an athlete, this wouldn't even make news.

1204 days ago


Toronto Maple Leafs, not Vancouver Maple Leafs... :)

1204 days ago

some guy    

IMO someone using racist remarks is pretty unoriginal and dumb.

Doubt anyone would've raised an issue if he called them 'rent-a-cops.'

1204 days ago


I think you're right about the Civil War and Lincoln. I think Clint Eastwood would be a interesting President. The fact that he can direct and produce movies like FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS and LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA ... AND compose the music... shows that this a guy with amazing understanding....


1204 days ago


What kind of JetSki do you ride Harvy?

1204 days ago


How do people not know who Artie Lange is!? Duh, he's only the best sidekick there was on Howard Stern. I can't wait to hear how he is and what he has been up to.

1204 days ago


really? ITS JUST A WORD. I think everyone needs to check their emotions at their door when they leave their house. There is something called the First Amendment. Sorry if that hurts anyone's feelings. You are free to leave the country if you have a problem with the Constitution.

1204 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Never heard Muska refer to himself as a honky What a tool.

1204 days ago


Harvy, I was born with a huge penis, should my wife get half of that if we get divorced. Think about that, and yes I mean my penis.

1204 days ago


I cannot believe what a complete twit Harvey is!! All the authorities are saying "Just stay home!" And what does Harvey plan???? He's going to get out and drive around, apparently, just for the EXPERIENCE of it! So he can gush about the drama of a traffic jam. What a completely self-absorbed moron. Sure Harve, get on national TV and encourage people to exacerbate the problem. Convince, what, 100,000, a MILLION people to just ?get out and tool around?? YOU are the problem.

1203 days ago
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