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Arnold & Maria -- REUNITED At the Dinner Table

7/15/2011 6:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver came together for Italian food in Brentwood last night -- as they BOTH attended a birthday dinner for one of Patrick's buddies ... further proving their divorce is anything but nasty.

Arnold and Maria -- and even son Patrick -- arrived separately ... and left separately -- but on the way out, both Arnold and Maria put on a smile when asked about their relationship.

One photog told Arnold, "We're all hoping you guys get back together" ... to which Arnold simply replied, "Thank you."


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@Her Imperial and Royal Majesty

Maria and her people were the one who leaked the love child story to the press, so why should the paparazzi leave her alone? If she really cared about her privacy- she should have stayed quiet and dealt with her personal problems in private.

1195 days ago


You bet! Of course, she's playing the media. She's got to do it as she needs it all out in public to have the greatest return for her future end game...whatever that is.

I'm guessing eventually it will be a public or government held post of ???

1195 days ago


I sincerely hope it wasn't a TMZ photographer that would make such a stupid statement. I think most people want to see Maria free of this piece of excrement.

1195 days ago


With a face like that, did Maria order a hay salad?

1194 days ago


Guess coz Maria's getting 200 Million puts her in a good mood, it would me too.

1194 days ago


All involved - Arnold, Maria, and Mildred (their house-Ho) are unscrupulous and Evil. They all knew that Arnold was an illegitimate parent and that wouldn't look good to the (legitimate) citizens of California. Arnold, Maria, & Mildred conspired to pull the wool over our eyes so to speak -- and there would be a pay-out at the end of Arnold's Governorship. Even Saint Monica Roman Catholic Church (Santa Monica)is in on this Scam. Arnold & Maria are getting a divorce... doesn't the Catholic Church forbid the termination of a marriage union at the alter of their Church? Maria wore a white gown and the Kennedy's held a huge wedding party for Arnold & Maria on the day they were wed. Then, Mildred, there are those photos of Mildred's boy being baptized under Roman Catholic ritual. California taxpayers have been treated to many photos of Arnold & Maria at Mildred's family's gatherings by now. Maria has been going around Santa Monica and Brentwood taking.... yes, TAKING special privileges because of her status as California Lady. You don't deserve special privileges, Maria. You need a swift kick in your skelator *arse* because you are no better than me, a California taxpayer. When I am moved to help an elderly person or a homeless Vet --- I give them $10. or $20. cash or discreetly pay for their meal in a restaurant. What do you do Arnold & Maria? Ohh, you donate to Saint Monica's Church which only helps hispanics!

1194 days ago


Here's hoping she has the inner fortitude to move on from this, have heard she really has a weakness for Arnold.

1194 days ago


I am sure Arnold is trying to work his magic. Hopefully, Maria will find someone else and move on. I think that is the only way she will get over lugnut.

As for Arnold, I have a feeling cheating has lost it's appeal since he is not forfeiting half of 400 million for his indiscretion and he no longer has anyone to cheat on.

1194 days ago

The Gorn    

Arnie is doing his best to reunite his family. First, Maria. Then, Patty.

1194 days ago

Brooke Knudson    

I think Maria is happy to be rid of him!!! Now He can pursue lame movie deals. Maria WINNING!!! (thumbs up)

1194 days ago

Brooke Knudson    

Maria would probably love to have a maid to iron her clothes but considering the bonus her hubby slipped the last one... I think Id be happy wearing wrinkles and cotton too.

1194 days ago


I wonder where the valet parked her broom.

1194 days ago


Wouldn't it be funny if the wedlock Arnold had by that old ugly woman, talked like him??

1194 days ago


Could it be that Arnold is generously transferring his fortune over to his partner-in-marriage, Maria in order to diminish his financial status from the blackmailing Mildred? Although he has a reasonable responsibility to provide for Joseph, a minor-aged boy Arnold acknowledges is his son --- does not mean the boy needs $20,000./month child support. Arnold owes Mildred -0- but, he appears to have agreed to help her buy a house in a safe neighborhood and will no doubt commit to pay for Joesph's future college education. Mildred couldn't touch Maria who is holding the family fortune, a new house, and a new bed. Yay!!!

1194 days ago


arnold went as low as any human can go, sleeping with that maid, lol, there will never be any good thing about him again, ugh!! kept her near his precious family all those yeas? the man is low, when you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

1193 days ago
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