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Barron Hilton Ordered to Pay $4.9 MIL In DUI Crash

7/15/2011 12:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton's younger brother Barron has been ordered to shell out $4.9 million to a gas station attendant he struck  back in 2008 ... the same day he was arrested for DUI.

Barron Hilton 4.9 million

Hilton was sued by Fernando Tellez -- who was working at a gas station on Pacific Coast Highway when Barron -- who was 18-years-old at the time -- rolled up in a Mercedes Benz ... and struck the guy with his ride.

Tellez's attorney claims he suffered "permanent disability" and has been forced to "undergo multiple surgeries and medical procedures" ever since.

Hilton was arrested on suspicion of DUI that day after blowing a .14. He later pleaded no contest to the charge.

Now, an L.A. County Superior Court jury has ordered Hilton to fork over $4.9 million in damages.

A source connected with Barron tells TMZ, "We disagree with the jury.  Barron did not strike the attendant.  Barron knows he did wrong. It happened 3 years ago and he's been incredibly responsible ever since."


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Just read the comments by "GotmyJD". Right on the money. I medically review these types of cases and I wouldn't take these injuries on for a few million either. Don't make the victims the problem here was the drunk rich kids fault.

1134 days ago


I doubt that Barron remembers anything... Probably not too likely that a judge would make such a judgment without a lot of evidence (surveillance tape, medical records). Barron should just be a man and pay the $4.9 million without dragging things out.

$4.9 million doesn't go very far these days for medical expenses. Many insurance companies have much lower lifetime limits, and also they jack up the premiums quickly once you have any claims and if you read the fine print - they don't promise to actually pay for anything even if they pre-certify a hospital stay or medical procedure. Good luck getting another policy for a reasonable premium if you have any such injuries on your record.

The hospitals and doctors here have gone to a predatory model, where they jump on the sick and injured to cover their routine operating expenses - this is why the bills are so ridiculously high, even when the individual patient can't possibly be actually costing anybody that much beyond normal staff and equipment time which is incurred with or without patients around.

It wasn't anything like this decades ago, but it's a peculiar cycle now - the medical people push for unnecessary expensive tests to avoid lawsuits (which people start because they're afraid of being bankrupted by the medical people) and to get more money maybe from the insurance company (since the insurance company unpredictably refuses to pay, which is why patients are afraid of being bankrupted). The insurance companies also try to push people out of the pool as soon as they might actually need medical care, especially as they reach their fifties, generally by raising the premiums impossibly high year after year until they break. I had to drop insurance myself when the premiums reached 53% of my income, with a deductible of $5000 so I still couldn't afford to see a doctor; I learned with my $15 thousand dollar UTI a few years ago (3 days in the hospital because some kind but naive soul called 911 when I had a fever, they should have sent me home in an hour or two with an antibiotic) that the policy that was supposed to pay everything above the deductible ($2500 before the UTI) didn't pay for a lot of it. The hospital bill breakdown from the insurance company was peppered with "priced too high for the region" and "not medically necessary", but the hospital wanted the whole bill paid regardless. It was insane. Anybody brought to a hospital in an ambulance is toast, they will rip through your deductible and far beyond in a few minutes no matter what the real problem is. I had been paying for insurance all my adult life, for decades, and this was my first claim. So it was quite a shocking introduction to modern medical realities in the USA.

Anyway, I can see why anybody with an injury that could cause ongoing problems in future would want a nice nest egg just to be able to survive the US medical system. Also if an illness or injury affects your ability to work now or in future - you have the lost income to deal with. Other countries have much better safety nets and also pay reasonable portions of their income in taxes (just a few percent) to maintain their health care system, so when they get sick or injured - at least they can get some medical care without going into deep debt. If I lived in Canada, I would not still be in high credit card debt due to a simple UTI that happened several years ago (not only for the bills, but also for several months lost income since the hospital and doctor were too busy doing expensive and irrelevant tests to actually deal properly with the urinary tract infection that had knocked me out, and also they gave me just a few days of an antibiotic which ultimately had long-lasting side effects worse than the disease; fortunately I went to a real doctor for the relapse and started improving within an hour of the first antibiotic injection, although I had to spend about $400 for several weeks of antibiotics). My Canadian colleagues (as well as colleagues in a lot of other countries) think the American approach to medical insurance is bizarre and impossible to understand. They're right...

1134 days ago


With all the appeals, he will never see a penny.

I'm a Hilton, make it go away, that's what your paid for.

Trust Fund kids. You can run on the Hilton name for so long.

1134 days ago


It's never a Hilton's fault! Makes me puke that they never, ever accept responsibility for their actions. Speaks volumes about the parents...

1133 days ago


That whole family is a disease.

1133 days ago


"He's been incredibly responsible ever since" ?????REALLY???? And that helps the vicim through his pain and numerous surgeries and total life change after being hit by Mr. Hilton how exactly? Gees, just pay the poor man his 4+ million and consider yourself lucky Barron, it could have been so much worse. Spoiled privileged rich kids need to understand the rules of the real world DO apply to them. You play, you pay.

1133 days ago


What a piece of... Wow. Are they're anymore SELF MADE people in this world, oh yea, ME. I hate people like this. He's so Americana. See for yourself. My name is Gregory Brandt, and I AM the American Dream.

1133 days ago

some guy    

@Her Imperial and Royal Majesty

Everytime I read your posts, I hear a British accent.

Love your avatars, btw.

1133 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

oh whatever. that dude can prolly pull that penny amount out of his wadded up matress pad. i heard the hilton's only love cash padded matresses.

1133 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

well, being that he's a hilton, and was driving a nazi mercedes, i'm sorta durprised that he didn't put the machinery in reverse and just finish the low-class. haughty bunch those pork skins.

1133 days ago


The attorney claims he suffered "permanent disability" but if he was realy permanent disabilable then there would be no reason to claim something it would be fact. Also they said he was arrested on suspicion of DUI later that day. If he was drink when he hit the guy he'd would have been arrested at that time. So that ment he wasnt drinking when he hit the guy. Maybe you should read more carefuly before saying that he was drinking when he hit the person.

1133 days ago

Appeal This    

If his name had been Morales instead of Hilton, and had he been a busboy, would he have likely been ordered to pay the vic such a huge amount? I doubt it. A few years back, a famous 90210 plastic surgeon botched a hair transplant on his own brother, making him a permanent vegetable. The jury awarded that poor sap a little over the million dollar malpractice insurance the celebrity doc carried. (Can you believe it? This celebrity plastic surgeon only carried $1 million???) Jury awards have gotten waaay out of hand. This will be argued in appeals for years, as it should. How much is a person's life worth? And this guy, by the grace of God, survived. Get real people. Accidents are not to be cashed in on like lottery tickets, and damages are not intended to be windfall profits to the vics. But...there is more in store for Mr. Hilton. After this criminal trial, the vic can also make a restitution claim, and that, too, can cost Hilton thousands upon thousands of attorney fee claims for the attorneys who represented the vic. I sure would like to see the State of California return to holding the barkeeper responsible for serving our kids to drunkenness. It's as much their fault as the DUI driver.

1133 days ago


If he plead No Contest to the DUI and the Gas station attendant was injured by his car - which should be on the cctv (if it's a good enough one!), then he's got to pay the settlement! As for appeals, while yeah the Hilton family COULD go down that route and have the case stay on everyone's mind and hanging over Barron for years but in this case it might be wiser to settle!! Barron blew a .14 later in the day, that's after the alcohol had a chance to dissipate a bit hm?! So what was he previously?
Really, the cops are called, the attendant is on the ground needing serious medical attention and Barron didn't hit him? How many hit and runs did the garage have that night or day?
The attendant has permanent injuries and has suffered many surgeries because another Hilton arse.hole cant not have a DUI! His sister got away with hers for all intents and purposes!
The lawyer and family on this one need to cough up and shut up, the guys medical and legal bills are going to be swallowed up in that amount and he can't work!! $4.9 mil is a bargain if the guy has further surgeries that need to be done later on in life as a result of this accident! Of course being a Hilton no doubt means the guy will be lucky to see a dime and they will appeal until the lawyers fees on the other side are so much it will cripple the guy to keep fighting his case! It pays to be a Hilton, you never do time in jail and hey, even your compensation awards against you end up getting wiped off the slate - you can drink and drive with complete impunity and never be forced to pay for the consequences of your actions if you're a Hilton hm?! Is that the image they want portrayed everyday in the media as this guy's lawyer takes his case to the media because they will not pay up or accept responsibility? Public opinion can cause a lot of harm as we all know by now!
BTW Not paying would mean that wherever Barron goes, everyday of this man's life, it can be thrown back in his face in the media and even a Hilton can be driven over the edge psychologically - money does NOT buy you everything!

There is of course the alternative view that he was not hit by the car and someone else hit him so he's just going after Barron because he popped by and hit a kerb or two and was drunk! A Hilton having more money - that's the story the lawyer wants to sell you - so he's the one charged and sued!
Of course that would mean Barron only thought he was pleading No Contest to the DUI charge and his lawyer didn't advise him otherwise!! It would also mean the Judge in this case was wrong to permit the case to proceed IF there was evidence Barron didn't do it hm?!


1133 days ago

some guy    

Read an article online about how $3 mil of that $4.9 mil settlement is going towards pain and suffering?

What pain and suffering? Sitting at home watching TV and waiting for your leg to heal? Gimme a break. Most people would kill for that kind of "pain and suffering".

1132 days ago


4.9 million is nothing. Figure the IRS takes half, then the victim's lawyers take 1/3 for their fees. Guy is not left with much for his medical bills.

Paris, Barron...all those Hiltons except Nicky seem to be idiots.

1132 days ago
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