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TMZ Live: Are the Streets Safe for Casey Anthony?

7/15/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Acquitted baby killer Casey Anthony is about to be a free woman. So the big question -- if you ran into her in a public place ... would you ignore her, berate her, or ATTACK her?

And, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa calls in to talk about the greatest traffic-based threat Los Angeles has ever faced ... "carmageddon!" Is it REALLY gonna be as bad as everyone says ... or is it just hype?


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(0:00) Happy Carmageddon Day!!! Harvey compares shutting down the 405 to plugging an artery in your heart.
(7:05) If you saw Casey Anthony on the street, would you ignore, berate, or attack her?
(8:30) Kendall clears up a false Anthony-related story that's floating around.
(12:20) Seriously ... what would you get out of berating Anthony? And more importantly, wanna hear Harvey attempt to say "beyotch?"
(17:01) Jason has an interesting O.J. Simpson story.
(30:00) Why is it okay for black people to use the "N" word? Nina gives us her take on the subject.
(32:50) Charles and Nina disagree a little bit about who should be able to use the word.
(35:00) Why do people wanna use the word so much?
(36:30) Charles talks about a time when he was hurt by the word.
(45:00) Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is on the phone! Time to talk "carmageddon!" 
(46:30) Will carmageddon end up reuniting the city? MAV says it all hype.


No Avatar


Americans are so stupid... don't they have anything better to stress about better than a stupid carmageddon...? bunch of spoilt babies..... Maybe if Mom, Dad, and each of their 5 kids didn't have a car things might be a little better... but oh well.. not hatin,,... maybe i am

1197 days ago

some guy    

Beckerman's on. Must be Friday!

1197 days ago


If I say Casey Anthony, I would silently pray for her and continue on my way.

1197 days ago


Yo, I'd try to date her. She'd make the perfect mistress.

1197 days ago


I personally as a black woman don't use the "N" word. However, I am not taken on the emotional anger path I go down when someone nonblack uses it. It's like if you and your sibling start to argue and says' "Your momma", you aren't going to go into a crazy rage against your sibling because you both have the same mother. The saying loses it's "power", I feel the same way about someone black using the "N" word.

1197 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

That Pentagon TMZ guy who sometimes speaks could be the voice of a muppet. His voice is terrible.

1197 days ago

some guy    

If I saw Casey and she was getting harassed, I'd call the cops. The people that would torment her have no respect for the law. They are the ones acting like animals, not Casey.

1197 days ago


I am a person of faith, but I would want to tell Casey that I hope the rest of her life is a living hell.

1197 days ago


If I came face-to-face with Casey Anthony I would probably unleash fury on her, verbally and physically. I am typically a mellow person, and quite often the peacemaker among others, but when it comes to children I'm very sensitive and I doubt I could hold back that anger. The sad part is I would probably get convicted of assault and go to jail for 10-15 years!

1197 days ago

some guy    

I bet the demographic that would harass Casey are also religious zealots.

1197 days ago

some guy    

Casey is the one that has to live with what happened. Every night she goes to bed and probably thinks about what happened.

I doubt no amount of torment would equal what she has to live with on a daily basis.

1197 days ago


How come the guy sitting on the right looks like he's about to cry?

1197 days ago


Harvey: If the Prosecution gets second chances, what stops someone from voting guilty just because they dont like the person. Case Anthony as the example: So many people hate the verdict, she would immediately be found guilty on the second go around. Justice cant work that way. And you can see that all the way down to the small time gangbanger situation or office assistant that embezzled money. If you dont have the evidence, dont close the case and keep investigating.

1197 days ago


Re Bounty Hunters: by what right did the bounty hunter have to attack a witness whose only offense was to, 1st Amendment spiritually in hand, photograph a public figure (which applies to any reality performer, including bounty hunters); first, he threatened the man and then attacked. Is that not felony assault?

1197 days ago


Harvey, you just said OJ hates you because of things you said about him on TMZ but let me tell you, SNL ripped him to shreds for years better than anything on tv.

1197 days ago
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