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USC Football Star -- 'We All Gettin' Kim Kardashian'

7/16/2011 5:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The only thing USC tailback Marc Tyler was running after a night out in Hollywood was his mouth -- 'cause dude dropped killer jokes about Kim Kardashian ... and Trojans getting paid. LOL ... ?  

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I expect nothing less from USC and its players .. garbage ... GO IRISH

1192 days ago

44 Magnum    

These guys talk like they're 12 years old. How embarrassing. Black men really need to grow up and stop acting like this. It's pathetic behavior in any adult. Is this how USC teaches grown men how to behave? This whole ghetto bling bling mentality really needs to end. NOW!!! You guys are the reason that more women are becoming gay. Seriously. Learn to STFU. Learn how to keep your big mouths shut. Bruthas! Idiots!

1192 days ago


Think positive, only then can you throw the first stone.

The Student-Athlete’s Pledge

In honor of, and respect for, myself, my family, my coaches, my teammates, opposing players, the academic institution that I represent (USC), and the love of sport, I pledge to uphold and maintain the purity of my body. I pledge to train, practice and compete with tenacity in any and all intercollegiate athletic competitions. I pledge to compete fairly with the highest of personal integrity and sportsmanship. I affirm to participate in sports without fear and without reproach. I aspire to graduate.

© 2011 I Do Sports, Inc. All rights reserved.

1192 days ago


@ Neko Nation. Please shut up. Who are you to predetermine what these guys would be? Why would they most likely be unemployed or in jail? Because they are black? It is people like you that make uneducated comments that just **** up the mindset of society. Anywho, these boys are drunk. I am black, and I go to a predominantly white school--if you only knew how wild the white frat boys are when they are drunk, you would know this is not a race thing. It is a matter of TMZ giving these boys the spotlight because they are college athletes. You would be amazed by the stupid **** people say when they are drunk OF ANY RACE & put a camera on them. Haha but oh well for Kim Kardashian-she is not classy. She made a sex tape that alone will never gain her class. I'm glad he said that because it is about time she is recognized for what she does best.

1191 days ago


everything turns racial he jus drunk actin a fool everrybody do that sometime in they life

1191 days ago


With a s***bag like Lane Kiffin as their head coach, does this really surprise anyone?

Sanctions, schmanctions!!!! This is U$C we talkin' 'bout here, baby!

Of course they're getting paid, and paid well.

1191 days ago

paul a.    

I hate to say this, but "you reap what you sow, Kim"...

1191 days ago


Shows you the kind of slobs and no moral character USC recruits and has playing for them.

1191 days ago


Typical usc football player, an effing Idiot

1191 days ago


Gee JR you need a chill pill, this jackoff is a typical college football "Bro" He'll be flipping Burgers at In and Out in a few years.

1191 days ago


Not gonna lie he was pretty funny people that take this seriously need to have a drink!

1191 days ago


It's amazing how many ignorant comments are posted here. Many of you are desperately in need of an english lesson. It's not about race when someone makes a fool of themselves. Being intoxicated and making disparaging remarks in public is unfortunate regardless of what race you are.

1191 days ago


What? Pay for play at $C?? Who would have thought? LMAO! Yeah, all the Toejam losers will now whine that he was drunk and didn't know what he was saying. Now you know why they call it truth serum! Just ask OJ! He took a pay cut when he was drafted by the Bills!

Cheat on!

1191 days ago


Strange--when White kids are drunk and boisterous, they're just "kids being kids", but these Black guys are "beasts", and their statements are taken as if they were uttered on the floor of Congress. Hokay...PEACE.

1190 days ago

Georgia Boy    

Come-on ya'll now you know the social media this day loves exploiting the athlete when there most vulnerable a black athlete even more. O yea that Kim thing so she likes an athlete and when they become an millionaire they want to go out with her big deal. That english you spoke of is called ebonics look it up. He can talk proper if he wants to where are we England. Thats want seperates people of the United States from the rest of the world a multicultural society get use to it or go home.

1190 days ago
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