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Casey Anthony -- America's Most Hated?

7/17/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been almost two weeks since Casey Anthony was found not guilty of killing her daughter Caylee -- and it seems the American public will never forgive her.    

So we gotta ask ...


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You know who,s fault it is hello??? The media and Nancy ********race who has been known to wrongfully acuse people in the past,such as in the Elizabeth Smart case when she came up missing. Nancy Grace blamed two different men,one died in jail of stress he was being falsly accused in her disapearing. I believe Casey Anthony killed her little girl period. The jury is stupid and ignorant period. People like Nancy Grace over kill on every thing they do. Those TV shows can help missing children and adults but she over kills with her mouth. The media made a huge deal out of this nobody from bum ****** Florida. I hope there is a law passed soon for media over kill.

1166 days ago


Leave her alone. She was acquitted. Agree with it or not agree with it, she was found not guilty. Everyone is entitled to their day in court, and she got hers. It was a cir****tantial case and the verdict could have gone either way. She got lucky. Now everyone move on a get a life.

1166 days ago


@Jean about an hour ago

Please somebody answer this question: How do you charge someone with murder if the cause if death is unknown?

Why do people think a CAUSE of death determines if something is a murder or not. People can accidentally drown or someone can be murdered because they drown. People can purposely be shot or it can be accidental or it could even be self inflicted. ect ect

It's the CIR****TANCES around the death that determine if a death is ruled as a murder,accident, suicide

1166 days ago


C'mon guys, the jury was sequested. They did not know what we knew or heard.

I, like most did not agree with the verdict. There was nothing to proove otherwise. No way she did not kill her little girl, just can't proove that she did kill Caylee.

1166 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Errant bullet's baby, errant bullet's!!!! That's MY hope for the likes of Nancy Disgrace and the rest of you illiterate H8rs who want to take justice into your own hands!!!!!

1166 days ago

Ghost Rider    

I think Baez and Anthony are into that Senteria, and the jury was swayed by Puertirican Voodoo! Baez is from Puerto Rico, correct me if Im wrong, and it is there religion.

1166 days ago


Innocent until PROVEN guilty

Guilty BEYOND a reasonable doubt

1166 days ago


Nancy Grace was only saying what everybody was already thinking.

1166 days ago


To: makeitstop......YEA you're missing something...........a Brain

1166 days ago


You people make me sick.. I look forward to the day one of you panics and are accused of a crime and a jury has to decide your fate.. We will see if the nation turns on you as well.. You dont have to agree with me or agree with the jury.. but let it go..

1166 days ago


I wish you and other television shows/outlets would just stop reporting about her. I am tired of hearing about her. Please we should all just shun her and let it go away. I know there is money in this story but we are all to blame for not letting little Caylee Anthony rest in peace and show her some respect by lingering over this story. Casey Anthony does not deserve to be on the same page as other REAL celebrities or people of interest. We should consider this child she killed every time you mention her name or write a story about her. In all of this media frenzy Caylee is being forgotten. Show Caylee's picture instead of crazy souless eyes Casey in every story. Stop already with Casey, let her hide in the hole she came out of.

1166 days ago


I wouldn't buy her book or watch an interview of her because she will never be honest. She has never been honest about anything in her life why would she be honest now? I will not be wasting my money or time on this vile "human" being.

1166 days ago


V , you are right on !!!

1166 days ago


Forgiveness isnt up to us. If she had anything to do with this--anything--believe me she will pay a heavy heavy price.

1166 days ago


Nancy Grace needs another soapbox. Ratings. She is the female version of Bill O'Reily, as soon as a person disagrees with them they are cut off from stating their opinion. I got tired of the interuptions.

1166 days ago
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