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Casey Anthony -- America's Most Hated?

7/17/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's been almost two weeks since Casey Anthony was found not guilty of killing her daughter Caylee -- and it seems the American public will never forgive her.    

So we gotta ask ...


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I belive she killed her daughter. Do I think she can change? Yes! every one changes. For the better? I don't. should her parents forgive her? yes! BUt never forget. Karma: what goes around comes around.

1160 days ago


I think theres is a lot of dispear and hate for just one person. I ask why do we focus on just this one single women when there is soo many others out there still get away with murder and we have no coverage on that???like the mising children on our daily news and all we see this smallest parts of whats really going on.there factors of maybe mental illness to a complete pyhci break down. for us as a public to judge we really don't have all the fact so can we really be a judge of it. i FULLY UNDERSTAND that the events that have taken place are completely udder sad so all I ask we have judges so why are 1??

1160 days ago


If I saw her on the street I would kick her square in the taco.

1160 days ago


renaye - this has nothing to do with her being white. OJ was also just as guilty and also had money, WAY more money. He was acquitted in criminal proceedings but found guilty in civil court and the family has yet to see a penny. Their days will come when they both see their one true judge - the one you cannot slip anything past........

1160 days ago

Shady's Lady    

This is way too bizzare for words. It's like a spell or something.I think it's a warning to new parents. Pay attention to your children, treat them with respect. Teach them values, like love, compassion, respect. Spend time with them and make them a priority.Don't alow MTV or VH1 in your living rooms until they are much much older. Keep reality TV off their radars.If we don't start doing a better job of parenting then who knows how many more Casey's are out there?Casey wanted to be on "Bad girls club" Guys approve of this filth and girls are obsessed over guys. In a way I blame the guys with their whole hot bodies contest and shot girl thing..society is going in a bad direction. It is up to us to hold the media and our parenting to the fire and say no! I will not expose my child to the deprivation invading our TV's and living rooms. We really do have the power.

1160 days ago


In the polls, why didn't you give us the choice of being dead in 10 years? She will either be killed, or kill herself in less than 10 years she will be gone! And it won't happen in a good way. Karma Rocks! I hope that if she does it she will miss just slightly enough to have to suffer. If someone else gets her, I hope they know which lawyers to hire, so they can get off scott free! But lastly, I hope she dies a slow, suffering death from cancer. She was SICK to do what she did to her parents while they tried to do everything they could for her. Selfish, spoiled, rotten, stinking rotten, piece of shet!!!!! Her motto: "s*** always rises to the top", My motto: s*** eventually rots away slowly and painfully". Rot away you s***! Rot Away!

1160 days ago


well i hope someone dose take her out and leave her body in the trunk to rot like she did her daughter JUST ANOTHER O.J CASE

1160 days ago


If I saw her on the street, I would bend her over, **** her in her ass, then slap the crazy bitch to the curb.

1160 days ago


Nancy Grace got her law degree in Floriduh and I think was right in Orlanduh.I don't know wether to lmao or just feel petty for all of ya dumb Crasey lovers,either u all desperate very ugly man that are constantly turned away by normal hot woman and couldn't do better but to scoop real low as to wish a hook up with the killer Crasey.I would love to see one of u idiots try a hook up with the killer and see u get rejected by a ex-con lol.If the producers of the creepy movie"Toothfairy" made another part Crasey should play a younger roll of the "Toothfairy"she fits the look...also she could play Gollum if they made another "Lords Of The Ring"movie.Makes me sick when I saw a comment were someone wrote "Poor Crasey,she won't ever have a normal life"...I WONDER HOW U LIVE WITHOUT A BRAIN?What about poor Caylee?What about her life?She barely begun to live...Crasey in a few years will end up some old worthless heffa.Do u people hate children that bad?and if u have children DCF should keep an a eye on u.How dare u care for a killer but careless about a child that was murdered..Lets remember if it wasn't for Caylee's murder Crasey will remain sum homeless unknown bum,couch potatoe,living and stealing from her family and friends.The person to be seen with Caylee last was Crasey and she was the last one to see Caylee alive then Caylee's remains were found,Caylee was dead so that sums it all (basic common sense).Crasey Liarthony is a human size badluck charm I wouldn't dare walk anywhere near her,she is full of death wishes.

1160 days ago


In all reality whether we agree with the outcome of the trial or not, Ms. Anthony deserves the same treatment as any other person who has been acquitted. It makes me sick to my stomach to know there is no justice for Caylee, but this woman has been through enough with the court system as it is. She will have to live with this for the rest of her life, and I see nothing but self destruction in matters like these. Why can't we let nature take its course without helping nature along? She was aquitted by the courts, however not aquitted from God, and the demons that possess her soul.

1160 days ago

Dave Beanie    

I would have sex with her anytime anywhere.. what a body.. Even if she did or didn't do it, its gone, nothing can be done about it now!! let it go!!!

1160 days ago


last poll..Will Casey Anthony ever change? Change from what I may ask...??

1160 days ago


Why does this have to be about a "white girl getting off" and no "woman of color" would have gone free? Have you forgotten OJ????? Seriously, when people play the race card on this it just pisses me off. Casey Anthony was found not guilty of her child's murder because, IMO, the jury was comprised of people who clearly don't understand what "reasonable doubt" means. Idiots.

1160 days ago


Since there wasn't enough evidence to convict her, I just wonder... are the police still following up on this case?

1160 days ago


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1160 days ago
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